Ember Bay Lady 1970 – 2000

June 3, 2000

Ember Bay Lady 1970 – 2000
by owner, Laura Algranti

By Moro Hills Medallion
Out of Rosemont Gay Melisa (Moro Hill Gay Ethan x Verdonna Vermont)

Bay Lady, also known as “Bright Eyes,” came into my life in the summer of 1980. I had become interested in the Lippitt Miss Nekomia horses for their beauty and their personality. Bay Lady, with two crosses to Miss Nekomia, was a true Nekomia horse and brought joy to my life for nearly 20 years. She was my first Morgan.

Her breeders, Bill and Judy George, had shown her as a weanling and yearling in halter classes at many local So. Calif. shows, often winning and always placing well. A divorce and subsequent loss of interest in showing left her just hanging-out although she had three foals with the Ember prefix. When I got her, she had never been ridden. She turned out to be a nice riding horse although she did prefer a prance to a flat walk.

In 1983, we were in the process of moving to the Sage/Red Mountain area where we have been ever since. Bay Lady was overdue to foal and a vet pronounced her far from any signs of immediate foaling; so that night, not even two hours after the vet left, she gave birth to SSM Cloud Dancer—who has been laughing at people ever since. Cloudy went on to do some showing in carriage driving, doing well at Morgan shows and taking a 4th place, out of some 20 entries, at the large open carriage show in Pomona one year. Cloudy now resides in Arizona, bringing joy to Judy Bergman.  Bay Lady had one other foal for us.

In late 1989, I leased Bay Lady to a teenage girl who was to keep her at a trainer’s. In 1990, I visited there and all seem well. Much to my surprise, two years after that I received a call from a lady who said she now “owned” Bay Lady and had traced me down as her breeder. It turned out that Monica had bought her for unpaid backboard at a boarding stable when the teenage girl had abandoned her there. Monica was a delightful person and loved Bay Lady so all was well again. In 1994, Monica wanted to retire Bay Lady with me as she needed a different horse now. So Bay Lady came home.

Bay Lady remained in feisty good health until the very end when pituitary gland trouble, which had been evidenced only by her very long hair coat, finally stopped her. On a beautiful spring morning, with a cool breeze, Dr. Daniel Heistand and I helped her to cross over. Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet Again, my beloved.

Laura Stillwell Algranti April five 2000
Sunrise Song Morgans

Photo taken Dec. 1981, Alta Loma, CA.