Higuera Bandido – A Little Red Horse That Did

August 2, 2011

The passing of A Little Red Horse that not only could but DID!
Higuera Bandido was the Morgan Stallion that started it all for OGO Morgan Horses.
Higuera Bandido embodied what the Morgan Heart is all about.
It was a very sad and somber Sat morning, May 28th 2011, that I got the call that Higuera Bandido was put down. Bandido was down and either didn’t want to get up, or couldn’t get up.  Ken Craig, Higuera Bandidos registered owner, and Arleen Guzzi, Higuera Bandidos caretaker for over 25 years, and the vet were in concurrence that it was time that Higuera Bandido was put to rest.

Bandido’s body was buried in Arroyo Grande very close to where the original ranch Sid Spencer had when she used him as a working horse and herd sire of her band of Morgan mares.  It was decided by Ken Craig and Arleen Guzzi to cut a lock of Higuera Bandido’s mane to send and be attached with his original registration papers.  This was in honor and tribute to the OGO Morgan Horse Foundation and Preservation Breeding Program and to insure Bandido’s valuable bloodlines continue  on in other fine Morgan Horses.  Higuera Bandido would have turned 40 years old on April of 2012.
It was with great sadness that I received the news that morning. I reflected back over all the memories that this Morgan stallion had created and put into motion for me with just the sparkle of his eyes and twinkle of his personality.  I remembered his never-ending goal of luring – whom ever was about, closer with a flip of his forelock and a low nicker of beckoning.

I remember writing the article of how Bandido and I met, “A Chance Encounter of a Lifetime”.   At the end of the article, I wrote this passage…

” the day is not far off…that I will get the dreaded phone call that Bandido has passed from this earth. No beautiful poems, or comforting words of running in greener pastures, will soothe my broken heart, then. And no reminder-of the amount of years he lived, will take away the sorrow that will descend upon me that day. The only place I will find comfort, will be in those-so few, beautiful, old bred Bandido babies that were born, or conceived, before his chapter in history turned. Through those precious few…all the beautiful things Bandido encompassed will carry on in this breed, called the Morgan Horse. And through them, the legacy of…Bringing the Best of the Past, into the Future…will continue”

That day came this year. The quote above proven true. My heart is only soothed by the knowing that Bandidos bloodlines will continue on.  Higuera Bandido’s son out of Circle H Merlita ,OGO Higuera Rio Bravo, has proven himself to be the one to continue that precious history through the sireline.  He has already been bred to some fine mares and produced exceptional foals.

Higuera Bandido daughters , grand daughters and grandsons awaiting thier turn to step up to the bar of quality to see if they exceed the measures of which it takes to carry on those lines.
Thank you Higuera Bandido for your bigger than life personality and heart. You are sorely missed but never to be forgotten by those that treasure what continues to be The Foundation Morgan , Americas Horse.

by Wendy LeGate
Owner, OGO Morgan Horses