What is Reiki? by Ina Ish

What is Reiki? It is an Energy Healing system, utilizing the Energy of The Source/Creation/Universe. I do this by a method called “Distance Healing”- in other words , no matter where the animal is- or it’s physical distance from me, I usually can make a contact with him or her , and can help affect healing of various ills.

The Animal Communication works in a similar fashion- not all animals want to or are willing to communicate at any given time, but so far I have had good success in this area. If either the Reiki or Animal Communication is refused by the animal, there is no charge for my services.

I ‘got into’ both areas when my favorite riding mare foundered and conventional vet med could only take us so far. Much to my delight and surprise the Reiki Energy enabled the mare to move without so much pain and discomfort. I have also found it to be effective in cases of colic, though a colic should have professional Vet attendence when possible. But for mild colics the Reiki helped my herd and brought them through it in most cases.

Neither Reiki nor Animal Communication should replace the services of a professional Veterinarian, but both can help in all sorts of areas.  

Longstreet Consulting

My rates are as follows:

Single Reiki session costs $35

Week of Reiki sessions costs $75

Pedigree Work is billed at $40 an hour, and broken down by increments- in other words one half hour of my work would cost $20.

Animal Communication sessions cost $ 35 each.

I would be delighted to hear from you and look forward to working with those of you who so choose my services.

In addition , I have copies of my book ” My Morgan Horse Articles – A Compendium” for sale at $30 per copy, which includes S/H charges . Copies will be autographed . There will be no more printing of this work, so for a collection of historical articles and anecdotal stores – order yours now.

Snail mail address:
Ina M. Ish
2940 Mt. Vernon Hickory Mtn. Rd.
Siler City, NC 27344

Checks must accompany orders, books will be autographed, if desired. Make checks out to Ina M. Ish, please.

I am also a Certified Flower Essence Practioner. Email me for more information.

Thank you.
~ Ina ~