Laura Algranti – Morgan Horse Historian

April 25, 2008

Laura Algranti – Morgan Horse Historian
by Wendy LeGate

 Laura Algranti was introduced to me a few years ago and ever since she has been a constant resource in background and historic knowledge of Morgan horse pedigrees for Old Growth Oak Morgans.
Knowing Laura is like tapping into the fountain of eternal information of the history of Morgan horses, and that’s no joke!
Her knowledge of the breed in history, confirmation, temperament, and type really helped me refine what Morgan lines I wanted to for my breeding program.

One story I would like to share, is when Laura and I went to visit Sandy Cleveland of Sequoia Morgan Ranch. Laura knew that Sandy has a particular Morgan stallion with a pedigree of distinction, named Sequoia Red Zinfandel. After we arrived, Laura made inquiry-as to if, we might see this stallion. Sandy had her trainer bring out Zinny, and before I could get a word out, Laura announced…”Wendy will be breeding Quietude Holly to Zinny right away!”  She turned to me and said, “And how quickly do you think you can get Holly up here to her new husband?”

I will never regret the advice that Laura gave, since the product of the cross was Old Growth Oak Morgans own OGO Caven-glo BlueMoon , a beautiful, dark chestnut, flaxen filly of incredible and flawless movement with a sweet disposition.

Laura and I have shared much more serious moments, when she was my constant support, during the time that my stallion, Canyon of Quietude, foundered. I spent many hours on the phone with her as she searched out all information that could be useful in such a serious ailment. She sent me bits and pieces of helpful information on an almost daily basis and checked in with me constantly-not to see how Canyon was doing, but to make sure I was holding up under the stress and pressure. Perseverance and dedication paid off, as Canyon pulled through to the amazement of all vets and farriers. I seriously wonder, if things would have ended as well, if I had not had the staunch support of such a good friend in the background encouraging me to follow my heart-and not, listen so closely to what the vet’s predictions were at the time. As it turns out, Canyon made a full recovery with no ill effects of the acute founder-though it took a whole year, before he was out of the woods.

Although now Laura’s main focus is her Feldenkrais business, she still dabbles in breeding a few old bred wonderful Morgan horses at her Sunrise Song Morgan Farm. She stands three outstanding stallions-Clarion of Quietude, Quietude being her Senior Stallion, with Cimerron of Quietude coming in at a close 2nd, and her Clarion of Quietude son, SSM Zebulon Bulrush, being the youngster of the three.

There is no way to truly explain how unique a person Laura is, but to say, she is a very spiritual person that has tapped into her own internal feelings and someone who lives life…on what should be-not, what could have been. Laura has referred to herself as a work in progress, but as I see it, she is on a road of continual self-improvement and self-discovery.

If there were more people as ready to take a different approach at life, rather than, step into the same worn footsteps leading to the same old dead ends…the world would be a much more interesting place to experience.

Laura you have traveled many alternate and scenic roads, I am eternally grateful that your road crossed my path.