Earl LeGate – The Man Behind The Scenes

April 25, 2008

Earl LeGate – The Man Behind The Scenes
by Wendy LeGate

My father, Earl LeGate is invaluable to both my mother and myself with all the things he does for us and our horses – behind the scenes…

I can’t tell you how many times he has made breeding trips to Higuera Bandido in Arroyo Grande; Primavera Valdez in Yuba City; Sequoia Red Zinfandel in Mountain Ranch; CanDon Joshua in Tivy Valley or Caduceus Denver in Santa Rosa.  He transports mares to be bred – both to pick them up, and to bring them home once they are confirmed in foal with a gentle hand holding precious cargo.  Like a personal chauffeur to the OGO Morgan foals, he transports them between Indian Springs Equestrian Center and Old Growth Oak Morgan’s home base.  And so valuable, is his willingness to drop whatever he is doing in a second’s notice to run into town for a ‘horse necessity’.  My father even drives all the way (100 plus miles) to Templeton Feed Grainery to buy all the pelleted barley, senior feed, linseed meal, beet pulp physillium and vitamins that we use to insure the best supporting nutrition for our horses.

One of the cutest things, is my father’s self-appointed job to clean all the mares with foals and expecting mares’ pens – twice a day.  I asked my Dad one day, why he chose that job.  His reply was really funny to me… 

“Wendy, Old Growth Oak’s Morgans expect a particular standard-of-living.   They get the best food brought to them on a timed basis; groomed regularly – primping and fussing included; on-time farrier service and vets hovering over them at their every snort.  They all have spacious accommodations with bedded and matted shelters; Koi are in every water trough for stress reduction purposes and they have both you – and your mother, trained to jump for their every whim.  Do you actually think that I would get away without them expecting some special services from me?”

He continued, “Every time I come out to see how they are doing and if they need anything, multiple pooping begins.  Then, they just look at me like…YOU THERE…clean this up!  What am I suppose to do?  I am always afraid if I don’t comply, they will tell the management!”

Our horses are a bit pampered.  Yes, it’s true.  However, I assured my father that he did not have to take on this job.  The truth of the matter is…that he just likes to be around the mares and the babies.  This is his excuse to spend some time with them.

What I love best about my father’s involvement is that he is always so proud of what is being accomplished.  He provides unwavering support in bringing the best Morgan bloodlines of the past into the future for continued preservation and enjoyment.

Sandy LeGate is the backbone of Old Growth Oak Morgans, but Earl LeGate is the muscle.
I love you Dad.

Wendy LeGate
Morgan horse breeder