OGO GoldSwept Sun – 2005 Colt

April 28, 2005

This Colt is SOLD to Lolly & Jason Scammons of Pacifica, California!
There is a brand new addition to Old Growth Oak Morgans! 
Introducing…OGO GoldSwept Sun, nicknamed ‘lil Joe’.

A buckskin colt was born this Easter morning by OGO WindSwept Soleil out of Ranch Boss Black Star.  His is much bigger than I had anticipated…a foot taller than the bottom of his mother’s belly . He has a very large star with a tail on his forehead – no other white. We have nicknamed him, ‘lil Joe‘.  The foal is SOLD!

2005 Buckskin Colt
OGO WindSwept Soleil
x Ranch Boss Black Star

OGO GoldSwept Sun’s foals include:

*Young colt

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Twinkle Star Starstone
Belle Meade
Dannys Dutchess Danny Easter Louie Smith
Starlette B
Broadwall Linda Lou Broadwall Patrician
Texas Lyn
Woodrose Katrina WindSwept Imperial Dapper Dan Trilson
Bess Gates
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Tacinca Rusty Eprus
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Mormans Red Lady
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Dark Debonette Sargeant Mac
Babes Star Dust
Rantresa Ecstasy WindSwept Ramon Green Meads Richmond
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Impala Claudette
Teluras Black Gold Hedlites Micky Waers Black Rascal Monte L
Hedlites Kitty Clover Hedlites Bob E A
Piedmont Cresta
Danni-Jo Linns Black Dan Linns Knox
Fridays Rebel Lode Ranger
Our Girl Friday

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OGO GoldSwept Sun
(OGO WindSwept Soleil x Ranch Boss Black Star)
2005 Buckskin Colt

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