The Sellman Morgans – Part 1, by Laura Stillwell Algranti

(first published in Classic Morgan Admirers, 1991. Reprinted 2005 by author, some revisions)

Descendants of the Sellman Morgans are today everywhere there are Morgans.  Richard Sellman  was the true “father” of the Western Working Family Morgans, for there are no Western Working Family Morgans  today without crosses to Sellman’s Morgans, and his horses formed the foundation for many other breeders who also contributed to this family.  But the Sellman Morgans are to be found in other Morgans today, often in unexpected places, and sometimes to the surprise of current day owners and breeders.

      This article will examine the breeding program of Sellman deeply and throughly  to an extent not previously done.  There will be four parts:  1) the first part of the Sellman program,  2) the later years,   3) the Sellman horses through Roland Hill and other California breeders,  4) the Sellman horses through Thornhill and others.

(author’s note, 2005—the series was never completed and went far beyond just four parts)


      Major Gordon was the first registered Morgan stallion used by Sellman, and his daughters form the foundation of Sellman’s program.  The majority of Major Gordon’s daughters were never registered and many never had their names recorded in any way.  Often, the name of a mare appears in the registration of her granddaughter but not in the registration of her daughter.  There is overlap between the named mares and the unnamed mares.  There are occasional discrepancies in dates, colours, and other facts leading to the conclusion that much of this was done from memory many years after the mares’ births and deaths.  The most important thing to remember about Sellman’s breeding program was that he was breeding horses to use on his ranch.  Males were rarely registered as they were gelded and used.  Mares were registered only so that the next generation could be registered.  Why Sellman even registered his horses is a mystery.  At that time in Texas, there was no premium for registered animals.  A horse was judged by its working ability, and a piece of paper meant little to the pragmatic ranchers.   There was no Quarter Horse registry; there were yet no Quarter Horses, only the Quarter Horse fore-  runners.  Today’s breeders must be glad that Sellman did register  his Morgans for if he had been like most horse breeders of that time and place, he would have bred horses, used them, sold them, and all those fine horses would today not exist in the breed.  Keep in mind these conditions as this article unfolds.

      MAJOR GORDON 4924 was black with a star and a little white on each hind foot, 16 hands, 1300 pounds.  He was foaled about 1880.  In 1886 he was sold to Sellman who wrote “Major Gordon had fine style and action, was owned by me from 1886 to 1899 when he died.”  His dam was untraced.  He was said to be by Young Octoroon 1715.

      Young Octoroon 1715 was said to be by Octoroon 302 and out of a mare by old Joe Brown, son of Davy Crocket; 2nd dam was the Dr. Runyon saddle mare from upper Kentucky.  It is not said which Davy Crocket.  If from the Davy Crocket family of Blackburn’s Davy Crocket 603, then there was a good dose of pacing blood, for Blackburn’s Davy Crocket was believed to be of the Dansereau family of pacers.  In any case, Young Octoroon ran, trotted and paced, winning races at those three gaits.

      Young Octoroon’s sire was Octoroon 302, a dark chestnut of 16 hands, 1250 pounds, bred near Lexington, Ky., foaled in 1858.  He was said to be by Comet 297 and out of a mare by Drennon, a son of Davy Crocket; the second dam by Bulrush Morgan.  Octoroon was described as a large, stylish, handsome horse with a trappy, speedy trot.  His colts were uniformly a good lot and stylish road horses.   Others also said that he was a fine saddle and harness horse and produced excellent stock, especially for road use.

      The sire of Octoroon 302 was Goff’s Comet 297, a dark chestnut foaled in 1849, 15 3/4 hands, 1240 pounds.   His sire was Chittenden County Morgan 296 and his dam was by Putnam Morgan 33, a son of Woodbury Morgan.  The second dam was by American Eclipse, son of Duroc.  He was described as “…on short legs; had a heavy body; carried his head way up and one of the finest heads I have ever seen in every particular; … a good shoulder, back a little long, ribbed out round, a good hip and hind leg.”   He was also described ” … distinguished as one of the best sires ever in this part of Kentucky, his colts being very fine.   He was perfect in disposition, anybody could drive him; was a bold mover, a fine looker, and could trot very fast for those days.   His colts were very valuable for all purposes, and were really the beginning of the improvement of horses in this county.”

      Chittenden County Morgan 296 was Goff’s Comet’s sire.  he was chestnut with silver mane and tail, 15 hands, 1000 pounds, foaled 1843.  His sire was Putnam Morgan 33 by Woodbury Morgan.  His dam was by Bulrush Morgan and the second dam said to be by Justin Morgan.  He was described as not fast but a good horse and many of his colts showed speed.{mospagebreak}

While Major Gordon had a good sire line, the rest of his pedigree is not really Morgan.  His dam was untraced and could have been anything.  His sire, Young Octoroon, had no Morgan blood on his dam’s side.  His paternal grandsire, Octoroon, on his dam’s side had a close cross to Bulrush, but no other Morgan blood.  It is not until Octoroon’s sire, Comet, that there is a linebred Morgan, as he is a double grandson of Putnam Morgan and also has two other crosses to Justin Morgan.

      This, then, was the stallion with which Sellman began his Morgan breeding program.  And what of the mares bred to Major Gordon?  Unfortunately, even less is known of them.  Since almost none of Major Gordon’s daughters were registered, the only description of their dams comes in registrations of Major Gordon’s granddaughters and great-granddaughters, and it is extremely sketchy at best.

      Following is a list of Major Gordon’s daughters that had registered progeny.  Many never had their names recorded; there is, no doubt, overlap between mares with names and mares without names.  By simple genetics, Major Gordon had to sire colts as well as fillies, but there is no trace whatsoever of any colts.  The information on the Major Gordon daughters is gleaned from the registrations of their daughters and grandchildren.  Despite the gaps of information, it remains a fascinating look at the early years of Sellman’s program.

      The listing consists of:  name and description of the Major Gordon daughter; her dam, if known; her foals–named if they had progeny, not named if they had no registered progeny.  Abbreviations are:  (GM) Gold Medal; (MA) Major Antoine; (TA) The Admiral [these are the stallions that sired the granddaughters of Major Gordon]

      BAY (this comprises a large group of unnamed Major Gordon daughters) (out of:  some were out of mares said to be of Morgan type)  dam of:
      Jubilee Admiral (x TA) 1909
      Baldie Antoine (x MA) 1905
      Bonita A (x MA) 1907
      Dolly Antoine (x MA) 1906
      Lulu Antoine (x MA) 1905
      Miss Antoine (x MA) 1908
      Nellie Antoine (x MA) 1905
      Sallie Antoine (x MA) 1905
      Nila C (x Motilla) 1915
      —– (x MA) 1906, 1906, 1906, 1906, 1905, 1908
      —– (x GM) 1906, 1907, 1908

      BAY GORDON  dam of:
      —– (x TA) 1912, 1913
      —– (x Motilla) 1916

      BELLE GORDON  black  dam of:
      Belle M (x GM) 1910
      Kitty A (x MA) 1907
      Rochelle Belle (x TA) 1909

      BESSIE GORDON   bay  dam of:
      Lillian Lee (x TA) 1910

        BLACK (another large group of nameless mares)  (out of: some were out of mares said to be Morgan)   dam of:
      Golden (x GM) 1906
      Bonnie A (x MA) 1906
      Bessie Antoine (xMA) 1905
      Coalie Antoine (x MA) 1905
      Duchess A (x MA) 1906 [dam also claimed as Mattie Gordon or Mollie Gordon]       Jessie A (x MA) 1907
      Kate M (x GM) 1906
      Mollie A (x MA) 1907
      Nita (xMA) 1908
      Pauline A (x MA) 1906


Pollie Antoine (x MA) 1905
      —– (x MA) 1906, 1906, 1906, 1905, 1905, 1905,       1907, 1907, 1908, 1908, 1908
      —– (x Motilla) 1915
      —– (x TA) 1909

      BLACK BALDY or BLACK BALDIE or BLACK BALDY GORDON (out of dam said to be of Morgan type)  dam of:
      Black Lady (x GM) 1909
      —– (x GM) 1909
      —– (x TA) 1911, 1913
      —– (x Anchor)   [no date]

      BLACK BIRD  dam of:
      —– (x Anchor) 1912
      —– (x TA) 1910

      BLACK MARIA  [also spellled Mariale]  dam of:
      Black Star (x TA) 1909
      Jennie M (x GM) 1910
      —– (x Motilla) 1915

      BLACK STAR GORDON   (dam by Octoroon)  dam of:
      Star (x TA) 1909
      Goldie Gordon (x Golden) 1911
      Melissa (x Morgan Chief) 1917

      BLAZE GORDON (dam   of Morgan type)  dam of:
      Dot M (x GM) 1906

      BOSSIE GORDON (dam a bay of Morgan type)  dam of:
      Bossie A (x MA) 1907
      —– (x Anchor) 1912

      BROWN  (some have dam stb Morgan bred or by Octoroon 302)  dam of:
      Ginger (x MA) 1909
      Allie A (x MA) 1906
      Emma Antoine (x MA0 1905
      Lady A (x MA) 1906
      Puss (x GM) 1909
      Trilby A (x MA) 1906
      —– (x GM) 1906, 1910, 1910
      —– (x Golden) 1911
      —– (x MA) 1905, 1907, 1907, 1907, 1908. 1910

      CAROLINE GORDON   bay (dam by Octoroon 302)  dam of:
      Florie A (x MA) 1907
      —– (x Ginger) 1909

      CARRIE GORDON blk. dam of:
      —– (x Motilla) 1915

      DOLLY GORDON brown   dam of:
      —– (x TA) 1909
            —– (x GM) 1910


DOLLY M   dam of:
      —– (x The Jew) 1914

      FANNY GORDON brown (dam of Morgan type) dam of:
      —– (x MA) 1906, 1908
      —– (x Golden) 1911
      —– (x TA) 1909

      FRISKY JANE  brown or bay  dam of:
      Frisky (x GM) 1908
      Bettie M (x GM) 1910
      —– (x Major) 1912

      KITTY G  dam of:
      —– (x Anchor) 1912

      KITTY GORDON  dam of:
      —– (x TA) 1911

      LULU G [also called Lulu Gordon] black  dam of:
      Black Beauty (x TA) 1909

      LULU GORDON  black  (dam by Young Octoroon)  dam of:
      Lulu Girl (x TA) 1911
      —– (x TA) 1910

      MISS BROWN  dam of:
      —– (x Golden) 1911
      —–(x TA) 1909
      —– (x The Jew) 1913

      MISS GORDON  black  dam of:
      The Major (x TA) 1910
      —– (x TA) 1910, 1911 [dates given in registry]       —– (x Anchor) 1912

      MISS RANNE blue or steel black  (dam by Octoroon)   dam of:
      —– (x TA) 1910, 1911

      MOLLIE GORDON   black  dam of:
      Nancy (x TA) 1909
      —– (x Golden) 1910
      —– (x Jubilee Admiral) 1913

      NANCY GORDON  bay  dam of:
      Nancy G (x Golden) 1910

      NELL GORDON  black  [later registered in Vol. 5 as #04315]  dam of:
      Sweetheart (x GM) 1910
      Marietta (x Red Oak) 1920
         —–(x Texas Allen) 1918


—–(x Headlight Morgan) 1917
      —–(x Sunny South) 1915

      NELLIE GORDON   brown  dam of:
      —– (x Jubilee Admiral) 1913
      —– (x TA) 1909
      —– (x MA) 1906

      PEGGY GORDON  dam of:
      —– (x MA) 1908
      —– (x GM) 1910

      PUSS  brown or bay  dam of:
      —– (x GM) 1909

      RAVEN  dam of:
      Anita Donn (x TA) 1910
      —– (x Anchor) 1911

      ROAN GORDON  black or blue roan  dam of:
      Brownie A (x MA) 1907
      —– (x TA) 1909

      ROCKY  brown  dam of:
      Rocxky Ann (x The Major) 1911

      ROXIE  brown  dam of:
      —–(x GM) 1910

      SAL GORDON  brown  dam of:
      —–( xTA) 1909

      SALLIE GORDON   bay  dam of:
      Norine (x GM) 1908

      SISTER GORDON black roan  dam of:
      —– (x Anchor) 1912
      —– (x TA) 1911

      SNAP  bay  dam of:
      —–(x TA) 1911

      SNIP  black (dam by Octoroon)  dam of:
      Polly M (x GM) 1910
      Anita A or Annita A (x MA) 1906 [there are 2 registrations, but entries in further descendents make it look as if this is only one horse]       —– (x Anchor) 1912

      STAR GORDON  bay  (dam stbb Octoroon 302)  dam of:
      Bonnie Jean (x TA) 1910
      Star Antoine (x MA) 1907
      —– (x Anchor) 1912
      —– (x TA) 1911
       —– (x MA) 1905

      TOPSY  brown  dam of:
      Topsy A (x MA) 1906
       —– (x GM) 1909


It is interesting to note that Sellman had Major Gordon from 1886 until his death in 1899.   If he sired a foal crop each year from 1887 until 1900, that is a 14 year span.  His daughters’ first registered produce were in 1905 when they would have been anywhere from 18 years old to 5 years old.  The bulk of their produce were in the years 1905 to 1912, with a few from 1913 to 1920.  The three Morgan stallions that Sellman bred the Major Gordon daughters to were foaled in 1901, 1902, and 1903.  One wonders what sort of stallions the mares were bred to before Sellman decided to go with Morgans.  The three stallions all came from the midwest; Sellman also had some other stallions from there which he used lightly and which do not come down to today.  He apparently made a “shopping” trip to the midwest.  With no certain information, one can only speculate as to what caused Sellman to start breeding Morgans after many years of using a Morgan stallion and some mares that were that stallion’s quarter sisters, as well as mares of unknown ancestry.  Since it is unlikely that there was any premium on registered Morgans at that time, the best guess is that Sellman decided that Morgans would make better ranch horses.


      One of the stallions that Sellman bred his Major Gordon daughters to was  Gold Medal 4847.  He was  a mahogany bay, foaled in 1902, bred by John Marunday of Amboy,  IL.  and registered by C. F. Dewey, also of Amboy.

      The sire of Gold Medal was Meteor Jr. 4458, a bay foaled in 1895, bred in Illinois.  He was shown at county fairs and the Illinois State Fair from 1897 to 1899 and consistently won the first premium.  The dam of Meteor Jr. was Nell Bird, bred in Wisconsin and sired by D’Aubigne, a son of Mambrino Patchen.  Nell Bird’s dam was said to be by Green Mountain Boy 391, a son of Hales Green Mountain 42.  Green Mountain Boy was out of a mare by Gifford Morgan.   

      Meteor 3840 was the sire of Meteor Jr.  He was brown, 15 1/2 hands, 1000 pounds, foaled in 1883.  His sire was Young Rix 173, a black of 16 hands, 1250 pounds, foaled in 1862.  Young Rix won a number of races and was said to have trotted in 2:31.  The dam of Young Rix was a brown by Wheeler Horse by Vermont Morgan Champion 13 by Sherman Morgan.  The sire of Young Rix was Rix, or Chieftain, 171 by Black Hawk 20.  The dam of Meteor was a bay by Peacock, a son of Sherman Black Hawk 51 by Black Hawk 20.  The dam of Meteor was out of a mare by Buckskin Horse 41, a son of Revenge 8 by Justin Morgan.

      The dam of Gold Medal was an Illinois-bred, by Gen. Lee 936 by Black Sultan 934.  Gen. Lee was brown, 16 1/2 hands, 1130 pounds, foaled in 1866.  he was a winner of trotting races.  Black Sultan was 16 1/2 hands, 1250 pounds and also a race winner.   His dam was by a horse called a Messenger and the second dam was a fast pacer, said to be Morgan.  The sire of Black Sultan was General Knox 65 by Vermont Hero 52 by Sherman Black Hawk 51.  The dam of Gold Medal’s dam was by Morgan Henry, foaled in 1847 and out of a mare said to be by Gifford Morgan.

      Gold Medal has much unknown and non-Morgan blood in his pedigree.  His dam’s sire had Morgan blood only on the sire line while the dam of his dam had only one cross to a Morgan.  Gold Medal’s sire has much more Morgan blood but still was low percent. 

      Following is a list of Gold Medal’s progeny.  The progeny are named only if they had progeny.
      Abbreviations:  (TA)  The Admiral; (MA) Major Antoine; (HM)Headlight Morgan.

        BELLE M 0166 (out of Belle Gordon)  Black, 1910, dam of:
      Belle K (x HM) 1915

        BETTIE M 0262 ( out of Frisky Jane) Bay, 1910, dam of:
      —–  (x C.F.) 1913

        BLACK LADY 0312 ( out of Black Baldy) Black, 1909, dam of:
      Black Rose (x TA) 1914

        DAISY  dam of:
      —– (X  Anchor) 1912
      —– (x TA) 1911


DOT M   0611  (out of Blaze Gordon) Bay, 1906, dam of:
      Motilla (x TA) 1911
      Woodrow Wilson (x HM) 1915
      Dot N (x TA) 1913
      Herford K (x HM) 1916
      —– (x TA) 1909

      FANCY dam of:
      Red Bird (x TA) 1911

      FRISKY 0837 (out of Frisky Jane) Bay, 1908, dam of:
      Texsky (x Texas Allen) 1918
      Frisky A (x TA) 1913
      —– (x TA) 1914

      JENNIE M 01102 (out of Black Mariah) Bay, 1910, dam of:
      —– (x Red Bird) 1917

      KATE M 01212 (out of Raven) Sorrel, 1906, dam of:
      —– (xTA) 1911
      —– (x Sunny South) 1915

      MABEL (out of Black stbb Major Gordon) dam of:
      —– (x Jubilee Admiral) 1915

      MAGGIE M 01614 (out of Kitty Gordon) Sorrel, 1907, dam of:
      —– (xTA) 1911 & 1912

      MISS DOTTY dam of:
      —– (x TA) 1911 & 1912

      POLLY M 02105 (out of Snip) Black, 1910, dam of:
      Rastus (x Alkadaza) 1919
      —– (x Alkadaza) 1920
      —– (x Red Oak) 1921
      —– (x HM) 1917

      PUSS 02142 (x Mollie Gordon) Sorrel, 1909, dam of:
      Kitty E (x TA) 1914
      Rogata (x Red Oak) 1921
      Bald Eagle (x HM) 1915
      Marta (x Woodrow Wilson) 1919
      —– (x Joe Bailey) 1922
      —– (x Golden) 1911
      —– (x Lone Star) 1913

      SNAP  bay, dam of:
      —– (x TA) 1911

      SORREL BLAZE (out of a bay of Sellman breeding)  dam of:
      —– (x TA) 1910 & 1911
      —– (x Jubilee Admiral) 1911  [dates as given in reg.]


      STAR MEDAL  dam of:
      —– (x TA) 1912

      SWEETHEART 02424 (out of Nell Gordon) Black, 1909, dam of:
      Sweet Marie (xTA) 1912
      Una K (x HM) 1916

      YOUNG FROSO  dam of:
      —– (x The Jew) 1914

      YOUNG JEWESS (out of Jewess)  dam of:
      —– (x TA) 1911

      YOUNG JEMES 02625 (out of Jemes) Sorrel, 1907, dam of:
      Semmes (x Sooner) 1920
      —– (x Rondeau) 1922

      Gold Medal also had one registered colt that had registered foals:
      GOLDEN (x black by Maj. Gor.) 1906  sire of:
      Goldie Gordon (x Black Star Gordon) 1911
      Nancy G (x Nancy Gordon) 1910
      and six others with no registered progeny

      Gold Medal also had some progeny that had no registered foals.  These were:
      —– (x Black Sorrel) 1909
      —– (x Rita) 1907
      —– (x Brown by Major Gordon) 1906 & 1910
      —– (x Bay by Major Gordon) 1906 & 1908
      —– (x Puss) 1909
      —– (x Black Baldy) 1910
      —– (x Peggy Gordon) 1910
the above were colts.
      —– (x Dolly Gordon) 1910
      —– (x Roxie) 1910
      —– (x Topsy) 1909

      Gold Medal was only lightly used by Sellman and very few of his progeny come down to today.  However, he does come to us through some very important descendants, as will be seen later in this series.


      Major Antoine was also bred to the Major Gordon daughters.  His breeding is almost exactly that of Gold Medal.  He was a black or brown, foaled in 1901 in Illinois, bred by Mrs. C Antoine of Amboy.  His sire was Meteor Jr. 4458 and his dam was Molly Lee by Gen. Lee 936.  Molly Lee’s dam was a bay, bred in Illinois and said to be Morgan.

      Following is a list of Major Antoine’s progeny.  They are named only if they had progeny themselves.

      ALLIE A. 040 (out of Brown by Major Gordon, 2nd dam stb of Morgan type) 1906 Bay  dam of:
      Alice (x TA) 1910

      ANITA A 061 (Out of Miss Snip by Major Gordon, 2nd dam by Octroon 302) 1906  Black  dam of:
      Anita B (x TA) 1911
      —– (x TA) 1910

      ANNITA A 078 (out of Snip by Major Gordon) no date black  dam of:
       —– (x HM) 1916
      —– (x TA) 1913


      ANTINET 080 (out of Black Baldy by Major Gordon) 1908 black   dam of:
      Alsie B (x TA) 1914
      —– (x TA) 1912, 1913

      BALDIE ANTOINE 0105 (out of Baldie Gordon by Major Gordon, 2nd dam by Octroon 302) 1905 bay  dam of:
      Baldie’s Boy (x HM) 1912
      —– (x TA) 1911, 1912

      BAY (out of sorrel bred by Gibbons, by Jordon) no date  dam of:
      —– (x TA) 1911

      BAY SHEAK (out of Snip, untraced) no date  dam of:
      —– (x TA) 1911

      BESSIE ANTOINE 0221 (out of Black by Major Gordon) 1905 black  dam of:
       Bessie K (x HM) 1915
      —– (x The Jew) 1914
      —– (x TA) 1910

      BIRDIE x-04211 (out of Dolly Bonner by Old Jordan)  1905 Black  Dam of:
      Jobirene (x Joe Bailey) 1922
      Joeb (x Joe Bailey) 1921
      Tab (x Texas Allen) 1918
      Berta (x Motilla) 1917
      Birdie B (x TA) 1912
      Conant K (x HM) no date
      Bessie Hart (x TA) 1910
      —– (x HM) 1915
      —– (x TA) 1911, 1913

      BLACK SNIP (out of stb Morgan type) no date  dam of:
      —– (x TA) 1910

      BLACK SORREL (out of Black Morgan, untraced) no date  dam of:
      —– (x Gold Medal) 1909

      BONITA A 0336 (out of Nancy Gordon by Major Gordon) 1907 Bay  dam of:
      —– (x CF) 1913

      BONNIE A 0339 (out of Black Bird by Major Gordon, 2nd dam by Octoroon 302) 1906 black  dam of:
      Fanny K (x HM) 1915
      Bonnie B (x TA) 1911
      Redwood Morgan (x HM) 1918
      —– (x Acbar) 1922
      —– (x HM) 1917, 1919
      —– (x TA) 1910, 1912, 1913, 1914

      BONNIE ANTOINE (out of Black Bird by Major Gordon) no date  black   dam of:
      —– (x TA) 1909

      BOSSIE A 0352 (out of Bossie Gordon by Major Gordon) 1907 Black  dam of:
       Roboss (x Red Oak) 1920


      Bossie K (x HM) 1915
      Phillis K (x HM) 1917
      Roba (x Red Oak) 1921
      Guinea K (x HM) 1918
      —– (x Joe Bailey) 1922
      —– (x TA) 1912, 1914

      BROWNIE A 0366 (out of Roan Godon by Major Gordon) 1907  dam of:
      —– (x TA) 1911

      COALIE ANTOINE 0436 (out of Black by Major Gordon, 2nd dam by Octooron 302) 1905  dam of:
      Coalie B (x TA) 1911
      —– (x TA) 1910, 1912, 1914
      —– (x Sooner) 1920
      —– (x HM) 1915

      DAISY A 0489 (x Nellie Gordon by Major Gordon, 2nd dam of Morgan type) 1906 ch. dam of:
      Daisy K (x HM) 1915
      Daisy B (x TA) 1911
      Minnie Atkinson (x TA) 1910
      Roda (x Red Oak) 1921
      —– (x HM) 1916, 1918
      —– (x TA) 1913
      —– (x Top Notch) 1920

      DOLLY ANTOINE 0564 (out of Bay by Major Gordon) 1906 black  dam of:
      —– (x TA) 1910, 1913

      DUCHESS A 0621 (out of Mattie Gordon by Major Gordon) 1906 black  dam of:
      —– (x TA) 1910, 1911, 1908, 1914

      EMMA A (out of Brown by Major Gordon) no date  black  dam of:
      Lady Admiral (x TA) 1909

      EMMA ANTOINE 0651 (out of dau. of Major Gordon, 2nd dam stb of Morgan type) 1905 black  dam of:
      Emma B (x TA) 1911
      Baby Lu (x TA) 1910

      EVENING STAR (out of unknown)  dam of:
      —– (x The Jew) 1914
      —– (x HM) 1918

      FLORIE A 0805 (out of Caroline Gordon by Major Gordon, 2nd dam by Octoroon 302) 1907 bay  dam of:
      Mildreda (x Motilla) 1917
      Fantina K (x HM) 1916
      —– (x TA) 1911, 1912
      —– (x HM) 1915

      GIPSEY A 0869 (out of Fanny Gordon by Major Gordon) 1906 Brown  dam of:
      Brown Kid (x HM) 1917
      —– (x Red Oak) 1919, 1920
      —– (x HM) 1915, 1918
      —– (x Joe Bailey) 1922
      —– (X TA) 1910, 1912


      JESSIE A 01123 (out of Lulu Gordon by Major Gordon) 1907 black  dam of:
      Bobbie Burns (x HM) 1917
      —– (x The Jew) 1914
      —– (x HM) 1917
      —– (x Acbar) 1921

      KATE (out of Kay by Cleveland Bay [Yorkshire Coach Horse])  dam of:
      Kate B (x TA) 1912
      —– (x TA) 1909, 1910

      KITTY (out of unknown) no date bay  dam of:
      —– (x TA) 1913

      KITTY A 01275 (out of Belle Gordon by Major Gordon, 2nd dam by Octoroon 302) 1907 black  dam of:
      Kitty B (x TA) 1911
      Kitty C (x TA) 1912
      Kitty D (x TA) 1913
      —– (x TA) 1914

      LADY A 01315 (out of Miss Brown by Major Gordon) 1906 brown  dam of:
      Lady B (x TA) 1914
      Fraso (x TA) 1910
      —– (x TA) 1910 [date given]

      LULU A (out of dau. of Major Gordon, 2nd dam stb of Morgan type) no date  dam of:
      Baby Girl (x TA) 1910

      LULU ANTOINE 01577 (out of bay or black by Major Gordon, 2nd dam by Octoroon) 1905 black  dam of:
      Alkadaza (x HM) 1915
      Rondeau (x HM) 1917
      Echo K (x HM) 1918
      Dolores K (x HM) 1916
      Lulu B (x TA) 1911
      Lulu C (x TA) 1913
      Lulu D (x TA) 1914
      —– (x TA) 1909
      —– (x Red Oak) 1920

      MAYSIE ANTOINE 01728 (out of Star Gordon by Major Gordon) 1905 bay  dam of:
      —– (x TA) 1910, 1913

      MISS ANTOINE 01783 (out of Bay Gordon by Major Gordon, 2nd dam stb of Morgan type) 1908 black  dam of:
      Bessie C (x TA) 1913
      —– (x TA) 1912, 1914
      —– (x HM) 1915

      MOLLIE A 01819 (out of Snip by Major Gordon) 1907 black  dam of:
      Dixie Dan (x HM) 1916
      Mollie B (x TA) 1912
      Mollie K (x HM) 1915
      —– (x Red Oak) 1920, 1921

      NELLIE ANTOINE 01930 (out of dau. of Major Gordon) 1905 bay  dam of:
      Jenavive K (x HM) 1916


      —– (x TA) 1910, 1912, 1913, 1914
      —– (x Sunny South) 1915

      NITA 02009 (out of Black Star Gordon by Major Gordon) 1908 black  dam of:
      Nita B (x TA) 1912

      PAULINE A (out of Black Star Gordon or Black Star, both by Major Gordon) 1906 black  dam of:
      Pauline B (x TA) 1914
      Polly K (x HM) 1915
      —– (x TA) 1910
      —– (x HM) 1916

      PEGGY A  02063 (out of Brown Gordon by Major Gordon) 1907 bay dam of:
      Nannie L (x TA) 1910
      Peggy K (x HM) 1915
      Negreto (x TA) 1912
      —– (x TA) 1914
      —– (x Red Oak) 1921
      —– (x Brown Kid) 1923
      —– (x Acbar) 1922
      —– (x Red Bird) 1916

      POLLIE ANTOINE (out of black by Major Gordon, 2nd dam by Octoroon 302) 1905 black  dam of:
      Lucy K (x TA) 1910
      Polly B (x TA) 1911
      Polly C (x TA) 1913

      SALLIE ANTOINE 02275 (out of brown by Major Gordon, 2nd dam by Octoroon 302) 1905 bay  dam of:
      Sallie B (x TA) 1911
      Sallie D (x TA) 1914
      Sallie K (x HM) 1915
      Lone Star (x TA) 1909
      Octavia K (x HM) 1916
      —– (x TA) 1909, 1910, 1910
      —– (x The Jew) 1913

      STAR (out of unknown)   dam of:
      —– (x TA) 1913

      STAR ANTOINE 02384 (out of Star Gordon by Major Gordon) 1907 bay  dam of:
      —– (x Motilla) 1916

      TOPSY A 02511 (out of Topsy by Major Gordon) 1906 brown  dam of:
      Rochelle Belle (x TA) 1909
      —– (x TA) 1910, 1911, 1913

      TRILBY A 02524 (out of Brown by Major Gordon) 1906 brown  dam of:
      Trilby B (x TA) 1913
      Rota (x Red Oak) 1920
      —– (x TA) 1914


      —– (x Anchor) 1912
      —– (x Texas Allen) 1918

      Major Antoine had progeny which themselves had no registered progeny.  They are:
      —– (x bay by Maj. Gor.) 1906
      —– (x brown by Maj. Gor.) 1907
      —– (x Fanny Gordon) 1908
      —– (x bay by Maj. Gor.) 1908
      —– (x black by Maj. Gor.) 1907
      —– (x bay by Maj. Gor.) 1906
      —– (x black by Maj. Gor.) 1908
      —– (x black by Maj. Gor.) 1906
      —– (x bay by Maj. Gor.) 1906
      —– (x black by Maj. Gor.) 1907
      —– (x by by Maj. Gor.) 1906
      —– (x Peggy Gordon) 1908
      —– (x black by Maj. Gor.) 1905
the above were all colts.
      —– (x black x Maj. Gor.) 1905
      —– (x black x Maj. Gor.) 1908
      —– (x black x Maj. Gor.) 1906
      —– (x bay by Maj. Gor.) 1906
      —– (x brown by maj. Gor.) 1907

      Major Antoine had a few registered colts that had progeny:
      GINGER  (x brown by Maj. Gor.) 1905 brown  sire of:
      Gingerette (x Caroline Gordon) 1909

      THE JEW (x Jewess) 1908 black  sire of 13 registered foals, none of which had registered foals.


      Daughters of all three other stallions were bred to The Admiral.  A 15 3/4 hand, 1260 pound chestnut foaled in 1903, he was bred by C. F. Dewey of Amboy, IL.  His sire was Jubilee de Jarnette 3854; his dam was a brown mare bred by Bowman of IL.  Although left unnamed in the registry, this mare was most likely Morrill Queen.  Her pedigree, however, is given.  She was by Winnebago Chief 263, a son of Mountain Chief 262 by Morrill 55 by Jennison Colt 54, by young Bulrush 25.  Mountain Chief had further crosses to Morgan through his dam, a daughter of Moore’s Champion 798 by Vermont Morgan Champion: she was out of a mare by Shedd Horse.  Winnebago Chief’s dam was by Green Mountain Boy 391 by Hales 42; she was out of a mare by Leach’s Black Hawk with further Morgan blood through the second dam.  Winnebago Chief was bay, 15 1/2 hands, 1140 pounds, foaled in 1871 in Illinois.  He was said to be “stylish, intelligent and speedy with great nervous energy, and an excellent stock horse.”

      The dam of Morrill Queen was a mare by Monogram 1655 by Fearnaught 60, by Young Morrill 59 by Morrill 55 which brings in more Bulrush blood.  Fearnaught’s dam was by Napoleon Morgan 56, son of Flint Morgan by Sherman Morgan.  Monogram’s dam traces back to Batchelder Horse.

      The Admiral’s sire was Jubilee de Jarnette, the only produce of the great Lady de Jarnette.  She was by Indian Chief 538, by Blood’s Black Hawk 89, but the rest of her pedigree was Thoroughbred, Messenger and Canadian pacer.  She was a renown show horse, unbeatable, against whom, eventually, no one would compete.  Jubilee Lambert 1476 was the sire of Jubilee de Jarnette.  He was by the great Daniel Lambert 62 and out of a granddaughter of Black Hawk.  Jubilee de Jarnette was a bay, 16 hands, 1150 pounds, foaled in 1863.  He was described as “very up-headed, bold, dashing mover, with quick, rapid action, but a steady trotter.  He had a very symmetrical form, with large hazel eyes…”

      The Admiral brought to Sellman a good dose of Bulrush blood from his dam.  From his sire, he brought the greatness of Daniel Lambert and Lady de Jarnette.


Following is a list of The Admiral’s daughters and their progeny.  Progeny that had no registered foals are not named.  Abbreviations are: (RO) Red Oak; (HM) Headlight Morgan.

      ALICE 024 (out of Allie A by Maj. Ant.) 1910 black  dam of:
      —– (x Motilla) 1914

      ALSIE B 02703 (out of Antinet by Maj. Ant.) 1914 black  dam of:
      —– (x Texas Allen) 1918

      ANITA B 02719 (out of Anita A by Maj. Ant.) 1911 black  dam of:
      Texanita (x Texas Allen) 1918
      Bronita (x Brown Kid) 1923
      Norette (x RO) 1925
      —– (x RO) 1919, 1921
      —– (x Jow Bailey) 1922

      ANITA DONN 062 (out of Raven by Major Gordon) 1910 black  dam of”
      Anita K (x HM) 1915

      BABY GIRL 098 (out of Lulu Antoine or Lulu A both by Maj. Ant.) 1910 sorrel  dam of:
      Raven Chief (x Morgan Chief) 1917
      Birdie K (x HM) 1915
      Casette K (x HM) 1916
      Cleptomania (x HM) 1918

      BABY LU 099 (out of Emma Antoine) 1910 black  dam of:
      Hemala (x HM) 1920
      Sealskin (x HM) 1915
      Travis K (x HM) 1917
      Emalu (x Rojeneiro) 1925
      —– (x Acbar) 1922
      —– (x Brown Kid) 1923
      —– (x Woodrow Wilson) 1919
      —– (x RO) 1921

      BESSIE C 02781 (out of Miss Antoine) 1913 sorrel  dam of:
      —– (x RO) 1920
      —– (x HM) 1917, 1918

      BESSIE HART 0231 (out of Birdie by Maj. Ant.) 1910 black  dam of:
      Fearless (x HM) 1915
      Robsart (x RO) 1920
      —– (x HM) 1917

      BIRDIE B 02807 (out of Birdie by Maj. Ant.) 1912 sorrel  dam of:
      Brodia (x Brown Kid) 1923
      Robird (x RO) 1920
      —– (x RO) 1919
      —– (x HM) 1917
      —– (x Joe Bailey) 1921

      BLACK BEAUTY 0291 (x Lulu Gordon) 1909 black  dam of:
      —– (x The Jew) 1913


      BLACK DAISY 02819 (x Daisy by Gold Medal) 1911 black  dam of:
      —– (x Brown Kid) 1923

      BLACK DUCHESS 0309 (x Duchess A by Maj. Ant.) 1908 black  dam of:
      —– (x TA) 1914

      BLACK STAR 0319 (out of Black Maria by Maj. Gor.) 1909 black  dam of:
      —– (x Fearless) 1919
      —– (x The Jew) 1914
      —– (x RO) 1921
      —– (x MH) 1916

      BONNIE B 02841 (out of Bonnie A by Maj. Ant.) 1911 black  dam of:
      Bonny K (x HM) 1915
      Paloduro (x HM) 1917
      Robona (x RO) 1920
      Lucca (x Bald Eagle) 1919
      Edessa (x HM) 1918
      Top Notch (x HM) 1916
      Alizan 9x RO) 1925
      —– (x RO) 1921
      —– (x HM) 1915

      BONNIE JEAN (out of Star Gordon) 1910 bay  dam of:
      —– (x The Jew) 1914

      COALIE B 02891 (out of Coalie Antoine) 1911 black  dam of:
      Carlota K (x HM) 1917
      —– (x HM) 1916

      DAISY B 02910 (out of Daisy A by Maj. Ant.) 1911 black  dam of:
      —– (x Joe Bailey) 1921

      DOT N 02997 (out of Dot M by Gold Medal) 1913 sorrel  dam of:
      Rodota (x RO) 1920
      Wooddot (x Woodrow Wilson) 1919
      Dot (x Morgan Chief) 1917

      EMMA B 03030 (out of Emma A or Emma Antoine both by Maj. Ant.) 1911 black  dam of:
      Acacia (x RO) 1919
      —– (x Sooner) 1920
      —– (x Morgan Chief) 1917

      FRASO 0835 (out of Lady A by Maj. Ant.) 1910 bay  dam of:
      Consuela (x Pershing) 1916
      —– (x HM) 1915, 1917
      —– (x The Jew) 1914

      FRISKY A 03101 (out of Frisky by Gold Medal) 1913 bay  dam of:
      —– (x Joe Bailey) 1921

      KATE B 03290 (out of Kate by Maj. Ant.) 1912 bay  dam of:
      Dan (x HM) 1916


      KITTY B 03304 (out of Kitty A by Maj. Ant.) 1911 black  dam of:
      Kitty C (x Sunny South) 1915
      —– (x HM) 1916, 1918
      —– (x Joe Bailey) 1921

      KITTY C 03305 (out of Kitty A by Maj. Ant.) 1912 black  dam of:
      —– (x Rondeau) 1922

      KITTY D 03307 (out of Kitty A by Maj. Ant.) 1913 sorrel  dam of:
      Rokit (x RO) 1920
      Fidela K (x HM) 1917
      —– (x Acbar) 1921

      KITTY E 03308 (out of Puss by Gold Medal) 1914 sorrel  dam of:
      Jael (x Alkadaza) 1919
      Dulcimer (x HM) 1918
      Mountcrest Sellman (x Joe Bailey) 1921

      LADY ADMIRAL 01316 (out of Emma A by Maj. Ant.) 1909 black  dam of:
      Oakral (x RO) 1919
      —– (x The Jew) 1914

      LADY B 03321 (out of Lady A byMaj. Ant.) 1914 black  dam of:
      —– (x HM) 1919

      LILLIAN LEE 01491 (out of Bessie Gordon) 1910 sorrel  dam of:
      Lilly K (x HM) 1915
      —– (x Motilla) 1914, 1914 [dates given]

      LUCY K 01565 (out of Polly Antoine) 1910 black  dam of:
      —– (x TA) 1914

      LULU B 03403 (out of Lulu Antoine) 1911 black  dam of:
      Oscura (x HM) 1915
      —– (x RO) 1921
      —– (x Acbar) 1922

      LULU C 03404 (out of Lulu Antoine) 1913 black  dam of:
      —– (x RO) 1919
      —– (x Dot) 1921

      LULU D 03405 (out of Lulu Antoine) 1914 sorrel  dam of:
      Moleskin (x Sealskin) 1918
      Roloda (x RO) 1920
      —– (x RO) 1921
      —– (x Brown Kid) 1923
      —– (x Joe Bailey) 1922

      LULU GIRL 03407 (out of Lulu Gordon) 1911 black  dam of:
      Lucia (x Woodrow Wilson) 1919
      —– (x HM) 1917
      Lulu G (x Sunny South) 1915


      MINNIE ATKINSON 01765 (out of Daisy A by Maj. Ant.) 1910 sorrel  dam of:
      Minnie K (x HM) 1915
      Minna K (x HM) 1917
      —– (x HM) 1916

      MOLLIE B 03515 (ou of Mollie A by Maj. Ant.) 1912 black  dam of:
      Angelina (x Texas Allen) 1918
      Favonius (x Fearless) 1919
      —– (x Joe Bailey) 1921
      —– (x HM) 1917

      NANCY 01894 (out of Mollie Gordon) 1909 black  dam of:
      Sonna (x Sooner) 1920
      —– (x HM) 1915, 1916, 1918
      —– (x Rondeau) 1921, 1922
      —– (x Fearless) 1919
      —– (x The Jew) 1914

      NANCY A 03555 (out of Nancy B by Prince Leo, out of Jewess) 1911 brown  dam of:
      —– (x HM) 1915

      NANNIE L 01903 (out of Peggy A by Maj. Ant.) 1910 black  dam of:
      Blossom K (x HM) 1917
      Sooner (x HM) 1916
      Camille (x Alkadaza) 1918
      —– (x Acbar) 1922
      —– (x HM) 1915

      NITA B 03590 (out of Nita by Maj. Ant.) 1912 sorrel  dam of:
      Nokomis K (x HM) 1917
      —– (x RO) 1920

      PAULINE B 03610 (out of Pauline A by Maj. Ant.) 1914 sorrel  dam of:
      Addy (x Texas Allen) 1918

      POLLY B 03634 (out of Polly Antoine) 1911 black  dam of:
      Joe Bailey (x HM) 1917
      Mariposa K (x HM) 1916
      —– (x HM) 1915, 1918
      —– (x RO) 1920, 1921

      POLLY C 03635 (out of Polly Antoine) 1913 black  dam of:
      Kita K (x HM) 1917
      —– (x Texas Allen) 1918

      RED DAISY x-04210 (out of Sorrel by imported Eng. Coach Horse, 2nd dam a Grade Morgan) 1913 ch. dam of:
      Redoasy (x RO) 1920
      —– (x HM) 1919

      RED MOLLIE (out of unk.) no date  dam of:
      Alkali (x Alkadaza) 1919

      ROCHELLE BELLE 02210 (out of Topsy A by Maj. Ant.) 1909 brown  dam of:
      —– (x Lone Star) 1913


      —– (x TA) 1913

      SALLIE B 03723 (out of Sallie Antoine) 1911 bay  dam of:
      —–(x Sealskin) 1918

      SALLIE D 03725 (out of Sallie Antoine) 1914 bay  dam of:
      —– (x Woodrow Wilson) 1919

      SWEET MARIE (out of Sweetheart by Gold Medal, 2nd dam Nell Gordon) 1912 sorrel  dam of:
      Mariah K (x HM) 1916
      Joanna K (x HM) 1917

      TRILBY B 03827 (out of Trilby A by Maj. Ant.) 1913 brown  dam of:
      Rotila (x RO) 1920
      Brolibbie (x Brown Kid) 1923
      Roaka (x RO) 1921
      —– (x HM) 1918

The Admiral also had some progeny that did not have any registered progeny.
1910, 1912, 1913, 1914 (x Nellie Antoine)
1910, 1913 (x Maysie Antoine)
1909 (x Miss Brown)
1909 (x Bonnie Antoine)
1909 (x Sal Gordon)
1909, 1911 (x black by Maj. Gor.)
1910 (x Lulu Gordon)
1910, 1911, 1914, 1914 (x Duchess A) [dates given] 1910 (x Bessie Antoine)
1909 (x Nellie Gordon)
1909, 1910, 1910 (x Sallie Antoine) [dates given] 1909, 1910 (x Kate)
1909, 1912 (x Lulu Antoine)
1909, 1913 (x Star)
1909 (x Brown Gordon)
1910, 1911 (x Miss Gordon)
1909 (x Fanny Gordon)
1910 (x Anita A)
1910, 1912 (x Gipsey A)
1909 (x Dolly Gordon)
1910, 1913 (x Dolly Antoine)
1910, 1912, 1914 (x Coalie Antoine)
1910, 1911 (x Miss Ranne)
1914 (x Bossie A)
1914 (x Peggy A)
1911 (x Brownie A)
1911, 1913 (x Birdie)
1910, 1911, 1913 (x Topsy A)
1914 (x Kitty A)
1911 (x Black Baldy Gordon)
1912, 1913 (x  Jewess)
1914 (x Trilby A)
1910, 1912, 1913 (x Bonnie A)


1913 (x Kitty)
1912 (x Baldie Antoine)
1911 (x Young Jewess)
1911 (x Kate M)
1911 (x Kitty Gordon)
1911, 1912 (x Florie A)
1910, 1911 (x Sorrel Blaze)
1912, 1913, 1916 (x Bay Gordon)
1910 (x Black Bird)
1909 (x Roan Gordon)
1910 (x Black Snip)
1909, 1911 (x Star Gordon)
1910 (x Pauline A)
1913 (x Bay Sheak)
1910 (x Sister Gordon)
1910 (x Lady A)
1912, 1913 (x Antinet)
1913 (x Annita A)
1911 (x Baldie Antoine)
1912, 1913 (x Miss Antoine)
1912 (x Star Medal)
1913 (x Bossie Gordon)
1913 (x Daisy A)
1911 (x Miss Black)
1912, 1913 (x Nancy B)
1913 (x Frisky)
1914 (x Lucy K)
1911, 1912 (x Miss Dotty)
1911, 1912 (x Maggie M)
1913 (x Gingerette)
1911 (x Snap)
1913 (x Rochelle Girl)

Of the above, fifty one were fillies and fifty were colts.  The Admiral also had some colts that went on to sire progeny for Sellman.

      JUBILEE ADMIRAL 5868 (out of bay by Maj. Gor.) 1909 bay  sire of 4 registered foals that had no registered progeny.

      LONE STAR 5884 (out of Sallie Antoine) 1909 bay  sire of 3 registered foals that had no registered progeny.

      THE MAJOR 5894 (out of Miss Gordon) 1910 sorrel  sire of Rocky Ann 03692.

      NEGRETO 6985 (out of Peggy A) 1912 black  sire of 1 registered foal that had no registered progeny.

      MOTILLA 6774 (out of Dot M) 1911 sorrel  sire of:  Belle B. 02760, Berta 03890, Blondie 02833, Mildreda 03901, Nila C. 03587, and seven others.

      For the years 1905 through 1914, Gold Medal, Major Antoine, and The Admiral were Sellman’s main stallions.     Gold Medal was the most lightly used with only 24 foals from 1906 to 1910.  Major Antoine had 53 foals from 1905 to 1910.  The Admiral had more foals and was used more years–143 foals from 1908 to 1914. 

    From 1905 through 1908, only the three stallions were used.  In 1909, Sellman started to use some of his own ranch-bred stallions.  The first of these was Ginger, with one foal in 1909, then not used again.  Ginger was sired by Major Antoine and out of a brown daughter of Major Gordon.  He had the one registered foal for Sellman and an unregistered daughter, Minnie, used by Tom Harlin of Texas.   Minnie was dam of two registered foals that had no registered foals.  It is very possible that he had other unregistered foals.  Again, this is a reminder that Sellman did not register all his foals.

      In 1910 and 1911, Sellman used the stallion Golden, sired by Gold Medal and out of a black daughter of Major Gordon.  Golden had four foals each of those years.  Most had no registered foals, but one mare had numerous descendants, mostly in California.


      In 1911, Jubilee Admiral had 1 foal; he had 3 more in 1913.  The Major had 1 foal each in 1911 and 1912.  Lone Star had 3 foals in 1913.  Each of these three stallions were by The Admiral.  A few of their progeny bred on, but there are no lines of descent to today.
      The stallion C.F. had two foals in 1913.  Foaled in 1911, bred by C.F. Dewey of IL., he was by The Admiral and out of Black Queen by Young Black Jack.  He was sold in 1911 to Sellman, who registered him.  Neither of his foals had any registered progeny.
      The Jew had thirteen foals in 1913 and 1914 but none of them had any registered progeny.  He was by Major Antoine and out of Jewess, a mare purchased by Sellman.
      1914 was the first year that Motilla was used.  Bred by Sellman, his sire was The Admiral and he was out of a mare by Gold Medal.  Several of Motilla’s foals bred on but only one had any long line of descent, having descendants into the 1960’s in Arkansas.
      What is not known now is why Sellman relied so heavily on the three stallions, Gold Medal, Major Antoine and The Admiral while trying some others only lightly and then not continuing with them.  He kept daughters of the three stallions and used them; why not their sons?  Any speculation at this point in time can only be guesses.
      Sellman had a few other foundation mares besides the Major Gordon daughters.   These are:
      Dolly Bonner–sorrel, bred by Mark Bonner, Richland Springs, Texas, by Old Jordon.  Dam of Birdie x-04211.
   Jemes–by Ethan Allen 3rd 4136, out of Rita, by Belmont.  Dam of Young Jemes.
      Jewess–bay, black stripe across shoulder and along back, foaled 1898, bred by B. B. Buchanan, Brownsburg, VA.; got by Ehtan Allen 3rd 4136, dam Rita by Belmont.   Dam of five registered foals, including The Jew and Sunny South.
      Mary Gibbons–sorrel, bred by W. H. Gibbons, Richland Springs, TX.; got by Indicator, dam sorrel, bred by Gibbons, got by Old Pat, said to be a Morgan.  Dam of Blondie and Mary K.
      Maude Morgan–bay, foaled 1907, bred by J. F. Parks, Meade, KS.; got by Julian Morgan 4448, dam Bessie Morgan by Flying Morrill 3970, 2nd dam by Hanchett Horse 2611, 3rd dam by Sherman Black Hawk 51.  Dam of Matty K and one other.
      Nancy B.–seal brown, foaled 1905, bred by B. B. Buchanan, Bedford City, VA.; got by Prince Leo, son of Red Leo by Red Wilkes 3460; dam Jewess. Dam of four registered foals.
      Rita–by Belmont, out of Coalie by Swoop’s Morgan.  Dam of one registered foal for Sellman.

      By studying all the above, it can be seen that Sellman purchased his first Morgans in the midwest; perhaps he made a trip there himself.  Major Gordon and an unknown number of mares whose dams were by Octoroon made the journey to Texas.  These mares and others already owned by Sellman, of which little or nothing is known, formed his foundation mares and were bred to Major Gordon.  Then the Major Gordon daughters were bred to the three stallions, Gold Medal, Major Antoine and The Admiral.  These stallions also came from the midwest.  Daughters of Gold Medal and Major Antoine were bred to The Admiral, creating the next generation.  By 1914, Sellman had a band of mares, most of whom were by The Admiral, out of a daughter of Major Antoine or Gold Medal, with the 2nd dam by Major Gordon.  These mares were ready for the next step of Sellman’s program–the advent of Headlight Morgan and then Red Oak.