OGO EastWest Coast – 2009 Colt

(OGO Tejon de Oro Hermoso x CFF Texas Tea) Now owned by Jessica Campmans of Butte Morgans. OGO EastWest Coast is proven by genetic color testing as a Smokey Cream which is a double diluted black. EastWest was  owed a foal by my stallion Badger so they decided to buy CFF Texas Tea who was in foal […]

OGO Sellman Hill and Co – 2009 Colt

(OGO Tejon de Oro Hermoso x Ursulas Higuera Bandita) Ursulas Higuera Bandita foaled a smokey black colt by OGO Tejon de Oro Hermoso.  He was named, OGO Sellman Hill and Co – or “CC” for short. “CC” has been registered and color tested.  He is, indeed, a smoky black, which is a black base with the dilute […]

Diane and Missy’s Journey – Part 2

10 months later with OGO Waers Gold Star aka “Missy” Well I can’t believe it has been almost one year since the birth of OGO Wares Gold Star AKA Missy.  So I thought I would recap our progress over the past 10 months. While Ursulas Higuera Bandita agreed to be the surrogate mother, she still […]

Diane and Missy’s Journey – Part 1

by Diane This is the beginning of my journey with “OGO Waers Gold Star” and the legacy of RanchBoss Black Star.  Black Star unfortunately passed on to greener pastures on August 27th, 2008.  I have been at our barn for over 15 years.  I have seen a lot of babies come and go, but have never had […]

OGO Circle H RoseWood – 2009 Filly

Circle H Merlita foaled a bay filly by OGO Tejon de Oro Hermoso. She was named OGO Circle H RoseWood. SOLD! OGO Circle H Rose Wood (OGO Tejon de Oro Hermoso x Circle H Merlita) 2009 Bay Filly OGO Circle H RoseWood OGO Tejon de Oro Hermoso Primavera Valdez Primavera Vaquero Vaquero Mac Ro Mac Oh-Cees […]

OGO Tejon De Oro Hermoso – aka, Badger

(Primavera Valdez x WoodRose Katrina) OGO Tejon de Oro Hermoso (translation…OGO Beautiful Golden Badger).  We have nicknamed him ‘Badger’.  Read Part 1:  Wendy’s touching story about Badger’s birth and his remarkable mare mother!  Badger – The Birth that Continued a WWF Legendary Bloodline Read Part 2:  Wendy’s update on Badger  OGO Tejon De Oro Hermoso – […]