OGO Bellota Del Oro

May 10, 2007

An absolutely lovely filly who will be a grand trail partner and family friend. She has a grand Western Working Family pedigree and breeding to her has been retained.


Click HERE to view Bellota’s extended bloodline info at birth.  OGO Bellota Del Oro – 2003 Filly

OGO Bellota Del Oro’s OGO foals include:

OGO Primavera Red Oak, 2008 Colt

OGO Bellota Del OroPrimavera ValdezPrimavera VaqueroVaquero MacRo MacGay Mac
Bessie Ro
Oh-Cees GiftMontabell
Jane Abbey
Panzarita RoRo MacGay Mac
Bessie Ro
Gay BertaGay Mac
Roberta Ro
Tia MargaritaTio LaloMahan FieldSonfield
Helen Mala
PalomesaMidnite Sun
Baby O
Gay BertaGay MacMansfield
Roberta RoQuerido
WoodRose KatrinaWindswept ImperialDapper DanTrilsonKatrilan Prince
Roseta May
Bess GatesGay Mac
Bessie Ro
Little SweetheartAntmanMountCrest Sellman
Hels ChinquapinaSun Down Morgan
PongataPongee Morgan
WenonahRedmanMountcrest Sellman
Red Dot
Mormans Red LadyLippitt Morman
Red Lady

Click HERE to view Bellota’s extended bloodline info at birth.  OGO Bellota Del Oro – 2003 Filly

More Pictures:  View Bellota’s Photo Gallery