Desert Sands by Laura Behning

The following article about Desert Sands is written by Laura Behning and originally appeared in the September/October 1998 issue of The Rainbow Morgan Horse Association Newsletter. In 1984 I bought my first Morgan, Reminiscing (Applevale Commander X Oklahoma Glory, by Desert Sands), a 1980 bay mare. Immediately I was consumed by “pedigree fever”, a condition […]

Elizabeth ‘Betty’ French ~ to 9-1-2005

The Invisible Neighbor by Wendy LeGate Elizabeth French passed away September 1, 2005. I had been Betty French’s neighbor for almost five years before I ever met her.  I had been told she was crazy; a mentally ill woman who was a hoarder; a pet collector and someone not to get involved with.  I would […]

The Sellman Morgans – Part 4, 5 and 6, by Laura Stillwell Algranti

THE SELLMAN MORGANS–part 4 THE HORSES OF F. A. FICKERT AND THEIR DESCENDANTS    by Laura Stillwell Algranti    In 1922, F. A. Fickert of Tehachapi, California purchased some Morgans from Richard Sellman.   They were Jael, Emma B., Ramona K., Dulcimer, Favonius, Consuela, Marta, Minna K., Conant K., Kita A., Mary K., Louisa, Texsky and […]

The Sellman Morgans – Part 2 and 3, by Laura Stillwell Algranti

The Sellman Morgans – Part 2  (first published in Classic Morgan Admirers, 1992. revised by author, 2005) HEADLIGHT MORGAN    Headlight Morgan 4683, chestnut with stripe and right front foot white, was foaled in June of 1893, bred by the Morgan Horse Co. of Carpentersville, IL.  His sire was Ethan Allen 2nd 406, and his […]

The Sellman Morgans – Part 1, by Laura Stillwell Algranti

(first published in Classic Morgan Admirers, 1991. Reprinted 2005 by author, some revisions) Descendants of the Sellman Morgans are today everywhere there are Morgans.  Richard Sellman  was the true “father” of the Western Working Family Morgans, for there are no Western Working Family Morgans  today without crosses to Sellman’s Morgans, and his horses formed the […]

Ina’s Helpful Hints on Horsekeeping 9 – Fences!, by Ina M. Ish

There are almost as many kinds of horse fence as there are horse   breeds it seems!  Traditional wooden board fence, new vinyl covered   fence, electric vinyl fence, field wire fence, non-climbable wire  fence, hog wire, chicken wire, plastic mesh, electric wire, electric  tape, high tensile wire, high tensile electric,  stone walls, wire / hedge fence, […]

Ina’s Helpful Hints on Horsekeeping 8 – Saddles! Girths! Pads!, by Ina M. Ish

This will not be a long hint, as much has been written and much   info is available but some few things to consider about saddles. To begin, young horses outgrow saddles like little kids outgrow  shoes!  So unless you have gobs of money don’t spend a huge amount on  your first few saddles.  Buy quality […]

Ina’s Helpful Hints on Horsekeeping 7 – Now We Are Three!, by Ina M. Ish

So we ARE– colt and filly both!  YOU finally get to actually ride the critter.  Assuming you are going to be doing this at home, and not have a trainer do the job- there are lots of things to consider. I assume your young horse already knows how to work on a lunge line or […]

Ina’s Helpful Hints on Horsekeeping 6.5 – Random Thoughts! Short and Sweet, by Ina M. Ish

This will more or less be a list of things- more or less! If your horse shows a behavior change or starts misbehaving  check for pain somewhere in his/her body.  Remembered pain can also  be a cause- often the case with foaling mares the first time they  foal- even if the pain is unrelated to […]

Ina’s Helpful Hints on Horsekeeping 6 – Now We Are Two!, by Ina M. Ish

You have survived raising the horse through birth to this point,   you walk all over creation, you have done your best to create a  mannered, calm, well behaved youngster- now what? Well, depending on your circumstances, or desires you can  actually begin to train that critter to DO SOMETHING!  Not saddle  work, but harness work.  […]