Steve Costa, The Invisible Man

Old Growth Oak Morgans thanks Steve Costa for all his ‘behind the scenes’ support. Many who have come to visit me have heard me talk about Steve Costa and how it would not be possible for me to have the size of breeding program I do without him.  But for those who don’t know, let […]

STK Black Velvet

This pretty, well-built mare has some of the best of the Whippoorwill breeding.  Her sire, Whippoorwill Ebony is a well-known and successful dressage horse.  His sire line is Red Correll.  Black Velvet has breed crosses to that grand sire Whippoorwill Duke and is a product of decades of careful breeding.  Black Velvet’s predigree is dominated […]

OGO WindSwept Soliel

Soleil was taken to a reproductive specialist with the help of Sharlene Shields of Acorn Morgans, where his semen was collected and frozen for future use.  Shelly Dodd of Top Line Low Lines and Foundation Morgans Website purchased Soliel as her personal riding mount and we are partners in Soleil frozen semen.  Breeding to Soleil is […]

Circle H Merlita

With a pedigree of pure old Western Working Family, Merlita brings the old ones up to this century very quickly. She has much of the good old Brunk breeding helping to make the Western Working Family as well as some of the best of the Old Midwest lines too. She traces over and over again […]

OGO Bellota Del Oro

An absolutely lovely filly who will be a grand trail partner and family friend. She has a grand Western Working Family pedigree and breeding to her has been retained.   Click HERE to view Bellota’s extended bloodline info at birth.  OGO Bellota Del Oro – 2003 Filly OGO Bellota Del Oro’s OGO foals include:  OGO Primavera […]

OGO Higuera Rio Bravo

A handsome and correct young fellow with an excellent pedigree of Western Working Family and Brunk. His sire’s heritage is that of all working Morgans, both through the Brunk lines and the WWF portion. Bravo’s dam is pure WWF, coming from many generations of working ranch horses mostly from California, but also from other areas. […]

Higuera Bandido – 1974 to 2011

Coming from a proven working heritage, Bandido was chosen by rancher Sid Spencer to head her breeding program and Lucia prefix in the 1970’s. Bandido’s sire was mostly Brunk bred with some Western Working Family coming from the L. U. Sheep Co. of Wyoming. Bandido’s dam repeated this theme and added to the bottom mare […]

Canyon of Quietude

This handsome, correct, beautiful moving, and sensible even-tempered stallion brings to today the legacy of J. C. Brunk and his breeding program. With six close crosses to Jubilee King, the traits from Jubilee King are strongly fixed and passed on for the future. Canyon of Quietude also carries on the breeding wisdom of Frances Bryant […]