Canyon of Quietude

May 10, 2007

This handsome, correct, beautiful moving, and sensible even-tempered stallion brings to today the legacy of J. C. Brunk and his breeding program. With six close crosses to Jubilee King, the traits from Jubilee King are strongly fixed and passed on for the future. Canyon of Quietude also carries on the breeding wisdom of Frances Bryant and Eve Oakley who continued on in Brunk’s footsteps by continuing to meld the two families of the Daniel Lamberts and the Old Vermont Morgans. Brunk started with Daniel Lambert sires and bred them to selected Old Vermont High Percent mares. He then bred the original results carefully to one another and back to the original stock. Mrs. Bryant carried on this procedure with Jubilee King and his daughter Paragraph, and using some of the best of the Old Vermont stock of her time. Eve Oakley got her foundation horses from Mrs. Bryant and continued on with this proven breeding.

The result of many generations of careful and knowledgeable breeding, Canyon of Quietude consistently passes on to his get all his good traits and those of his forbearers. Because Jubilee King and his descendants were such good using horses and crossed so well with all sorts of Morgans, very few people bred on his line in any pure, concentrated form. Fortunately for breeders of today, Mrs. Bryant and Eve Oakley did so and thusly the legacy continues on with Canyon-that of a true Baroque, stylish, handsome, correct, beautiful moving, good tempered, sensible and willing Morgan created in the image of Justin himself.

Canyon of Quietude Criterion Jubilees Courage Jubilee King Penrod Allen Franklin
Black Bess A
Daisette Senator Knox
Daisy De Jarnette
Townshend Lass John A Darling Moro
Gladwin Ethan Allen 3rd
Lippitt Robrita Lippitt Rob Roy Lippitt Sam Ashbrook
Lippitt Sallie
Adeline Bundy Rob Roy
Rose of Sutton
Alrita Allansus Sir Ethan Allen
Rita Sir Ethan Allen
Caven-glo Topaz Cavendish Jubilees Courage Jubilee King Penrod
Townshend Lass John A Darling
Paragraph Jubilee King Penrod
Nella Allen King
Liza Jane
Caven-glo Pandora Caven-glo Red Sails Dorian Ashmore Lippitt Ashmore
Spring Darling
Jubilees Gloria Jubilee King
Townshend Lass
Poppy Ashmore Lippitt Ashmore Lippitt Ethan Ash
Lippitt Sally Moro
Jubilees Amber Jubilee King
Townshend Lass

Canyon’s foals include:

OGO Flower of Amor, 2004 Dark Brown Colt

Canyon of Quietude in 1990 – Photo courtesy of Doris Pacheco

Canyon of Quietude
(Criterion x Caven-Glo Topaz)
AMHA 95961
1984 Chestnut Stallion

Canyon brings to breeders a strong heritage of sound, good tempered, sensible, correct, Baroque Morgans with breeding strength. His sire is a grandson of Jubilee King and his dam’s sire is a double grandson of Jubilee King. Canyon’s dam has three further crosses to Jubilee King through her dam. Behind Canyon are the three full siblings who resulted from breeding Jubilee King to the Old Vermont mare, Townshend Lass, she who had the highest percent of Justin Morgan’s blood in her era and even to today. Canyon’s sire was bred by Frances Bryant and his dam was bred by Eve Oakley, all of whose stock was from Mrs. Bryant.

Mrs. Bryant loved the old Vermont Morgan and worked to preserve the traits of the original Morgans. Her first stock was of that Old Vermont blood, jealously protected and bred on by the stubborn Vermont horse folk who knew in their very blood and bones the old Morgans. Mrs. Bryant later added in Jubilee King and his daughter Paragraph, that golden producing mare. She said that she brought in this blood to get better legs and rear ends. Also brought with them was a more willing temperament and a kinder nature to help mellow the spark and fire of some of the Old Vermont lines, thus making a Morgan suitable for more people. The Jubilee King horses also gave a big sweeping round trot, heritage of Daniel Lambert in their sire lines. So from this blending of the two families, Lamberts and Old Vermont, came Mrs. Bryant’s horses.

But Mrs. Bryant was not doing anything new. For J. C. Brunk, that master breeder, had already been doing this, melding Daniel Lambert sires with Old Vermont mares of high percent. His mares existed before the name Lippitt was given to much of this family, but they were the same breeding as what was to become Lippitt, and usually from the same foundation stock. Brunk then danced the intricate dance of close breeding getting results that only a master can. From this came Jubilee King and Paragraph. Jubilee King became one of the most influential sires of the breed but sadly very few bred on his descendants in any sort of pure, intentional form so that today his name is usually just one more lost in a pedigree.

We are lucky today that Mrs. Bryant did breed him on with intent of preserving his best qualities and his bloodlines. And we are lucky that Eve Oakley, Caven-Glo Morgans, chose to get her foundation horses from Mrs. Bryant and then to carry on the work. Eve Oakley was a woman of integrity and ethics, breeding her horses carefully and careful to whom she sold them. However, most of her horses went to pleasure owners and not to breeders so that very little of her breeding has carried to today, and nearly none of it in pure form useable for today’s breeders. In the early 1980’s, Eve had to sell her last horses and she entrusted the mare Caven-Glo Topaz to The Quietude Stud who had the aged stallion Criterion. The two were put together and from this mating came Canyon, who was sold at birth to Natalie Goode, Small Town Morgans, who lived not too far from Eve Oakley. Natalie also had a mare from Eve, who came in foal. Eve became Natalie’s mentor while Natalie bred Morgans of Caven-Glo lines. And so it is through this thin line from Canyon that nearly all of Eve’s work comes to us now.

Fortunately, Canyon is very worthy of carrying on this heritage. His sire Criterion was a correct, baroque, stylish, wonderfully moving, well-tempered stallion who passed his traits on to his get. He was sired by the Jubilee King son, Jubilee’s Courage, bred by Mrs. Bryant. Mrs. Bryant chose the excellent Old Vermont mare Lippitt Robrita to go to Jubilee’s Courage, and got Criterion. Robrita’s sire, Lippitt Rob Roy, was noted for his get and his usability and good temperament. The mare Alrita, Robrita’s dam, was noted for her beauty, very long mane, correctness and her ability to produce fine foals. She carries two crosses to Daniel Lambert behind her, thus giving another mixture of the Lambert and Old Vermont lines.

Canyon’s dam, Caven-Glo Topaz, was a lovely, correct, kind mare in her own right. Her sire was the versatile, wonderful, handsome, correct, willing, sensible Cavendish, whom Eve rode, drove western and English and dressage, took to parades and promotions and trail rode too. Cavendish was a noted sire, passing his excellent traits to his get. He was a double grandson of Jubilee King, being by Jubilee’s Courage and out of Paragraph. Paragraph was a result of Brunk’s breathtaking dance of close breeding and a star broodmare.

The dam of Topaz, Caven-Glo Pandora, was another of Eve’s lovely correct mares. Her dam was Poppy Ashmore, bred by Mrs. Bryant and sired by Lippitt Ashmore and out of Jubilee’s Amber. Amber was also bred by Mrs. Bryant and was by Jubilee King and out of Townshend Lass, making her a full sibling to Jubilee’s Courage. Lippitt Ashmore was a kindly gentleman of a stallion, handsome and correct also. The sire of Caven-Glo Pandora was Caven-Glo Red Sails, another of Eve’s breeding and another who was very well tempered, handsome, correct, and stylish with substance. He, too, was a good sire, passing on his good traits. His dam was Jubilee’s Gloria, another of the Jubilee King x Townshend Lass crosses. She was Eve’s true love and companion. Eve worked cattle with her, did dressage, trail rode, showed, and Gloria did it all with style and grace. She died at the young age of 18 years in a horrible Southern California outbreak of a viral horse disease that killed many horses. Eve was heartbroken but could not stop to mourn as she was nursing other sick horses including Gloria’s daughter who did survive. Red Sail’s sire was Dorian Ashmore, he by Lippitt Ashmore and out of Spring Darling that grand producing broodmare. Spring Darling was by Springfield, another bred by Mrs. Bryant. He was by Lippitt Sam and out of Paragraph. Spring Darling’s dam was Townshend Lass. Dorian Ashmore, another of Mrs. Bryant’s breeding, was yet another stylish, correct, kind stallion who sired some good ones.

Canyon’s pedigree is one of depth and care, melding together for many generations the two families of Lambert and Old Vermont. His own traits are strongest for the Jubilee King look, movement, and temperament and he throws these Jubilee King traits consistently and truly, bringing the wonderful traits of Jubilee King to this century and for the future.

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