Clarion of Quietude

June 3, 2008

This grand old stallion has a pedigree that is rare due to the fact that every horse on the fourth generation was registered in Registry Volume 5 or earlier; that volume ends with the year 1937. This is getting back to the old blood very quickly. With his sire line being that of Jubilee King and one other cross to that great stallion, Clarion has the true Lambert traits of magnificent correct three gaits, Baroque style, correct conformation, good looks, excellent sense and much willingness. Both his parents were bred by Frances Bryant who was continuing what J. C. Brunk started by bringing together the Lambert and Old Vermont Morgan families. With his strong pedigree, it is no surprise that Clarion gives to his get all his good traits which are also those of his ancestors.

*Clarion is now retired.

Clarion of Quietude’s foals include:

*Standing at Stud

Clarion of Quietude Criterion Jubilees Courage Jubilee King Penrod Allen Franklin
Black Bess A
Daisette Senator Knox
Daisy de Jarnette
Townshend Lass John A Darling Moro
Gladwin Ethan Allen 3rd
Lippitt Robrita Lippitt Rob Roy Lippitt Sam Ashbrook
Lippitt Sallie
Adeline Bundy Rob Roy
Rose of Sutton
Alrita Allansus Sir Ethan Allen
Rita Sir Ethan Allen
Dolly Ashmore Lippitt Ashmore Lippitt Ethan Ash Ashbrook Croydon Prince
Trilby Ethan Allen 3rd
Lippitt Sally Moro Lippitt Moro Moro
Croydon Mary
Lippitt Sally Ash Ashbrook
Lippitt Sallie
Spring Darling Springfield Lippitt Sam Ashbrook
Lippitt Sallie
Paragraph Jubilee King
Townshend Lass John A Darling Moro
Gladwin Ethan Allen 3rd
Clarion of Quietude
Owned by Laura Algranti
AMHA # 75807
(Criterion x Dolly Ashmore)
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and private use by Laura Stillwell Algranti.
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