OGO Castle El Spar Carmel – 2007

August 19, 2007

OGO Castle El Spar Carmel is by Vining Lamar out of Castle Monterey.  Carmel is a chestnut filly born on May 25th, 2007.  She has tons of flaxen in her tail.

Carmel now lives at Beautifully Balanced Morgans with Val Cabaniss as a Foundation Morgan mare.


OGO Castle El Spar Carmel’s OGO foals include: 

*young filly 

OGO Castle El Spar Carmel Vining Lamar El Spartez El Cortez Romanesque Red Oak
Mariah K
Viola Linsley Linsley
Princess Spar Sparbeau Linsley
Princess Sabab Sabab
Princess Allan
Flicks Emily Shawalla Buck Memphis Beau Brummell Sparbeau
Memphis Belle
Bettina Allen Tehachapi Allan
Delight L
Shawalla Kitty Silver Rockwood Agazizz
May Rockwood
Nespelem Betty Chilocco Star
Bonny Jean
Castle Monterey Wests Bay King California King Duke Winnemucca
Roseta Cortez
Clovernette Cloverman
Lady Gay Blackman Redman
Gay Jipsey Gay Mac
Jipsey Allen
Castle Ann Oakley Ramona Black Hedlites Rudy T Hedlite
Piedmont Rosemarie
Daisy Sonfield Sonfield
Raisy D
Toy Ann Muscle Man Trilson
Anita Blossom Sonfield
Blossom E

More Pictures:  View Torre’s Photo Gallery 



OGO Castle El Spar Carmel
(Vining Lamar x Castle Monterey)
2007 Chestnut Filly