Golden Wintermist

Golden Wintermist has been sold to Val Cabassiss of Beautifully Balanced Morgans, Prunedale CA.  Stay tuned for Wintermists Here is a great article that gives invaluable information on Wintermist’s sireline.  Desert Sands by Laura Behning Golden Wintermist OGO foals include:  OGO Vaquaro Shawalla Man, 2011 Colt OGO Shawalla Tia Tacinca, 2010 Filly OGO Shawalla El Cortez, 2007 […]

STK Black Velvet

This pretty, well-built mare has some of the best of the Whippoorwill breeding.  Her sire, Whippoorwill Ebony is a well-known and successful dressage horse.  His sire line is Red Correll.  Black Velvet has breed crosses to that grand sire Whippoorwill Duke and is a product of decades of careful breeding.  Black Velvet’s predigree is dominated […]

Circle H Merlita

With a pedigree of pure old Western Working Family, Merlita brings the old ones up to this century very quickly. She has much of the good old Brunk breeding helping to make the Western Working Family as well as some of the best of the Old Midwest lines too. She traces over and over again […]

OGO Bellota Del Oro

An absolutely lovely filly who will be a grand trail partner and family friend. She has a grand Western Working Family pedigree and breeding to her has been retained.   Click HERE to view Bellota’s extended bloodline info at birth.  OGO Bellota Del Oro – 2003 Filly OGO Bellota Del Oro’s OGO foals include:  OGO Primavera […]

WoodRose Katrina

The grand old mare Woodrose Katrina comes from a pedigree of working horses, mostly bred in California. Behind her are such as Dapper Dan, Gay Mac, Antman, Sun Down Morgan, Redman, Mountcrest Sellman, Lippitt Morman, and many good Sellman bred mares who are the foundation of the Western Working Family in California. Breeders of her […]

Funquest Swallow – 1982 to 2006

Funquest Swallow is one of the last pure Funquest horses. Her marvelous heritage is of the Kansas plains working Morgans. Behind Funquest Swallow are excellent Brunk bred horses who went to the ranchers of the west. Funquest Swallows heritage are Morgans from Kansas and Oklahoma ranchers and Morgans going back to Elmer Brown and Richard […]

South River Kohla – 1985 to 2005

Kohla is a raven black 15.2 hand Wyoming Flyhawk daughter. She is an imposing figure with exceptional bone as well as a substantial hindquarter. Her movement is the big flat fluid movement that her lines are famous for and she is appropriately performance proven in dressage. She is one of the quietest, sweetest mares. Her […]

OGO Higuera de laBandita ‘Sandee’

2005 Bay Mare Born – 3/18/2005 This mare is currently on lease from Sharlene Shields and is checked in foal to OGO Sellman Hill and Co. for a 2016 foal. OGO Higuera de laBandita Higuera Bandido Celebration Bonfire Senator Graham Senator Knox Fanita Luscious Plains King Black Dinah Jubilee Joy Flyhawk Go Hawk Florette Sentola […]

OGO du Prix Provenance – 2005

Born – 2/26/2005 SOLD to North Wind Morgan Farm in Wasilla, Alaska.   Congratulations Mike & Paula Vrana on your newest member to your breeding program!  Mike and Paula plan to acquire, in the next few years, more well-bred and well-mannered Morgan mares to compliment their herd.  They are focusing on big-boned, old style Morgans.  […]

OGO Tia Lalo – 2004

This Filly is SOLD to Anne Hobbs of Michigan 2004 Palomino Filly CanDon Joshua Danny x Funquest Mountain MS