Badger Under Saddle

August 2, 2011

OGO Tejon De Oro Hermoso – aka, Badger
Badger has been under saddle since January of this year with Todd Utterback of Salinas, California.
Todd has been using Badger in various tasks. Rounding up cows, sorting, branding, cutting. Badger has proved that his working cow horse bloodlines run strong and true. Todd says, he is the only horse who – day in and day out, walks up to him ready for another days work.  And this is no matter how hard the work  was the day before, or how many days in a row he has worked!

“He is quick”, says Todd.  “You better know that when he goes after a cow, you better sit deep.”

When Todd showed me what Badger could do last I visited, there where beautiful, roll backs, spins, slide stops and a nice quiet Morgan head under it all.  Quiet, but alert, ready to cock a hip and stand, but when asked, goes right into action.

Badger will stay with Todd through October of this year with 10 months of saddle training on his back.  Then, I believe he and I will be ready to begin our journey together on the trail.
(Pictures coming soon.)