Justin Morgan

“I do not propose to write the history of the Morgan horses, although to do so would be like writing the history of kings.  Of Justin Morgan alone, it can be said that he founded a family. There have been other horses of note and whose eminence was well deserved, but they passed away and […]

Rhonda S. Remembers Sid

I worked for Sid Spencer in the 1970’s when Bandido was there. What an amazing women and horse. I was only 9 years old, when I started riding with her. I grew up at Lopez Lake.  She started the riding stable there. I would go to the ranch and get the horses ready and work all day with […]

My Tale of Tio Lalo by Sylvia Evans

My introduction to Tio; our history together and some short stories about a loving, gentle, athletic and beautiful Morgan…  I was working for Beneficial Finance in San Luis Obispo when Dick and Phyllis Nelsen came in for a little loan to tide them over for a while.  They brought with them a Morgan horse pamphlet, which I […]

Higuera Bandido – A Little Red Horse That Did

The passing of A Little Red Horse that not only could but DID!   Higuera Bandido was the Morgan Stallion that started it all for OGO Morgan Horses.   Higuera Bandido embodied what the Morgan Heart is all about.   It was a very sad and somber Sat morning, May 28th 2011, that I got […]

Badger Under Saddle

OGO Tejon De Oro Hermoso – aka, Badger   Badger has been under saddle since January of this year with Todd Utterback of Salinas, California. Todd has been using Badger in various tasks. Rounding up cows, sorting, branding, cutting. Badger has proved that his working cow horse bloodlines run strong and true. Todd says, he […]

Badger – The Birth that Continued a WWF Legendary Bloodline

OGO Tejon De Oro Hermoso AKA Badger was born on a very frosty morning March 4th 2005 at about 6:30 AM.  WoodRose Katrina, one of my most beloved Foundation Morgan Mares, was a sneaky one usually when it came to having her babies. She would wait until she was alone before dropping her foals. She […]

Case against horse thief results

Here is the result of OGO Circle H Hunnewill and OGO Shawalla El Cortez being stolen and sent to slaughter by a man with a agenda against Terry Jensen in Horse Shoe Bend Idaho. The District Attorney, R J Twilligar refused to prosecute this case even though he had not only an eye witness willing to testify […]

OGO Foundation Morgan Horses Stolen and Slaughtered

  The following story I wish I could say is fictional but sadly it is true and very recent. As many people are aware, I have my horses in a few different places…… Salinas, CA., Prunedale, CA.,  Norco, CA. and HorseShoe Bend, ID.  I have been lucky enough to breed and raise some of the very best […]

Diane and Missy’s Journey – Part 2

10 months later with OGO Waers Gold Star aka “Missy” Well I can’t believe it has been almost one year since the birth of OGO Wares Gold Star AKA Missy.  So I thought I would recap our progress over the past 10 months. While Ursulas Higuera Bandita agreed to be the surrogate mother, she still […]

Diane and Missy’s Journey – Part 1

by Diane This is the beginning of my journey with “OGO Waers Gold Star” and the legacy of RanchBoss Black Star.  Black Star unfortunately passed on to greener pastures on August 27th, 2008.  I have been at our barn for over 15 years.  I have seen a lot of babies come and go, but have never had […]