The Sellman Morgans – Part 4, 5 and 6, by Laura Stillwell Algranti



   by Laura Stillwell Algranti

   In 1922, F. A. Fickert of Tehachapi, California purchased some Morgans from Richard Sellman.   They were Jael, Emma B., Ramona K., Dulcimer, Favonius, Consuela, Marta, Minna K., Conant K., Kita A., Mary K., Louisa, Texsky and Raven Chief.  All but two of these were transferred to Nellie Fickert in 1938.  Conant K. and Louisa were transferred to Berman Stock Farm in 1937.  These were not the first Morgans owned by Fickert.  Way back in 1912, he purchased from Sellman, the mare Headstar, who was transferred in 1928 to the Tehachapi Cattle Co., and then in 1930 to Roland Hill.   She had no foals for Fickert but did have three foals in California.

   In 1931, Jael produced Chestnut Chief (x Raven Chief).  He went on to have fourteen registered progeny, including Alida, Alzada, Dee, and Nona.

   Alida (Chestnut Chief x Marta) was foaled in 1941 and bred by Nellie Fickert.  She had eight foals most notable of whom were Martin Vermont (x Monty Vermont) a 1959 chestnut who went to Montana to sire Big Sky preface Morgans and others in that state, and Victoria Vermont (x Red Vermont) dam of Cherrie Bon Bon and others.

   Alzada (Chestnut Chief x Nona) was foaled in 1944, bred by Nellie Fickert.  By the well-known stallion, Red Vermont, she had Alcazar La Vermont and Polly Vermont, both of whom were broodmares in Northern California.  By Rimrock, she had Tapatia Rock, also a broodmare.

   Dee (Chestnut Chief x Nona) was foaled in 1944, bred by Nellie Fickert.  By the palomino stallion, Yellowstone, she had Golden Sands who was sire of Shasta Rose, and others.  Shasta Rose was dam of Rockland Ventura and Triton prefix Morgans.  Dee was also dam of Penny Vermont, a broodmare in Oregon.

   Nona (Chestnut Chief x Mixer), bred by Nellie Fickert, was foaled in 1939.  She was dam of Dee (listed above), Domino Vermont, Easter Vermont, Diana Vermont, Rosy Vermont, Annabelle Vermont and others.  Domino Vermont sired many progeny including Little Varagraph, Princess Mac, Vanity Vermont.  Easter Vermont was a noted sire in Northern California with many descendants throughout the United States and Canada today.  Diana Vermont and Rosy Vermont were both good broodmares, as was Annabelle Vermont.  The descendants of Nona are the most numerous and important of those Morgans coming from Jael and may be the most numerous of any of the Fickert descent Morgans.

   Favonius was the dam of Eagle (x Raven Chief), foaled in 1935, bred by Nellie Fickert.  He sired Ranchita Chief, bred by Frank Silva, and foaled in 1950.  Located in central coastal California, an area with few Morgans in those years, he did sire Cholame Stepper, Ranchita Queen, and Ranchita Prince, all of whom bred on.

   Kita K. was the dam of Colorado (x Raven Chief), foaled in 1930, bred by F. A. Fickert.   He was the sire of Red Flash (x Louisa).   Today Red Flash can be found on the sire line of only one stallion and his son. (note 2005—this line is gone.)  This is the only surviving sire-line descent from the Justin Morgan son, Bulrush.  The stallion is Discreet Lee, and when last known, was in a very isolated area of north east Washington.   In all likelihood, this line will die out.   However, Red Flash did have many daughters which bred on and have descendants today.  These include Prima Donna, Rhed’s Fable, other Rhed’s prefix Morgans, Dapper and Kelly’s prefix Morgans, Viking prefix Morgans, and some bred by Jackson Ranch of Montana.

   Mary K. was dam of Glenna (x Raven Chief), foaled in 1933, bred by F. A. Fickert.  Glenna was dam of Monty Vermont (x Red Vermont).  Monty Vermont sired Martin Vermont, Sol De Vermont, Annabelle Vermont, Viola Vermont, and others.

   Louisa was the dam of Red Flash, discussed above.

   Texsky Was the dam of Mixer (x Raven Chief) who was the dam of Nona, discussed above.  Texsky was also dam of Sun Down Morgan (x Raven Chief), a dark brown foaled in 1933, bred by F. A. Fickert.  Sun Down Morgan sired many Morgans with lines of descent to today.  By the palomino mare, Dawnglo, he had the palomino Midnite Sun, who sired Nilwon, Pamesa, El Tesoro, Leigh Mesa, Midnite’s Squaw, and Palomesa who is best known as dam of Tio Lalo (sire of Californio and many others).

   Sun Down Morgan also sired Sun Rex Morgan (x Carmel Snow) who went on to sire many Pineland prefix Morgans.  Joe Young’s Pineland Morgans were based in Georgia but their descendants can be found just about everywhere now.

   Sun Down Morgan also sired Hel’s Chinquapina, sire of Little Sweetheart (dam of Windswept prefix Morgans) and others.  Also by Sun Down Morgan were Marlene’s Morgan, Senorita Morgan, Sunbonnette, Almond Joy (dam of the good stallions Orron and Poco Aljoy, as well as Orlaine’s prefix Morgans), and others.

   Raven Chief had three foals in Texas for Sellman before coming to California.  All his progeny in California were out of the mares that went to Fickert, so all his descendants have been discussed.

   [For complete listing of the Fickert Morgans, see the outline immediately following this article.]




BY Laura S Algranti

(Headlight Morgan x Bonnie A.)
Brown, foaled 1918, bred by Richard Sellman

   Roland Hill purchased Redwood Morgan from Sellman in 1922 and sold him to Cebrian Bros. of Maricopa, Ca. in 1923.  Redwood Morgan had only eleven registered foals of which six had progeny, of which only five have descendants today.  The five that bred on are:  Blackhaux 7973; Cuyamo 7974; Redstar 06031; Rouge Rubee 05661; and Hacienda Chief 8273.  None of these were bred by Hill; Hill was responsible for bringing the horse to California but it was others who took advantage of the stallion and preserved his line.

   BLACKHAUX (x Joeb) was a black foaled in 1931, bred by Duval Williams of Madera, Ca.  In the late 1930’s, Western Horseman had several articles about Morgans that were written either by Williams or by Williams and Roland Hill. Blackhaux had seven registered progeny of which three bred on; these were Gold Dollar 8006, Hedlite 7977, and Joebie 05008.

   Gold Dollar (x Leora) was a chestnut foaled in 1936, bred by L. W. Rutledge of Parlier, Ca.   Owned by W. T. Carter of Fresno, Ca. He was a prolific sire with sixty five get to his credit of whom thirty three had progeny, many of which have descendants today.  So prolific was this family that only an overview can be given here:
   –Falconhaux 10534 (x Royce’s Falcon) black, 1950, bred by Carter.  sire of:  Playback of Sundown 11991, 1957, sire of: Sundowner, Karma of Sundown, Sunny Sue, and many others in the Central Coastal California region;  Chaux 09377, 1955, dam;  Classix 09738, 1956, dam;  Ima-Fair-Lady 09111, 1954, dam of Eco Cinder Ella;  Plumas 010585, 1955, dam of Impala Plumas, Sanna Racine, Miss Morning Star, Windy’s Pride, & others;   others.
   –Gold Quartz 10535 (x Question) ch., 1950, bred by Carter.  sire of:  Gold Penni 011159, 1960, sire in Oregon;  others.
   –Kings River Morgan 11133 (x Iva Sonfield) ch., 1953, bred by Carter.  sire of 95 progeny, many of which have descendants today.  He was 14.2 hands and dark red chestnut.  Carter sold him to Suzanne Kraus in 1966 as an unbroke stallion.   By early summer of 1967, he was ridden on the Castle Rock Challenge Ride and placed 7th on the 23 mile ride in the time of two hours, 48 minutes.  He would have finished sooner but time was wasted looking for a cast shoe.  He finished in excellent condition impressing all who were there.
   –Cavleen Gold D. 08195 (x Kathleen McCavlin) bay, 1950, bred by Carter.  dam of:  Royal Cimerron 12559 (x Kings River Morgan)1959, sire;  Cavleen K. R. 011381 (x Kings River Morgan) 1960, dam;  Cavleen River 011968 (x Kings River Morgan) 1961, dam; Cavleen Siski 011377 1956, dam.
   –Charm Gold D. 07664 (x Kathleen McCavlin) bay, 1948, bred by Carter.  dam of:  Constance Gold D. 010294 (x Gold Dollar) 1958, dam;  Rae Ebony 012286 (x Hedlite’s Micky Waer) 1962, dam;  two with Rovira’s prefix.
  –Cherub Gold D. 07400 (x Kathleen McCavlin) bay, 1947, bred by Carter.  dam of:  Cherry K. R. 010788 (x Kings River Morgan) 1959, dam;  Cherub Morgan 14242 (x Kings River Morgan) 1962, sire;  Shawn-ee chief 12726 (x Gold Dollar) 1956, sire;  Cherry River 011379 (x Kings River Morgan) 1960, dam;  others.
   –Chime Gold D. 07924 (x Kathleen McCalvin) bay, 1949, bred by Carter.  dam.
   –Fanchon Gold D. 08663 (x Royce’s Falcon) black, 1952, bred by Carter.  dam of:  Fanchon K. R. 010789 (x Kings River Morgan) 1959, dam;  Fanchon River 011380 (x Kings River Morgan) 1960, dam; others.
   –Gypsy Allen 07999 (x Peggy Revere) ch. 1949, bred by Carter.  dam of:  Kalamity Jayne Allen 014042 (x Black Bart) 1964, bred by Julia Allen Woods, dam;  Traveler 21683, 1970, bred by Julia Allen Rose, sire;  others.


   –Kathleen Gold 08628 (x Cherryfield) ch., 1952, bred by Carter.  dam.
   –Questa Gold D. 08878 (x Question) ch., 1952, bred by Carter.  dam of:  Quonto K. R. 12617 (x Kings River Morgan) 1959, sire;  Questa Cortez 011972, 1961, dam;  others.
   –Qutee Gold D. 08878 (x Question) ch., 1953, bred by Carter.  dam of:  Que0Dan 12937, 1960, sire;  Cutee-Graph 013519, 1964, dam;  others.
   –Sundee Gold D. 07399 (x Sunshine Sue0 ch., 1947, bred by Carter.  dam of;  Sun Red 11805 (x Kings River Morgan) 1956, sire;  Kellys Sindee 012952, 1963, dam;  Sunny Sue 012848, 1961, dam;  others.
   –Black Bart 12320 (x Royce’s Falcon) black, 1958, bred by Carter.  sire of:  Eboney Gold D. 012740 (x Bonanza Gold D.) 1962, dam;  Halabart 013384, 1963, dam;  Wintergate 18146 (x Cavleen Siski) 1967, dam;  Adona Carter 014642 (x Prima Donna C.) 1965, dam;  Iva Bart Carter 014251, 1964, dam;  Kalamity Jayne Allen 014042 (x Gypsy Allen) 1964, dam;  others.
   –Constance Gold D. 010294 (x Charm Gold D.) ch., 1958, bred by Carter.  dam of:  Richwood Mira 014525 (x Farceur Morgan) 1964, dam;  others.
   –Fashion Gold D. 09118 (x Royce’s Falcon) bay, 1954, bred by Carter.  dam of:  Fashionette K. R. 013381 (x Kings River Morgan)1963, dam;  many others.
   –Pandora Gold D. 09971 (x Prima Donna C.) ch., 1957, bred by Carter.  dam.
   –Quada Gold D. 09117 (x Question) ch., 1954, bred by Carter.  Dam of;  Kellys Princess 010566, 1959, dam;  Donna GOld D. 012666, 1962, dam;  Risquee 011259, 1960, dam;  others.
   –Chimette Gold D. 011391 (x Chime Gold D.) bay, 1956, bred by Carter.  dam.
   –and many, many others, many of whom had progeny.

   Hedlite 7977 (Blackhaux x Jocbo Brownie) black, 1932 was bred by Duval Williams and was foundation sire for Mary Smith’s program at Camarillo, Ca.  He was sire of:
   –Hedlite’s Bob E. A. 9103 (x Piedmont Cresta) black, 1945, bred by Smith.  Sire of:  Hedlite’s Kitty Clover 08008 (x Piedmont Cresta) 1950, dam, including Hedlite’s Micky Waer, an important west coast sire;  others with no progeny.
   –Hedlite’s Rudy T. 9349 (x Piedmont Rosemarie) black, 1946, bred by Smith.  sire of:  Ramona Black Hawk 13105, 1960, sire.
   –Cretsa’s Kitty Clover 06049 (x Piedmont Cresta) black 1943, bred by Smith, dam.
   –Cresta’s Lady Helen 06270 (x Piedmont Cresta) black 1944, bred by Smith.  dam.
   –Dolly S. 05681 F(x Piedmont Rosemarie) black, 1941, bred by Smith.  dam of:  Ramona Redwing 01008, 1948, dam;  Ramona Tomahawk 12969, 1960, sire for Delmaytion Morgans of New York;  Ramona Moonglow 010828, 1959, dam;  others.

   CUYAMO 7974 (x Jocbo Brownie) brown, 1931, bred by Duval Williams.  This stallion was promoted in Western Livewstock Journal and Western Horseman in the 1930’s.  One ad stated that he could be trucked to the mare owner’s home to cover the mare on her home territory.   It is unknown how many part Morgans he sired, but he had only eleven registered progeny of which five had progeny of their own.   These five were:  Betty C., dam of five produce and none with progeny; Bugle Anne, dam;   Dulcet, dam; Headlight Lady, dam; Laydee, dam.

   Bugle Anne 05503 (x Joebie) ch., 1940, bred by Duval Williams.  dam of:
   –Shawalla Shamrock 12432 (x Silver Rockwood) ch., 1959, bred by C. E. Shaw of Walla Walla, Wa.   Sire.
   –Shawalla Barbara 011610 (x Rockfield) ch. 1961, bred by Shaw.  dam.
   –Shawalla Melody 013187 (x Rockfield) ch. 1963, bred by Shaw.  dam.
   –Shawalla Bee 014193 (x Rockfield) ch. 1964, bred by Shaw.  dam.
   –Shawalla Lady Bee 014538 (x Shawalla Buck) ch. 1965, bred by Shaw.  dam.
   –other Shawalla prefix Morgans.

   Dulcet x-05342 (x Lady, unreg., by Bender 7489) ch. 1939, bred by Duval Williams.  The second dam of Dulcet was a chestnut mare bred by J. B. Haggins of Kern County, Ca., and said to be part Morgan.  Haggins brought Morgans to Calfiornia at the turn of the century and it is very likely that Lady carries the blood of those early Morgans and is, therefore, an interesting piece of history.  Dulcet was dam of:


   –Sunshine Revere 8965 (x Sunshine R.) ch. 1944, bred by L. W. Rutlegde, Sanger, Ca.  sire of:  Annie Murphy 07394, 1947, dam, including San Ann 013870; others.
   –Sunshine Sue 06083 (x Sunshine R.) ch. 1943, bred by Rutledge, dam of:  Sundee Gold D. 07399 (x Gold Dollar) 1947, dam;  others.
   –others with no progeny..

   Laydee x-05689 (x Lady, unreg. by Bender 7489) ch. 1941, bred by Duvall Williams.  dam of:
   –Sheik F.’s Ladybelle 06819 (x Sheik F.) ch. 1946, bred by M/M Percy Callsen, Ripon, Ca., dam of:  Keystone’s June Bug 09341, 1955, dam in Washington;  Tynker Belle 010254, 1958, dam in Wash.; others.
   –Vicki Vermont 010377 (x Red Vermont) ch. 1958, bred by Stewart & Swift, Olema, CA.  dam.
   –Vanity Vermont 011618 (x Domino Vermont) ch. 1961, bred by Stewart & Swift.  dam.

   Headlight Lady 05409 (x Genna) black 1939, bred by Duval Williams.  dam of:
   –Lorinda Lady 08426 (x Enowee) bay 1951, bred by A. A. Brierly of Independence, Ca.  dam of:  Pongee Princess 011745, 1961, dam; others.
   –Sparkle Lady 07395 (x Enowee) bay 1947, bred by Brierly, dam of:  Orlaine’s Breezy 011792, 1961, dam of “Breezy” Morgans.
   –Enchanted Lady 015233, 1966, dam.
   –Inyo 12262 (x Enowee) bay 1958, bred by Brierly.  sire.

   REDSTAR 06031 (x Headstar) bay 1937, bred by Vance Brite, Bakersfield, Ca.  sire of:
  Phantom Star 08555 (x Phantom) brown, 1952, bred by Estate of R. G. Knoll, Los Angeles, Ca.   dam of:
   –Starnita Ro 015570 (x Ro Mac) ch. 1964, bred by Ann & Burke Mowatt, Huntington Beach, Ca.   dam.
   –Desert Starendipity 018663 (x Topside Desert Rogue) ch. 1969, bred by M/M Albert Halliwell, Tehachapi, Ca.  dam.

ROUGE RUBEE 05661 (x Brown Kitty) ch. 1938, bred by Russell Hill of Keene, Ca.  dam of:
   Bricktop 8592 (x Red Vermont) ch. 1942, bred by R. A. Sperry, Los Angeles, Ca.  sire of:
   –Brica 08659 (x piedmont Sunshine) ch. 1952, bred by Cecil Evans, San Luis Obispo, Ca.  dam.
   –Ranchita Brickspar 010402 (x Oretia Spar) ch. 1957 bred by Frank Silva, San Miguel, Ca.  dam.

HACIENDA CHIEF 8273 (x Kitty Jay) bay 1937 (gelded 1947) bred by Russell L. Hill, Keene, Ca.  Hacienda Chief was one of the main stallions used at the Hearst Ranch in their short lived but influential program.  Sire of:
   Golden Query 05674 (x Sunshine Maid) ch. 1941, bred by Hearst.  dam of:
   –Golden Cricket 06792 (x Harvest Field) ch. 1946, bred by Miss Sid Forsyth, Arroyo Grande, Ca.  dam of:  Redwood Symphony 013224, 1963, dam.
   Hacienda Buttercup 05748 (x Buttercup A) ch. 1941, bred by Hearst.  dam of:
   –Aunt Sally 08334 (x Antman) ch. 1951, bred by Spencer.  dam of:  Chief’s Buttercup 012851, 1962, dam.
   Hacienda Dot 06151 (x Red Dot) brown, 1943, bred by Hearst.  dam of:
   –Chuckanut Hacienda 07476 (x Katrilan) black, 1948, bred by Hearst.  dam of:  Red Mesa 12327, 1959, sire;  Classy’s Pride 14048, 1962, popular sire in Utah;  Condo’s Duplicate 14580, 1963, sire in Utah;  Hacienda King 13343, 1961, sire;  Crisland Bold Lenda 015829, 1966, dam in Utah;  Miss Ebony 013731, 1964, dam;  Porvenir prefix Morgans.


   –Skagit Sutaio 14841 (x Sun Dust) brown 1963, bred by James Johnson, Sedro-Woolley, Wa.  sire in Oregon & Washington.
   –other Skagit prefix Morgans.
   Hacienda Kitty 05963 (x Kitty pongee) brown 1942, bred by Hearst.  dam of:
   –La Bonita 08557 (x Katrilan Prince) bay 1952, bred by M/M Hottel, Modesto, Ca.  dam of:  Princess Mac 010985, 1960, dam;  La bonita’s Star 013882, 1964, dam;  Mac’s Chinita 015788, 1966, dam;  others.
   –Tally Ann 07570 (x Katrilan Prince) bay 1948, bred by Hottell.  dam of:  Tally Joe 08533, 1951, dam.
   –Kitty’s Valentine 010143 (x Katrilan Prince) bay 1958, bred by Hottel.  dam of:  Alamar’s Commander 23172, 1971, sire;  other Alamar prefix Morgans.
   –Kitty’s High Noon 011993 (x Dapper Dan) bay 1961, bred by Hottel.  dam.
   Hacienda Sunshine 06931 (x Piedmont Sunshine) bay 1945, bred by Hearst.  dam of:
   –Sellman 12065 (x Gold Dollar) ch. 1956, bred by Carter.  sire.
   –Marksman K. R. 12615 (x Kings river Morgan) ch. 1959, bred by Carter.  sire.

   Although Redwood Morgan had only a few registered progeny, his descendants today are many.  The most prolific line is that of Gold Dollar, especially through his son Kings River Morgan.  Carter’s breeding program included some inbreeding and linebreeding, thus doubling up on the blood of Redwood Morgan.  Gold Dollar’s half-brother, Hedlite, also has many descendants today, particularly through his great grandson, Hedlite’s Micky Waer.  From Hedlite’s daughter, Dolly S., come the influential Ramona prefix Morgans.

   Redwood Morgan and his progeny and their progeny were primarily bred to other horses of Sellman descent, thus continuing the heritage started by Richard Sellman.

[first printed in Classic Morgan Admirers, 1993]

(2005 note—since this was written, the lines of the above horses have lessened in numbers and too many have been diluted to less desirable families. Despite the high numbers of Morgans from Redwood Morgan, this line in pure form can yet be lost.)


The Sellman Morgans – Part 6


(first published in Classic Morgan Admirers, 1992. reprinted 2005)

(Fickert of Tehachapi Ca. was another of the early ranchers to bring Morgans to California in the 20th Century)

JAEL 04078 (Alkadaza x Kitty E) ch. 1919   dam of:
   1)Chestnut Chief (x Raven Chief) ch. 1931, bred by Nellie Fickert,  sire of:
      -Chief Douglas–one progeny that had no progeny
      -Chief of Chestnut–sire of three progeny, one of which had one progeny that did not breed on.
      1-Alida–dam of 8 progeny of which several bred on.  **
      2-Alzada–dam of 7 progeny of which several bred on.  **
      3-Dee–dam of 2 progeny, both of which bred on.  **
      4-Mary Jane Morgan–dam of 5 progeny, of which one had foals.  **
      5-Nona–dam of 8 progeny, most of which bred on.  **
      -Seven other progeny, none of which had progeny.


1–ALIDA (Chestnut Chief x Marta) lt. ch. 1941 bred by Nellie Fickert  dam of:
   1)Martin Vermont (x Monty Vermont) ch. 1959 Jack & Harriet Davis, CA.  sire of:
      -Big Sky preface Morgans, Missoula MT.
      -others in MT.
   2)Victoria Vermont (x Red Vermont) ch 1946 Davis Breeding Farm, CA.  dam of:
      -Cherrie Bon Bon–broodmare in North Calif.
   3)Six others.

2–ALZADA (Chestnut Chief x Ravillis) bay, 1944 bred by Nellie Fickert  dam of:
   1)Alcazar La Vermont (x Red Vermont) bay 1954 Davis Breeding Farm, CA.  broodmare in North. Calif.
   2)Polly Vermont (x Red Vermont) bay 1956 Davis Breeding Farm, CA.  broodmare in North. Calif.
   3)Tapatia Rock (x Rimrock) black 1964 Davis Breeding Farm, CA.  broodmare.

3–DEE (Chestnut Chief x Nona) dk. ch. 1944 bred by Nellie Fickert  dam of:
   1)Golden Sands  (x Yellowstone) gold, white mane and tail 1949 Donald Jones, CA.  sire of:
      -Shasta Rose, dam of Rockland Ventura (producer) and Triton prefix Morgans
   2)Penny Vermont, broodmare in Oregon

4–MARY JANE MORGAN (Chestnut Chief x Favonius) bay 1936 F.A. Fickert  dam of:
   1)Wendy of Riverway, dam of one foal which had no foals
   2)four others

5–NONA (Chestnut Chief x Mixer) 1939, ch., Nellie Fickert, dam of:
   1)Dee—see above
   2)Domino Vermont (x Red Vermont) 1952, ch., Davis Breeding Farm, sire of:
      -Little Varagraph (x Vita-Graph) 1956, ch., George Littrel, sire.
      -Princess Mac (x La Bonita) 1960, ch., Gerald McDonnell, dam.
      -Vanity Vermont (x Laydee) 1961, ch., Stewart & Swift, dam.
      -many others
   3)Easter Vermont (x Red Vermont) 1947, ch., Jack Davis, sire of importance in Nor. Calif.
(note—sadly, this grand stallion’s line is disappearing)
   4)Diana Vermont (x Red Vermont) 1954, ch., Davis Breeding Farm, dam .
   5)Rosy Vermont (x Red Vermont)1956 ch, Davis Breeding Farm, dam of:
      -Rocky Vermont (x Rocky Bon) 1961, ch., Davis Breeding Farm, sire.
      -Viola Vermont (x Monty Vermont) 1960, ch., Davis Breeding Farm, dam.
   6)Annabelle Vermont (x Monty Vermont) 1959, ch., Jack & Harriet Davis, dam.


HEADSTAR 04093 (Headlight Morgan x Evening Star) 1918, bay, dam of:
   1)Star Bright (x Querido) 1931, sorrel, Roland Hill, dam of:
      -Millbright–dam .  **
   2)Redstar (x Redwood Morgan) 1937, bay, Vance Brite, dam of:
      -six progeny, some of whom bred on.
   3)Henry Q. (x Querido) 1932, bay, Roland Hill, no progeny.


MILLBRIGHT ((Millbrae x Star Bright) 1950, black, T. H. DeLap, dam of:
   1)Miss Joe (x Muscle Man) 1963, bay, Jeannette Stewart, dam .

EMMA B. 03030 (The Admiral x Emma Antoine) 1911, black, dam of:
   1)four progeny in Texas for Sellman.
   2)Chlorine (x Raven Chief) 1933, ch., F. A. Fickert, no progeny.

RAMONA K. 03919 (Headlight Morgan x Nancy G.) 1917, sorrel, dam of:
   1)Copper of Tonto (x Raven Chief) 1935, ch., F. A. Fickert, sire in AZ.

DULCIMER  04104 (Headlight Morgan x Kitty E.) 1918, ch., dam of:
   1)Tonto’s Queen (x Raven Chief) 1933, ch, F. A. Fickert, dam in AZ.

FAVONIUS 04069 (Fearless x Mollie B.) 1919, ch., dam of:
   1)Eagle (x Raven Chief) 1935, sorrel, Nellie Fickert, sire of:
      -Ranchita Chief–sire.  **
      -four others with no progeny.
   2)Mary Jane Morgan (x Chestnut Chief)  see above.


RANCHITA CHIEF (Eagle x Oretia Spar) 1950, ch., Frank Silva, sire of:
   1)Cholame Stepper (x Siskiyou Bee) 1958, ch., Silva, sire.
   2)Ranchita Queen (x Siskiyou Bee) 1957, bay, Silva, dam.
   3)Ranchita Prince (x Kaquita) 1965, ch., Silva, sire.
   4)many others.

CONSUELA 04085 (Pershing x Fraso) 1916, ch., dam of:
   1)one foal in Texas for Sellman
   2)Tonto’s Traveler (x Raven Chief) 1935, brown, F. A. Fickert, no progeny.

MARTA 04063 (Woodrow Wilson x Puss) 1919, bay, dam of:
   1)Tonto’s Roamer (x Raven Chief) 1935, ch., F. A. Fickert, sire in AZ.
   2)Alida (x Chestnut Chief)  see above.

MINNA K. 03900 (Headlight Morgan x Minnie Atkinson) 1917, sorrel, dam of:
   1)Carlotta (x Raven Chief) 1929, black, F. A. Fickert, two progeny who had no progeny.
   2)Wendy Morgan (x Raven Chief) 1932, ch., F. A. Fickert, to AZ., no progeny.


CONANT K. 03925 (Headlight Morgan x Birdie) no date, sorrel, dam of:
   1)two progeny in Texas for Sellman
   2)Chief of Chestnut (x Chestnut Chief) 1938, ch., F. A. Fickert, 3 progeny, one of which had one progeny with no progeny.
   3)Lucy Belle (x Colorado) 1940, bay, Berman Stock Farm, dam of:
      -Lucky Vermont (x Red Vermont) 1946, ch., Lloyd Corp., sire of one with no progeny.
      -Lucy Ann (x Montabell) 1951, bay, Lloyd Corp., dam of five progeny, one of which, Diamond Ring, had progeny.
      -Mountain Belle (x Montabell) 1950, ch., Lloyd Corp., dam of one who had no progeny.
      -Sparkeeta (x Sparbeau) 1947, bay, Lloyd Corp., dam of two progeny, neither with progeny.

KITA A. 04019 (Headlight Morgan x Polly C.) 1917, ch., dam of:
   1)Black Bess (unreg.) (x Raven Chief) 1929, bl., F.A. Fickert, dam of Ambassador x-8285 (x Colorado) 1939 who had no progeny.
   2)Bear Valley Chief (x Raven Chief) 1935, bay, F.A. Fickert, one progeny with no progeny.
   3)Colorado (x Raven Chief) 1930, ch., F.A. Fickert, sire of:
      -Ambassador–see above
      -Lucy Belle–see above
      -Coima Morgan (x Red Sail) 1938, black, Berman Stock Farm, dam of three progeny, all with no progeny.
      -Red Flash (x Louisa) 1940, ch., Berman Stock Farm, sire.  **


RED FLASH (Colorado x Louisa)  sire of:
   1)Prima Donna (x Carmel) 1943, ch., Lloyd Corp., dam of:
      -Le Monte (x Monte L.) 1952, ch., M/M Roberts, sire of:
         =Lady Monte (x Diana Ro) 1955, bay, C.W. Zwanzig, Wash., dam of Fairfield Tiki, dam in Canada.
      -Spar’s Donna (x Sparbeau) 1947, ch., Jack Beekman, dam in New Hampshire.
   2)Curly Anna (x Windy Anna) 1950, bay, James Cagney, dam.
   3)Madison Lass (x Orange Blossom) 1959, ch., J.C. Jackson, Mont., dam.
   4)others for the Jackson Ranch.
   5)Rhed’s Fable (x Falene) 1965, ch., Jerald & Seena Rhine, dam.
   6)Viking prefix Morgans.
   7)Dapper and Kelly’s prefix Morgans bred by Fran Kellstrom
   8)other Rhed’s prefix Morgans
   9)many others.
(This is a sire line that was allowed to vanish. What a shame.)

MARY K. 03449 (Headlight Morgan x Mary Gibbons) 1915, sorrel, dam of:
   1)three progeny in Texas for Sellman.
   2)Dickens (x Raven Chief) 1931, ch., F.A. Fickert, sire of three progeny with no progeny.
   3)Glenna (x Raven Chief) 1933, ch., F. A. Fickert, dam.  **


GLENNA (Raven CHief x Mary K.) dam of:
   1)Dorothy Vermont (x Red Vermont) 1944, ch., Jack & Harriet Davis, dam of one progeny with no progeny.
   2)Princess Zara (x Montabell) 1943, ch., O.C. Foster, dam of one with no progeny.
   3)Monty Vermont (x Red Vermont) 1947, ch., Jack Davis, sire of:
      -Martin Vermont (x Alida)  see above
      -Sol De Vermont (x Diana Vermont) 1962, ch., Davis Breeding Farm, sire in North. Calif.
      -Annabelle Vermont (x Nona) 1959, ch., Jack & Harriet Davis, dam.
      -Viola Vermont (x Rosy Vermont) 1960, ch., Davis Breeding Farm, dam.


LOUISA (Woodrow Wilson x Kitty C.) 1919, black, dam of:
   1)Chief Douglas (x Chestnut Chief)  see above
   2)Red Flash–see above

TEXSKY 04087 (Texas Allen x Frisky) 1918, brown, dam of:
   1)Sun Down Morgan (x Raven CHief) 1933, dk. brown, F. A. Fickert, sire.  **
(important sire w/descendants today)
   2)Ding Dong (x Raven Chief) 1935, black, Nellie Fickert, dam of two progeny who had no progeny.
   3)Mixer (x Raven Chief) 1930, ch., Nellie Fickert, dam of:
      -Nona–see above
      -one other.
   4)Red Sail (x Raven Chief) 1932, ch., F. A. Fickert, dam of:
      -Coima Morgan–see above


SUN DOWN MORGAN (Raven Chief x Texsky) sire of:
   1)Midnite Sun (x Dawnglo) 1943, cream, Merle Little, sire of:
      -Nilwon (x Cafe Conleche) 1946, ch., Stuart Salisbury, sire.
      -Pamesa (x Katie) 1946, ch., Stuart Salisbury, dam.
      -El Tesoro (x Ojo De Fantina) 1952, palomino, Paul Koch, sire.
      -Leigh Mesa (x Snoopy) 1949, ch. Salisbury, dam.
      -Midnite’s Squaw (x Fontaine) 1951, ch., Merle Little, dam.
      -Palomesa (x Baby O) 1947, palomino, Salisbury, dam of:
         =Tio Lalo (x Mahan Field) 1956, palomino, Ed Vail, sire with important line of descent to today.
(Think Californio for just one example.)
   2)Sun Rex Morgan (x Carmel Snow) 1946, cream, Joe Young, Georgia, sire of:
      -Pineland prefix Morgans with line of descent to today.
   3)Hel’s Chinquapina (x Bubbles) no date, ch., J.W. Dart, AZ., dam of:
      -Little Sweetheart (x Antman) 1951, ch., Sid Spencer, dam of Windswept prefix Morgans.
      -Bo Peep (x Antman) 1955, ch., Sid Spencer, dam.
   4)Marlene’s Morgan (x Bonnie Sue) 1943, brown, Merle Little, dam.
   5)Senorita Morgan (x Betty Joaquin) 1944, black, Merle Little, dam.
   6)Sunbonnette (x Fontaine) 1943, ch., Merle Little, dam.
   7)Almond Joy (x Alma Sonfield) 1950, brown, Merle Little, dam of:
      -Orron (x Anndy Pershing) 1957, ch., Ronald Cronk & Orval Smith, sire with line of descent today.
      -Poco Aljoy (x Red Gates) 1955, bay, Drew Reed, sire.
      -Orlaine’s prefix Morgans.

RAVEN CHIEF 7116 (Morgan Chief x Baby Girl) 1917, black, sire of:
   1)three progeny in Texas for Sellman.
   2)Sun Down Morgan (x Texsky)–see above
   3)Black Bess (x Kita K)–see above
   4)Bear Valley Chief (x Kita K.)
   5)Chestnut Chief (x Jael)–see above
   6)Colorado (x Kita K.)–see above
   7)Eagle (x Favonius)–see above
   8)Tonto’s Roamer (x Marta)–see above
   9)Carlotta (x Minna K.)–see above
   10)Copper of Tonto (x Ramona K.)–see above
   11)Dickens (x Mary K.)–see above
   12)Ding Dong (x Texsky)–see above
   13)Glenna (x Mary K.)–see above
   14)Mixer (x Texsky)–see above
   15)Red Sail (x Texsky)–see above
   16)Tonto’s Queen (x Dulcimer)–see above
   17)Tonto’s Traveler (x Consuela)–see above
   16)Wendy Morgan (x Minna K.)–see above

(Since writing this in the early 90’s, I have collected back issues of Arizona Highways magazines, many from the 1940’s & 1950’s. It is fascinating to see the photos of horses in these old issues. And how many show strong Morgan traits. One has to wonder about those Morgans that went to Arizona & left no registered progeny.)

~Laura Stillwell Algranti