Dreaming of Gold by Shelley Dodd

Written by Shelley Dodd from Foundation Morgan Blog   It’s two days before the BIG day and I’ve been waiting a long time. Two days from now my dream horse arrives! I know you’re probably thinking “dream horse, wow that’s a tall order to fill!” You are right about that. I do have a lot […]

RanchBoss Cortez – in the Stallion Parade

Kathy & Greg Lyons are busy working on the first edition of a new annual Morgan magazine (which is due to come out in a month or two).  The magazine is a historical journey of the Morgan horse – something readers in Australia have not had before.   OGO has the only foals by Cortez […]

Cimarron of Quietude

This handsome typey fellow combines the willingness and sense of the Brunk family with the toughness and sense of the Nekomias. He has the desirable Jubilee King sire line while the rest of his pedigree is Old Vermont, thus bringing together these two grand families and continuing the tradition of J. C. Brunk’s work of […]

A Symphony of Art – Bj. deCastro

A Symphony of Art…My introduction to an amazingly humble & talented artist, named Bj. de Castro. by Wendy LeGate Shopping for a present for a neighbor lead me to find a beautiful piece of art entitled, “Capriole, Vienna” by Bj. de Castro. I simply could not believe that this piece was done in watercolor. The […]

Amy Don-Schroeder – A Friend Indeed

A Friend in need is a Friend Indeed. by Wendy LeGate Our Morgan escapades began, when Amy happened to look over my shoulder one day, as I was shuffling through my Morgan horse photographs. Her response…was to snatch them up, and say, “Oh, I have always wanted to have a horse!   What kind are these?  […]

Laura Algranti – Morgan Horse Historian

Laura Algranti – Morgan Horse Historian by Wendy LeGate  Laura Algranti was introduced to me a few years ago and ever since she has been a constant resource in background and historic knowledge of Morgan horse pedigrees for Old Growth Oak Morgans. Knowing Laura is like tapping into the fountain of eternal information of the […]

Earl LeGate – The Man Behind The Scenes

Earl LeGate – The Man Behind The Scenes by Wendy LeGate My father, Earl LeGate is invaluable to both my mother and myself with all the things he does for us and our horses – behind the scenes… I can’t tell you how many times he has made breeding trips to Higuera Bandido in Arroyo […]

Sandy LeGate – Great Things…Small packages

Great Things Come in Small Packages…like, Sandy LeGate by Wendy LeGate There is no easy way to try and define a woman, such as my Mom.  She contains within her small 5 foot 1 inch frame a vast array of virtues.  My Mom is the backbone of Old Growth Oak Morgans.   Without her, just the […]

Desert Sands by Laura Behning

The following article about Desert Sands is written by Laura Behning and originally appeared in the September/October 1998 issue of The Rainbow Morgan Horse Association Newsletter. In 1984 I bought my first Morgan, Reminiscing (Applevale Commander X Oklahoma Glory, by Desert Sands), a 1980 bay mare. Immediately I was consumed by “pedigree fever”, a condition […]

Elizabeth ‘Betty’ French ~ to 9-1-2005

The Invisible Neighbor by Wendy LeGate Elizabeth French passed away September 1, 2005. I had been Betty French’s neighbor for almost five years before I ever met her.  I had been told she was crazy; a mentally ill woman who was a hoarder; a pet collector and someone not to get involved with.  I would […]