OGO Primavera Tough Stuff – 2006

August 10, 2006

WoodRose Katrina had her foal by RanchBoss Cortez!  She had a tenacious buckskin colt.

Read the story of we lost Katrina and Tough Stuff below.

2006 Buckskin Colt
  RanchBoss Cortez x WoodRose Katrina


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A Sad Farewell WoodRose Katrina & OGO Primavera ToughStuff

Monday, November 6th, 2006

WoodRose Katrina and her foal OGO Primavera ToughStuff went to those Greener pastures together today.


Toughie had over come each hardship that was put in front of him with good humor and plenty of spunk. To say that ToughStuff had personality was an understatement he was so much like his Dam WoodRose Katrina in that respect.

This morning I heard a noise that just didnt sound right so as always up I got with the flash light to make the rounds to make sure everyone was doing well. As I came to Katrina and Toughies space I saw that Toughie was cast and with all the signs of an impaction or a twisted intestine.  I got him back on his feet and observed him and could tell that he was in discomfort. I checked his gums and they seemed ok but when I looked at Katrinas udder I could see she was engorged so I knew Toughie hadnt been nursing as he normally would.

I gave Toughie some pain meds and called the vet they said to watch him and see if he would pass any manure nurse or drink water until they could get there. Although Toughie did seem to feel better after the pain meds he didnt eat or nurse or drink any water or go to the bathroom and as time went on became painful again. Another call to the vet and they were out in a matter of minutes. After the initial exam it was what I had feared, a severe impaction or worse yet a twisted intestine. The vet said that Toughie might have the best chance if we got him to the hospital and did surgery but at the very least he needed to come to the hospital and be on IVs and be tubed with liquids and oil for any chance at all which in her opinion was really no chance at all. Her professional opinion was that he wouldnt make it and even if he did this would happen again.

I faced the decision I had been trying to avoid or at least delay and that was what to do for Katrina, without her foal she would grieve for months weaning her foals had always been an agony for her but in her current condition it would have just been torture as this wouldnt be weaning it would death and without a doubt I knew Katrina would not be able to withstand it.

 I had been nursing Katrina along day by day knowing full well her time on this earth was short. Katrina loved being a mother so much that before I got her she once stole a calf away from a momma cow. She fought the cow for her calf and after she won she nursed that calf as if it were her own. When the calf was taken away they both had to be roped and dragged away from each other when Katrina was released she promptly broke through fences to get back to her baby calf and by then the Momma cow knew what she was up against so didnt even put up a fight. The mother cow and calf had to be trailered away in the end. For Katrina having a baby was her best joy in life and to take Toughie from her would have been inhumane.

I had Katrina sedated and put down before her foal was so that her last sight and smell would be of her foal and the last things she would hear is me telling her that I loved her, Toughie was already sedated and was put down right afterwards.

WoodRose Katrina holds a very special place in my heart forever as she was the center of my breeding program and produced what I would consider the ideal but more than that her intelligence and personality was in a nutshell delightfully entertaining and amazing. She was not a mare that trusted everyone she took each persons measure and made her decision slowly. She loved and trusted me with no reservation what an honor to have such a thing from such a grand and beautiful mare, I will never forget her and I will always miss her.

Goodbye my beautiful girl.

WoodRose Katrina 9/17/82 – 11/6/06