OGO Shawalla El Cortez – 2007 Colt

OGO Shawalla El Cortez is by Vining Lamar out of Golden WinterMist.  He is likely the most concentrated Shawalla blood there is available anywhere.  * 2007 – 2010  See Tributes   OGO Shawalla El Cortez OGO foals include:  *young colt  OGO Shawalla El Cortez Vining Lamar El Spartez El Cortez Romanesque Red Oak Mariah K Viola Linsley Linsley Donbelle Princess Spar Sparbeau Linsley […]

OGO Circle H Romanesque – 2007 Colt

OGO Circle H Romanesque is Circle H Merlita’s new addition by Vining Lamar.  He is going to be a big boy based on the size of his joints and the length of his legs.  This very large chestnut colt  was born the morning of August 17, 2007. OGO Circle H Romanesque – Jr Stallion     […]

OGO Castle El Spar Carmel – 2007 Filly

OGO Castle El Spar Carmel is by Vining Lamar out of Castle Monterey.  Carmel is a chestnut filly born on May 25th, 2007.  She has tons of flaxen in her tail. Carmel now lives at Beautifully Balanced Morgans with Val Cabaniss as a Foundation Morgan mare.   OGO Castle El Spar Carmel’s OGO foals include:  […]

OGO Coraz’on del Toro – 2006 Colt

Born – 8/9/06 SOLD Toro was born on August 9th, 2006.  Two C Sissy Herod had her huge, buckskin colt 3 weeks early to surprise us all.  Toro’s sire is RanchBoss Cortez. Toro’s registered name is OGO Coraz’on del Toro, which is translated to mean… OGO Heart of the Bull. OGO Coraz’on del Toro OGO […]

OGO Primavera Tough Stuff – 2006 Colt

WoodRose Katrina had her foal by RanchBoss Cortez!  She had a tenacious buckskin colt. Read the story of we lost Katrina and Tough Stuff below. 2006 Buckskin Colt   RanchBoss Cortez x WoodRose Katrina   OGO Primavera Tough Stuff RanchBoss Cortez Primavera Valdez Primavera Vaquero Vaquero Mac Ro Mac Oh-Cees Gift Panzanita Ro Ro Mac […]

OGO Caduceus Creole – 2006 Colt

Born – 8/02/2006 A classic, typey guy with excellent conformation and movement, with a beautiful face and big eye.  Creole should excel in the sport of your choice.  His father is 16.2h and his dam was a solid built 14.3.  Right now he is a dark buckskin with a light brown face.  he should shed […]

OGO Luna Illuminati – 2006 Colt

Born – 5/25/2006 NEW!! There is a brand new addition to Old Growth Oak Morgans!  Introducing…OGO Luna Illuminati. Illuminati was born about 8 a.m. on 5-25-06 and is a strapping black stud colt with a small irregular star.  We had just decided that STK Black Velvet was no longer a Morgan Horse, but rather, a […]

OGO Primavera Black Gold – 2006 Colt

RanchBoss Black Star had her foal by RanchBoss Cortez on March 24th, 2006.  This colt is significant – due to being a double, Teluras Black Gold.  On the new colt’s sireline, he is a grandson of the late great Primavera Valdez. Sold to Donna DeAmaral of Singing Heart Ranch in Arizona.   Donna will be using […]

OGO Caven-glo Tribute – 2006 Colt

‘Duke’ Canyon of Quietude x Quietude Holly!   A Colt was born on the morning of Jan 8th 2006.  He has been given the name, OGO Caven-glo Tribute.  He has been SOLD to Sharleen Shields of Acorn Morgans. SOLD  OGO Caven-glo Tribute OGO Caven-glo Tribute Canyon of Quietude Criterion Jubilees Courage Jubilee King Penrod Daisette […]

OGO Higuera Castle Finale – 2005 Colt

OGO Higuera Castle Finale. Castle Monterey had her foal by Higuera Bandido on November 28, 2005.  She gave birth to a strong chestnut colt. 2005 Chestnut Colt Higuera Bandido x Castle Monterey SOLD   OGO Higuera Castle Finale’s OGO foals include:  *Young colt  OGO Higuera Castle Finale Higuera Bandido Celebration Bonfire Senator Graham Senator Knox […]