OGO WindSwept Soliel

May 10, 2007

Soleil was taken to a reproductive specialist with the help of Sharlene Shields of Acorn Morgans, where his semen was collected and frozen for future use.  Shelly Dodd of Top Line Low Lines and Foundation Morgans Website purchased Soliel as her personal riding mount and we are partners in Soleil frozen semen.  Breeding to Soleil is available to the public.

2002 Palomino Stallion
CanDon Joshua Danny x Woodrose Katrina

SOLD to Shelley Dodd of Top Line Low Line cattle

OGO WindSwept Soleil is a promising young stallion showing the good traits of his parents and ancestors. He is even tempered, sensible, calm, easy to get along with, correct, handsome and has good movement. His heritage is one of working and using horses, mostly bred for ranch use by people who needed good working horses and who knew what made that in a horse. His pedigree has much of the old California blood, going back to Richard Sellman’s breeding. He also has some of the good old Brunk breeding, especially that of Red Vermont. To add to the mix, he has some good lines back to Old Vermont and Old Midwest families. The same breeding repeats in his pedigree on both sides, giving balance and strength to his heritage. He brings to today, the valuable traits treasured by horseman of the past.

A big thank you goes out to horse trainer, Sam Swofford, for her passionate work  with Soleil under saddle.  And thank you Sharleen Shields for the latest pics of Soleil.

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