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CFF Texas Tea

CFF Texas Tea is a 2003 Smokey Black Morgan Mare that has just joined Old Growth Oak Morgans breeding program.  She is 14.2 hands with a glossy black coat.  Her sire is MEMC Tequila Cuervo and her dam is Kellys Blackfire.

Sold to EastWest Morgans

CFF Texas Tea’s OGO foals include: 

OGO EastWest Coast, 2009 Smokey Cream Colt 

CFF Texas Tea
MEMC Tequila Cuervo
Triple S Bald Eagle
Triple S Gold Eagle
Triple S Red Wind
Triple S Red Major
Red Madge
Triple S Goldusty
Mar-Los Colonel Hamtramck
Triple S Red Carmen
Blackwood Correll
Red Correll
Lady Rockwood
Ken Carmen
Twin Pines Sara
Elm Crest Squire
Hylees Torchlight
Illawana Marie
Broadwall St Pat
Mrs. O
Nugget Star
Hidden Nugget
Lolita May
Mortana Allie
Mortana Detta
Kellys Blackfire
Windswept Imperial
Dapper Dan
Katrilan Prince
Roseta May
Bess Gates
Gay Mac
Bessie Ro
Little Sweetheart
Mountcrest Sellman
Hels Chinquapina
Sun Down Morgan
Vistas Black Gold
Keers Jet Captain
Shawalla Man
Wilbur Nellie
Oaks Ebony Lady
Adams Black Oak
Modette Linsley
Star Gold
Sir Jonathan
Sir Linsley
Baby Dix
Bonny Jean
Montana Maid

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CFF Texas Tea
MEMC Tequila Cuervo X Kelly’s Blackfire
2003 Smoky Black Mare 

MEMC Tequila Cuervo ( Triple S Bald Eagle X Twin Pines Sara) is a 15.3 hand Cremello stallion who is strikingly handsome,and is the pride and joy of his breeder- MEMC Morgans. With good reason, for he is perfectly correct, with a wonderful disposition and temperament. He is , in this writer’s opinion, the best of the colorful Morgan stallions standing at stud currently. His sire is Triple S Bald Eagle by Triple S Gold Eagle out of the Blackwood Correll daughter Triple S Red Carmen. Bald Eagle has another line to Blackwood Correll through his sire, though it is quite a ways back on the pedigree. Triple S Gold Eagle is by Triple S Red Wind – the sire of Triple S Wings of Wind- Gold Eagle’s dam is Triple S Goldusty by Mar-Lo Colonel Hamtramck out of Lucie.
Triple S Red Wind, is listed as a 15.3 hand chestnut stallion. He was sired by Triple S Red Major, also bred by The Painters, again, a chestnut stallion, but with a lighter mane and tail. Red Major was by Blackwood Correll, a black stallion, 15.3 hands, bred by B. Wallace Mills of Nebraska. Blackwood Correll was sired by the legendary Red Correll. Red Correll was a dark chestnut stallion bred by C.G.Stevenson of Iowa. He sired 92 foals. In turn Red Correll was sired by Will Rogers. Will Rogers and Red Correll were upheaded horses with totally correct conformation , of great strength, stamina, and soundness. They are considered Pure Old Midwest breeding- as they should be coming from Iowa and Nebraska. The sire of Will Rogers was Herod Panic by Herod Golddusty. Again, this is Old Midwest breeding of the best sort. The line from Herod Panic and Herod Golddusty goes back to Black Hawk by Sherman Morgan, in the following order: Herod Golddusty by Winterset by Captain Jack, by Morgan Jack by Prince Herod by Hercules by Herod by King Herod by Sherman Black Hawk by Black Hawk by Sherman. The Herods were black horses of 15 hands , frequently 15.2 and weighing in the neighborhood of 1,200 lbs. They were a very solid, hard working , sane family.
The dam of Triple S Red Wind, was Red Madge. She was a 1968 chestnut mare. She produced seven foals, all carrying the Triple S prefix, and four of whom were by Red Major. The sire of Red Madge was Shawalla Major and her dam was Red Butie. Shawalla Major had a tail male sire line going back to Jubilee King through Juzan then his son Agazizz, then down to Silver Rockwood ( whose dam May Rockwood is also behind Blackwood Correll), to Rockfield. Rockfield was a very substantial horse who was the sire of 124 registered get. Silver Rockwood , sire of Rockfield, was a flaxen chestnut, as was his sire Agazizz ( Juzan X Gizea). This is Brunk breeding. Agazizz had 71 registered get . The dam of Rockfield was Katrina Field by Sonfield- out of Blazie Q by Querido out of Katrina. Katrina was linebred to Headlight Morgan on both her sire and dam’s sides. Headlight Morgan was at the heart of the famous Sellman breeding program. Katrina Field was bred by Roland Hill of California, as was her dam Blazie Q. Sonfield was by Mansfield out of Quietude by Troubadour of Willowmoor- who went back to Sherman Morgan.

It is the sire of Triple S Goldusty, Mar-Lo Colonel Hamtramck out of Cyclamen who brings in the first of the blood that is a bit different . Cyclamen was by Bennington out of Juno by Forester. Juno was out of Gertrude by General Gates, and her dam was the Daniel Lambert daughter Caroline. Cyclamen was a 1932 bay mare bred by the US Government Farm.
Mar-Lo Colonel Hamtramck was by Verran’s Laddie by Lippitt Moro Ash out of Ruthven’s Polly Ann. Ruthven’s Polly Ann was by Rajah out of Albena by Allen H by Ethan Allen 3rd. Rajah was by the US Goven’t Farm stallion Mansfield and his dam was Viola by General Gates- so Ruthven’s Polly Ann was about three quarters Goven’t Farm breeding. Albena on the other hand was bred by CC Stillman, and goes back to Sherman on her dam’s side and to Woodbury on her sire lines. As well as going back to Morrill and Cushing’s Green Mountain- Albena was Ancient Vermont Lineage.
Lippitt Moro Ash by Lippitt Moro out of Lippitt Sallie Ash combined the primary stallion’s of the Lippitt breeding program- Moro and Ashbrook. He was a chestnut with a lovely head and nicely balanced body. His dam Lippitt Sally Ash , and her dam Lippitt Sallie, have long been considered some of the most beautiful Lippitt mares. On the pedigrees of both Lippitt Moro Ash and Lippitt Sally Ash are found the most famous of Lippitt breeding names- Croydon Prince, Welcome, Dew of June, Billy Hoffman, Ethan Allen 3rd, Doll, Billy Roberts, Mountaineer and The Radway Horse. Both of them go back not only to Woodbury Morgan, but to Sherman Morgan as well. Moro was the sire of Lippitt Moro, and though he has been called “The Forgotten Lippitt” by some, he indeed has not been forgotten, but in recent times his blood has become highly treasured and prized for his contribution of beauty, bottom and elegance.
Beauty Panic , the dam of Highland Glen was all Old Midwest breeding. She was by Herod Panic out of Midnight Beauty. Herod Panic was also the sire of Will Rogers. Herod Panic’s sire Herod Golddusty was by Winterset, and Herod Panic’s dam- Midnight Beauty was by Winterset. Again, we see the concentration of Sherman Morgan’s blood. Miga who was the dam of Herod Panic was also by Winterset. She was another strongly bred Sherman Morgan horse, with a line to Golddust. It is much the same with Potena, dam of Midnight Beauty.
Triple S Red Carmen was the dam of Triple S Bald Eagle. She was by Blackwood Correll by Red Correll, out of Lita by the Jubilee King son Ken Carmen who was out of the Allen King daughter Heroda. Blackwood Correll’s dam was Lady Rockwood by Shenandoah Red by Red Correll- giving Blackwood Correll two close crosses to Red Correll. Not only was Shenandoah Red by Red Correll himself, but his dam, Shenandoah Queen was out of the beautiful Jubilee King daughter Rarette. Shenandoah Queen was by Shenandoah. Mar-Lo Colonel Hamtramck’s dam Cyclamen was all US Government Farm and carried the blood of Charles Reade who had three crosses to Black Hawk and was himself triple registered as Morgan, Saddlebred, and Standardbred. Allen King was a full brother to Penrod, the sire of Jubilee King.
Iyoksica was the dam of Silverton Morgan. She was bred by the Oglala Community HS in Pine Ridge , SD. She had some of the old Montana CX Larrabee breeding which was used and sought by ranchers in the area. Her sire was Highland Glen who was by Justin’s Silhouette X Beauty Panic. Highland Glen was by Justins Silhouette out of Sprite by Escort out of Nymph by Troubadour of Willowmoor. Both of Justins Silhouette’s parents go back to Sherman Morgan though Quintessence as well as going back to Golddust who went back to Gifford Morgan and to Sherman Morgan and is mentioned in the pedigree of Traveler’s Choice, dam of Red Racer. Sprite, on the other hand was bred by The Maxwell Lodge in WA, and later was owned by J.E. Rockwood of Kalispell , MT. She was a winning cow horse. Her sire was Escort who is old Government breeding, going back to General Gates three times in five generations. Sprite’s dam was Nymph by Troubadour of Willowmoor X Helen Gates by General Gates out of Caroline by Daniel Lambert . On the bottom side of Lady Rockwood’s pedigree there is mostly Government farm breeding, Rockwood by Bennington out of Caroline is there. Lady Rockwood’s dam was May Rockwood out of May Hudson by Dude Hudson, he going back to BlackHawk through Little Crow and Sherman BlackHawk. May Hudson’s dam was Hazel S. by Headlight Morgan and out of Diamond who also goes back to Sherman through BlackHawk via Ethan Allen 50. Through her dam, Diamond also carried the blood of Sherman and Woodbury breeding.
Triple S Goldusty’s dam was Lucie a beautiful palomino daughter of Silverton Morgan out of Iyoksica who is also the dam of Silverton Morgan. Silverton Morgan who was by Morgan Gold who was by Red Correll ( who was the sire of Blackwood Correll) . Morgan Gold’s dam was Luellen , a smoky black mare from the LU Sheep Co. Ranch in Wyoming. Luellen’s dam was Ethete by Flyhawk out of Sue, an unregistered daughter of Linspar who was by Linsley by General Gates and out of Sparbelle by Sparhawk- who goes back to King Herod by Sherman Black Hawk. Night Tide was the sire of Luellen. Night Tide was by Tiffany ( by Mansfield) out of the Allen King daughter Glenalla. Allen King’s blood goes back to Daniel Lambert via Ben Franklin and back to Jubilee De Jarnette twice. In addition Allen King went to Woodbury through the Wood’s Comet via the Crane Mare.
Ken Carmen, the sire of Lita, the dam of Triple S Red Carman, was by Jubilee King out of Heroda. She was by Allen King who was a full brother to Jubilee King’s sire Penrod. Heroda’s pedigree goes back to Daniel Lambert to Sherman Morgan on just about all sire lines save that of Tom Corwin who goes back to Gifford Morgan to Woodbury Morgan and which also contains Morrill who goes back to Bulrush Morgan. Ken Carmen was perhaps the tallest of the Jubilee King sons, standing at 16 hands, he was chestnut , described as Mahogany chestnut and is said to have sired palominos. Cressy was the dam of Lita, she was bred by JC Jackson, of Harrison, Montana. Cressy was sired by Found-At-Last, who was in turn sired by
Glen De Jarnette – who goes to Jubilee De Jarnette by way of the stallion Jupiter who was out of JC Brunk’s famous and very beautiful mare- Senata . Jupiter was bred by JC Brunk as well, and only left four progeny. Found-At-Last’s paternal granddam was Frances who goes to Daniel Lambert through Chetco, and Jubilee De Jarnette four times on her pedigree within three generations. Extremely concentrated Sherman blood here. Found-At-Last’s dam was Florence by Sangamo.
Found-At-Last was her only produce. Her sire Sangamo was out of Senata and by Dr. Strawn. Dr. Strawn was the grandson of the triple registered stallion Charles Reade who was by the BlackHawk grandson Woodward’s Ethan Allen. On the bottom side of her pedigree Florence was a BlackHawk great granddaughter.
Cressy’s dam was Pretty by Chief Bugler. Chief Bugler was bred by CX Larrabee of Home Park, Montana and later sold to JC Jackson who remained his owner till his death. Chief Bugler was by Tyee out of Gayla Girl. Both Tyee and Gayla Girl were sired by Jubilee De Jarnette and their respective dams were sired by Lambert Boy by Lambert Chief by Daniel Lambert. Both Jubilee De Jarnette and Lambert Boy were 15.3 hands and both had very good trotting time records. CX Larrabee was also the breeder of Troubadour who was the sire of Troubadour of Willowmoor, noted sire at the US Government Farm.
Twin Pines Sara was the dam of MEMC Tequila Cuervo. She was a palomino mare bred by Barbara Wilking of Bridgewater, South Dakota. At first glance her pedigree appears to be rather unrelated to that of Triple S Bald Eagle, Tequila Quervo’s sire.
But in reality it is not unrelated at all. Twin Pines Sara’s sire was Elm Crest Squire and her dam Mrs. O. Elm Crest Squire was by Hylee’s Torchlight. Torchlight was by Torchfire who was by Senator Graham out of Jubilee Joy. Senator Graham was by Senator Knox, the son of Knox Morgan and Senata. Senator Graham’s dam was the JC Brunk bred mare Fanita. She by Tiffany by Mansfield- US Government Farm again. Fanita’s dam was Benita by Knox Morgan out of Ben’s Daisy by Ben Franklin by Daniel Lambert. Torchfire’s dam -Jubilee Joy- was out of Jubilee King’s full sister Sentola and sired by Flyhawk by Go Hawk by Sunny Hawk, who carried the Bulrush Morgan line of descent through Morrill Queen behind Bombo- Flyhawk’s paternal granddam. In fact Bombo combined the Sherman blood through her three crosses to King Herod with that Bulrush blood. Flyhawk’s dam was Florette- the daughter of Florence Chandler who was a daughter of Knox Morgan and out of JC Brunk’s Senata. She was a full sister to Senator Knox , the sire of Senator Graham. Florette’s sire was Allen King- the full brother to Jubilee King’s sire Penrod.
The dam of Hylee’s Torchlight was Illawana Marie. She was sired by Cherokee Gilmore out of Illawana Lady. Cherokee Gilmore was by Highview King, a Jubilee King grandson by King De Jarnette who was out of Deura by Senator Knox out of the Penrod daughter Penala. Penrod was the sire of Jubilee King, and the nephew of Allen King. Penala’s dam was Galva by Billy Herod- going back to King Herod. Penala was out of Chista a daughter of Chetco by Ben Franklin, and out of Lucy by Billy Bodette- more Sherman Morgan blood indeed. Penrod carried Ben Franklin, Jubilee De Jarnette and Billy Bodette as well as Tom Corwin who went back to Gifford Morgan and who is behind Ken Carmen who is behind Triple S Red Carmen.
The dam of Highview King was Sentola, the full sister to Jubilee King. This is the sire line of Cherokee Gilmore . Familiar names behind perhaps not so familiar names on the pedigree of Twin Pines Sara. Mallow was the dam of Cherokee Gilmore. Mallow was bred by the LU Sheep Company , her sire was Linspar by Linsley- US Government Farm breeding – Linsley was by General Gates out of the Headlight Morgan daughter Sunflower Maid.
Mallow’s dam was Larkspur by Flyhawk. Larkspur was out of a daughter of Morgan Patch who traced to Dan Patch , a trotting bred stallion.
Illawana Marie’s dam was Illawana Lady. Illawana Lady was by Captain Red , a son of Juban by Jubilee King X Jeanne. Jeanne was another of the JC Brunk bred mares. She was a double Charles Reade mare, with a line to Knox Morgan, a line to Senata, and multiple lines to Daniel Lambert. Her paternal granddam was Mrs. Lewis, who was the dam of the Jubilee King son, McAllister. The dam of Captain Red was Gizea by Go Hawk out of the Knox Morgan daughter Liza Jane. Liza Jane was a black mare with a silver gray tail, and a mare whose name is always a very good thing to have on a pedigree as she was not only a beautiful mare but a very strongly bred mare who passed on her quality to all her family. For in addition to being a Knox Morgan daughter she was a granddaughter of both Allen Franklin, sire of Penrod and Allen King as well as being a granddaughter of the lovely Senata. Liza Jane was one of the most famous of the JC Brunk bred mares.
The dam of Illawana Lady was Illawana Ruby by Hiro- by Tiffany out of King De Jarnette’s dam- Deura. Illawana Ruby’s dam was Nala by Go Hawk out of Penala- again we see a repeat of the Brunk breeding pattern- Knox Morgan, Daniel Lambert, Mansfield.
The dam of Elm Crest Squire, sire of Twin Pines Sara, was Gidget. Gidget was by Broadwall St. Pat out of Milady by Fillmore- who was by Mansfield out of Narissa a daughter of Troubadour of Willowmoor. Milady’s dam was Maroon who was by Highview King out of the LU Sheep Company mare Sox. Sox was by Linspar out of Nancy by Flyhawk. This is breeding of the same pattern as that of Mallow behind
Cherokee Gilmore.
Broadwall St. Pat on the other hand, does not follow this exact pattern of breeding. He was a son of the renown stallion Parade. Parade was bred by J Cecil Ferguson of Rhode Island. Parade was a National Grand Champion stallion, and sired 153 get. Parade toured the country with The Spanish Riding School in 1964. He was a dark chestnut stallion. Parade was sired by Cornwallis who was bred by CA Stone of New Hampshire. Cornwallis’s influence on the Morgan breed cannot be underestimated at all. Sealect was the sire of Cornwallis, and the dam of Cornwallis was Cornwall Lass. Sealect’s sire line goes Sire Ethan Allen, Ethan Allen 3rd,,Ethan Allen 2nd, back to Peter’s Morgan, and on to Gifford Morgan, son of Woodbury Morgan.
The dam of Sealect was Bell Marea she by Knox Morgan out of The Underwood Mare who goes back to Gifford Morgan again.
Cornwall Lass has very similar breeding, primarily Woodbury Morgan family, with the addition of Morrill who takes us back to Bulrush Morgan. These lines of Broadwall St Pat’s pedigree are Old New England breeding or Ancient Vermont Lineage as it is sometimes called today.
Parade’s dam was the highly respected mare Mansphyliss. She was by Mansfield out of Paragraph a noted Jubilee King daughter whose dam was Nella by Allen King out of the gray tailed Liza Jane.
Broadwall St Pat’s dam was the beautiful Lippitt Georgia bred by Robert L Knight of Rhode Island. Her breeding is very similar to that of Mar-Lo Colonel Hamtramck in that she had lines to both Ashbrook and Moro as well as to Billy Roberts, Billy Hoffman, and Billy Folsum back to Sherman Morgan. She also had the blood of another very well known Lippitt mare- NeKomia whose dam Bridget carried many lines back to Woodbury Morgan as well as a line to Sherman through Mountaineer, who also had a Woodbury line.
The dam of Twin Pines Sara was the palomino Mrs. O a mare of strong US Government Farm breeding. Mrs. O was by the palomino stallion Nugget Star out of the chestnut mare Mortana Allie. Mortana Allie was bred by the Jackson Morgan Ranch. Nugget Star was by Hidden Nugget X Lolita May. Hidden Nugget was by the Revere son, Ringlings Revere- bred by Clark Ringling of Lovelock, NV. Revere was a pure Government bred stallion by Mansfield out of Folly by Bennington, the sire of Mansfield. Ringlings Revere was out of Anneka Revere also by Revere and therefore half sister to Ringlings Revere. Anneka Revere’s dam was Anneka Van Horn by Dewey by General Gates out of The Lovely One by Dewy. So here is close inbreeding to the US Government Farm foundation stallions. Lolita May was by Silver CA a son of Tehachapie Allen by Manfield’s full brother Querido. The dam of Silver CA was Margett L by Linsley out of Donbelle. Again, pure Government breeding. One of two lines on this side of the pedigree that were not Government breeding was through Tehachapie Allen’s dam Tab. She was a Sellman bred mare by Texas Allen out of Birdie a daughter of Major Antoine. The other non-Government line was that of Lolita May’s dam who was the Ken Carmen daughter Carmela , she was out of Fan R.M. by Sellman bred Romanesque.
Mortana Allie was by Senatefield, a son of the Champion stallion Trophy’s full brother Fleetfield . Senatefield was out of the LU mare Parka by Senator Graham who went back to Knox Morgan. Parka was out of Lupine by Plains King out of Mallow- who we have mentioned earlier. The dam of Mortana Allie was Mortana Detta by the Sonfield son Rosefield . Mortana Detta was out of Detta by Delbert out of Etta by Chief Bugler. Delbert’s dam was the Sellman mare Alibirdie a Red Oak granddaughter out of the Headlight Morgan daughter Birdie K. This then is the background of Twin Pines Sara.
Kelly’s Blackfire bred by John and Regina Dorman of Garnerville, Nevada is sired by Windswept Imperial out of Vista’s Black Gold. Windswept Imperial was sired by California bred, and well known Dapper Dan out of the Antman daughter Little Sweetheart. Dapper Dan , sire of 108 Morgan foals, was a bay stallion , 14.1 hands, and many time show winner. He was sired by Trilson and out of Bess Gates. Bess Gates was by Gay Mac out of Bessie Ro by Querido. Trilson was sired by Katrilan Prince who was bred by the Hearst Sunical Land and Packing Co. of California. Katrilan Prince’s dam was Princess Allan by Querido X Tab. Trilson’s dam was Roseta May by Sonfield out of Roseta Mala. Already we see a pattern emerging- that of the blending of Old California blood with that of Querido of US Government Farm breeding. Katrilan Prince was by Katrilan out of Princess Allan by Querido. Katrilan was by Uhlan by Bennington . Katrilan was bred by WR Hearst of California. His dam was Katrina C by Querido out of the Sellman bred Red Oak daughter-Rokit. Uhlan’s dam was Poinsetta. Poinsetta was by Troubadour of Willowmoor out of Babe by Bob Morgan. Uhlan was US Government Farm bred. Babe by Bob Morgan, on his side of the pedigree goes back to both Sherman and Woodbury. On Babe’s dam’s side – Babe’s dam was the Coe Mare- she goes back to Sherman through Daniel Lambert and via Cobden ( sire of the Coe Mare) she has Red Robin by Justin Morgan as well. Babe also has two lines to Ethan Allen by BlackHawk. This makes Poinsetta , dam of Uhlan especially rich in Sherman blood through Ethan Allen on both sides, as well as Daniel Lambert, and his line to Jubilee De Jarnette – on Troubadour of Willowmoor’s pedigree. Uhlan being by Bennington by General Gates was a tail male Sherman bred horse. Going from the past to the more present, the dam of Katrilan Prince- Princess Allan was by Querido and her dam was the Sellman bred mare Tab . Tab was by Texas Allen out of Birdie by Major Antoine. Texas Allen was by Easter Allen Morgan, a son of Headlight Morgan. Easter Allen’s dam was Bessie Morgan by Flying Morrill. The Morrills went back to Bulrush Morgan. Bessie Morgan’s dam was Sunrise who went back to both Woodbury and to Sherman. Tab’s dam Birdie by Major Antoine was out of Dolly Bonner by Old Jordan who was said to be Morgan. Major Antoine was by Meteor Jr by Meteor. Major Antoine’s dam was Molly Lee by General Lee. On both sides of Major Antoine’s pedigree he goes back over and over to Sherman Morgan through BlackHawk. He did have a couple of lines to Woodbury via Gifford, and one to Brutus by Justin Morgan through his dam Molly Lee. Roseta May was the dam of Trilson. Roseta May was by Sonfield out of Roseta Mala. Roseta May was bred by Roland G. Hill, her dam Roseta Mala was also bred by Hill. Sonfield was sired by Mansfield out of Quietude by Troubadour of Willowmoor. Sonfield was bred by the US Government Farm, and purchased by Roland G. Hill after a purchase by another party fell through. Sonfield was the sire of an astonishing two hundred thirty six registered Morgan foals. Quietude’s dam was Ruth a mare of primarily Sherman blood carrying Billy Root, Billy Bodette, Billy Folsum and Billy Roberts as well as Royal Morgan, The Streeter Horse and Ethan Allen II. She did have lines to Woodbury as well, through Gifford via Hale’s Green Mountain Morgan to Gifford by Woodbury. Roseta May was the dam of thirteen Morgan foals. Her dam, Roseta Mala produced five Morgan foals. Roseta Mala was by Joaquin Morgan. Joaquin Morgan was bred by Elmer Brown of Halstead, Kansas, and sold to Roland G. Hill . He sired thirty three Morgan foals. Joaquin Morgan was by the Sellman bred Romanesque out of Margett L. Romanesque was by Red Oak out of Mariah K. Mariah K was by Headlight Morgan out of Sweet Marie by The Admiral. The Admiral was by Jubilee De Jarnette out of Morrill Queen who carried the Bulrush blood Sellman so often used. The Admiral and his daughters represents ‘core’ Sellman breeding- combining all three major Justin Morgan sons. Margett L was bred by Elmer Brown. Margett L was sired by Linsley out of Donbelle. Linsley was by General Gates out of Sunflower Maid by Headlight Morgan out of Fanny P.
Headlight Morgan went back to Woodbury primarily, with Black Hawk present on a line, and Fanny P by Julian Morgan by Winnebago Chief out of a daughter of Flying Morrill- went back primarily to Bulrush Morgan with fewer lines to Woodbury Morgan and a line to Sherman. Donbelle on the other hand, was of what we call Ancient Vermont breeding and she was about a half and half mix of Woodbury and Sherman Morgan. Donbelle was by Donald out of Belle C Graves. Donald was by Ethan Allen II out of Fanny by Ethan Allen III. Belle C. Graves was by Billy Roberts – who went back to Billy Root by Sherman- out of the Hudson Mare who went back to Sherman top and bottom.

The dam of Roseta Mala was Hemala, who was the dam of seventeen Morgan foals.. Hemala was a Sellman bred mare by Headlight Morgan out of Baby Lu. Baby Lu was pure Sellman being by The Admiral by Jubilee De Jarnette out of Emma Antoine by Major Antoine out of Topsy by Major Gordon. Major Gordon was by Octoroon Jr by Octoroon, by Comet by Chittendon County Morgan by Putnam Morgan by Woodbury Morgan. There is a line to Bulrush Morgan through the Chittendon County Morgan and a line to Chanticleer by Justin Morgan through the Putnam Morgan as well. Topsy was out of an Octoroon daughter. Bess Gates was the dam of Dapper Dan, sire of Windswept Imperial. Bess Gates was by Gay Mac out of Bessie Ro. Bessie Ro was bred by Roland G. Hill. Gay Mac was US Government Farm bred by Mansfield out of Dewdrop. Dewdrop was by General Gates out of Ellen. Ellen was by Rocky Mountain out of the Lamb Mare by Young Benedict Morrill. Young Benedict Morrill was by Benedict Morrill going back to Bulrush through Morrill , by the Jennison Colt by Randolph Morgan by Bulrush, on the dam’s side of the top line of the Lamb Mare’s pedigree there is a daughter of Gifford, so she also had a Woodbury cross. Rocky Mountain, sire of Ellen was by Motion by Daniel Lambert.
Rocky Mountain’s dam was Alice who went back to Sherman through a lesser known son called Fox, who was the sire of Hoagland’s Gray Messenger, grandsire of Alice, and sire of her sire- Young America. Bessie Ro, dam of Bess Gates, was by Querido out of Roboss. Roboss was Sellman bred. Roboss was by Red Oak out of Bossie A.
Red Oak was by General Gates out of Marguerite. Marguerite was by White River Morgan out of the John P. Marsh mare who was by the Crocker Horse who was Sherman bred top and bottom of his pedigree. White River Morgan was by Neshobe who was a Woodbury, through Gifford, Sherman bred stallion. Bossie A , was another pure Sellman mare, being by Major Antoine out of a Major Gordon daughter.
This is the sire side of the pedigree of Windswept Imperial- unusually heavy in Sellman blood which is hard to find today in this concentration.
Little Sweetheart was Windswept Imperial’s dam. Little Sweetheart was sired by Antman and out of Hels Chinquapina. Antman was by Mountcrest Sellman out of Pontez. Pontez was a Morab mare by Antez out of the Morgan mare Pondette. Antez, her sire went back to Deyr, one of the original Arabian imports into this country, a Davenport import, and a very famous , highly regarded stallion. Pontez was bred by WR Hearst of California. Pondette was bred by Roland G. Hill and was sired by Pongee Morgan out of Sellman bred Roda by Red Oak out of Daisy A. Daisy A. was by Major Antoine out of Nellie Gordon by Major Gordon. Pongee Morgan was by Brunk bred Allen King , who was a full brother to Penrod, sire of Jubilee King. Allen King by Allan Franklin out of Black Bess. Allan Franklin by Jasper Franklin by Ben Franklin by Daniel Lambert. Jasper Franklin was out of Twilight, a Daniel Lambert daughter. Strong concentration indeed of Daniel Lambert blood.
Black Bess was Jubilee De Jarnette- more Daniel Lambert blood here, and out of the John Hoover mare who was by Tom Corwin and had the blood of Sherman, Woodbury, and Bulrush through Black Hawk, Gifford Morgan and Morrill. Galva was the dam of Pongee Morgan, she was by Billy Herod out of Chista the Ben Franklin granddaughter who also carried more Sherman through Billy Bodette.
Mountcrest Sellman, sire of Antman, was a very prominent Sellman bred stallion. He was by Joe Bailey out of Kitty E by The Admiral X Puss by Gold Medal out of Mollie Gordon by Major Gordon. Gold Medal was by Meteor Jr out of a mare by General Lee. Gold Medal and Major Antoine were half brothers and more actually since both their dams were by General Lee. Joe Bailey was by Headlight Morgan out of Polly B by The Admiral out of Polly Antoine by Major Antoine. Once again here is Sellman’s classic blending of all three major Justin Morgan sons- Bulrush, Sherman, and Woodbury.
Hels Chinquapina brings in more Bulrush and more Sherman blood being by Sun Down Morgan out of Bubbles by Juzan. The Hels prefix stands for Hugh E. Logan of Glendale, California. Sun Down Morgan was one of the last tail male Bulrush stallion’s in modern times. He was by Raven Chief and out of Texsky. Sun Down Morgan gained prominence in California as a Parade horse, a Stock horse and a Trail horse, owned and ridden by Merle Little , he was widely known and admired. His sire Raven Chief was by Morgan Chief out of the Sellman mare Baby Girl by the Admiral out of Lulu A by Major Antoine- more Bulrush blood indeed as well as more Jubilee De Jarnette. Morgan Chief was by Chief Morgan out of Mr. Parks Mare who was by Flying Morrill- more Bulrush blood. Julian Morgan was the sire of Chief Morgan and his sire Winnebago Chief, like Flying Morrill was a Morrill grandson. Morrill being by The Jennison Colt by Randolph Morgan by Bulrush Morgan. Lady Gipsy was the dam of Julian Morgan , she being by Colby’s Young Green Mountain who was a Woodbury horse on his sire side, but a Bulrush horse on his dam’s side carrying the blood of Morrill. Morgan Chief , who was the sire of Raven Chief, had as his dam Maude Morgan. Maude was also by Julian Morgan out of Bessie Morgan who was by Flying Morrill.
Texsky, dam of Sun Down Morgan, was another Sellman bred mare, she was sired by Texas Allen out of Frisky. Texas Allen was by Easter Allen Morgan by Headlight Morgan out of Bessie Morgan who was the dam of Maude Morgan and also the dam of Texas Allen. In other words Bessie Morgan was the dam of Texas Allen, Easter Allen Morgan and Maude Morgan. Frisky was by Meteor Jr. out of Frisky Jane by Major Gordon. Rather tight breeding here for sure, but that is what made the Sellman program what it was.
Bubbles by Juzan was out of Aleada. Both Juzan and Aleada were by Jubilee King. Juzan being out of Liza Jane by Knox Morgan and Aleada being out of Ruby De Jarnette by Allen King. Again, close breeding, this time going back to Sherman via Daniel Lambert. Ruby De Jarnette brings in the very fast blood of Charles Reade through her dam, Mrs. Lewis. Charles Reade was the superb triple Registered Morgan, and very highly regarded in his day.
This is the pedigree of CCF Texas Tea, a young mare with great promise. She has inherited a legacy of soundness, beauty, sanity and the ability to work as well as great speed and athletic ability. Texas Tea has a legacy to be very proud of, full of illustrious ancestors and highly regarded breeding programs. She should be an excellent producer, and an excellent performer in any discipline.

Pedigree Analysis by:
Ina M. Ish,
August, 2008
Longstreet Consulting