Higuera Tinkerbelle

July 17, 2008

Tinkerbelle is sired by the wonderful Higuera Bandido and her dam’s pedigree nicely complements his pedigree. Tinkerbelle is mostly Western Working Family with some very good old Brunk and her dam brings in some of the Old Vermont blood and some of the older Government.

A beautiful black filly, OGO du Prix Provenance, was born to OGO Higuera Tinkerbelle at 5:00 am on Saturday Morning, February 26, 2005.  The sire of this filly is Caduceus Denver, a 16 hand black Morgan stallion.

OGO du Prix Provenance – Born – 2/26/2005


Higuera Tinkerbelle foals include: 

OGO du Prix Provenance 2005 filly 

Higuera Tinkerbelle Higuera Bandido Celebration Bonfire Senator Graham Senator Knox
Luscious Plains King
Black Dinah
Jubilee Joy Flyhawk Go Hawk
Sentola Penrod
Countess of Copper Kings Ransome Dickies Pride Flying Jubilee
Dawn Mist
Gay Jipsey Gay Mac
Jipsey Allen
Princess Sonfield Sonfield Mansfield
Princess Sabab Sabab
Princess Allan
Meadowvale Solo EFM Odin Ocland Ben Hur Casland Ben Don Kingston
Gra-Vand Del Roz
Helen of Troy Ulendon
Spring Breeze
Ginger Sonetta Dapper Dan Trilson
Bess Gates
Eco Sonita Silver C A
Sheik F S Sonoaka
Woodside Elegance Orcland Ben Hur Casland Ben Don Kingston
Gra-Vand Del Roz
Helen of Troy Ulendon
Spring Breeze
Woodside April Glory Beckridge Sunfield Sonfield
Woodside Rock Candy Rimrock
Vicki Vermont

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Higuera Tinkerbelle
(Higuera Bandido x Meadowvale Solo)

Tinkerbelle is sired by the wonderful Higuera Bandido (see Higuera Bandidos information on his page in the Stallion section), and out of Meadowvale Solo, a linebred mare with some good Eastern blood and good Western blood.

Both of Solo’s parents were sired by Orcland Ben Hur, a stallion purchased by Woodside Morgans of Pt. Reyes, Calif. where he went on to have 57 registered get. He was mostly bred to mares of the old Calif. lines to create a stylish using horse. His sire, Casland Ben Don was by the Upwey Ben Don son, Kingston, one of Ben Don’s best sons. Kingston was out of that lovely and good producing mare Junefield, of Government breeding. The dam of Casland Ben Don, Gra-Vand Del Roz, was all Merle Evan’s breeding, hence Government lines.

The dam of Orcland Ben Hur, Helen of Troy, was by Ulendon. Ulendon’s pedigree is three/fourths Old Vermont, with only his sire line, Bennington, being Government. So Ulendon brings the strength of the old Vermont mountain Morgans, bred to a pure standard. Helen of Troy’s dam, Spring Breeze, was by the Jubilee King son, Jubilee’s Courage who was out of the very high percent Old Vermont mare Townshend Lass. Spring Breeze was out of Springfield Penny, who was by Springfield, a son of Lippitt Sam and out of Paragraph, the Brunk bred daughter of Jubilee King. Springfield Penny was out of Luseaelct, a daughter of Sealect and a Troubadour of Willowmoor daughter. Jubilee’s Courage and Springfield were bred by Frances Bryant and Lusealect was owned by her for many years. Thus, we get some of the best of the Vermont breeding behind Helen of Troy, along with a nice dose of old Brunk.

In both cases in Solo’s pedigree, Orcland Ben Hur was bred to some very good old Western blood. Solo’s sire, EFM Odin, was out of Ginger Sonetta, a daughter of Dapper Dan, that scion of the California family of Western Working Morgans. Dapper Dan was a good blend of the old Government stallions brought west for use by ranchers—Gay Mac, Querido, Sonfield, Uhlan—and the Richard Sellman based mares bred to those studs. The dam of Ginger Sonetta, Eco Sonita, carries much the same blood as Dapper Dan and also brings in a touch of Elmer Brown’s Kansas breeding. Her sire was by Tehachapi Allen, bred in California sired by Querido and out of a Sellman mare, and his dam was a Linsley daughter of Brown’s. Sonita’s dam was by Sheik F, a Sonfield son out of the Morab Princess Saab, whose dam was a sister to Tehachapi Allen. Sonita’s dam was by Querido and out of a Sellman mare.

The dam of Solo, Woodside Elegance, was out of Woodside April Glory. April Glory is by the Washington bred Beckridge Sunfield, a son of Sonfield, and out of a Gay Mac mare out of a Querido and Sellman mare daughter. Sonfield was another prolific stallion having 61-registered get. April Glory was out of Woodside Rock Candy, a daughter of Rimrock and Vicki Vermont. Rimrock was from the LU Sheep Co. of Wyoming, and was by Highview King, who was a Jubilee King grandson, and out of Sentola, Jubilee King’s full sister. Rimrock was out of a Flyhawk daughter who was a Linsley granddaughter. Vicki Vermont was by the great Brunk bred, Jubilee King son, Red Vermont. Vicki Vermont then carries a special piece of California Morgan history through her dam line. Her dam Laydee was by Cuyamo, whose sire Redwood Morgan was Sellman bred, and whose dam was by the Brunk Pat Allen, and out of a Sellman mare. Cuyamo left very few registered Morgans but likely had many unregistered and part bred get as he was promoted heavily in the San Joaquin Valley by his owner, even being advertised as being trucked to the mare, instead of the mare having to come to him. Laydee’s dam was Lady, a granddaughter of Pat Allen and out of a mare said to be from stock which first came to California in the 1800’s. This seems to be our only known line from those very first Morgans. This mare was bred by J. B. Haggins of Kern County, one of the early importers of Morgans to this state.

In Tinkerbelle, we have an example of the dam being bred to a stallion that has the best of her best lines. Many of the same horses will be found behind both Bandido and Solo’s mare lines. Then through the mare lines of Solo’s sire, will be found some excellent Brunk breeding and excellent Old Vermont breeding both of which complement the Western Working lines of the rest of the pedigree.

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