OGO WindSwept Soleil – 2002

May 10, 2002

OGO WindSwept Soleil is a promising young stallion showing the good traits of his parents and ancestors. He is even tempered, sensible, calm, easy to get along with, correct, handsome and has good movement. His heritage is one of working and using horses, mostly bred for ranch use by people who needed good working horses and who knew what made that in a horse. His pedigree has much of the old California blood, going back to Richard Sellman’s breeding. He also has some of the good old Brunk breeding, especially that of Red Vermont. To add to the mix, he has some good lines back to Old Vermont and Old Midwest families. The same breeding repeats in his pedigree on both sides, giving balance and strength to his heritage. He brings to today, the valuable traits treasured by horseman of the past.

2002 Palomino Colt
CanDon Joshua Danny x Woodrose Katrina

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OGO WindSwept Soleil

OGO WindSwept Soleil CanDon Joshua Danny Shatona Karzan Tio Lalo Mahan Field Sonfield
Helen Mala
Palomesa Midnite Son
Baby O
Twinkle Star Starstone Senator Graham
Belle Meade Townshend Gaymeade
Dannys Dutchess Danny Easter Vermont Louie Smith Easter Vermont
Lou Lotty
Starlette B Easter Vermont
Blossom F
Broadwall Linda Lou Broadwall Patrician Broadwall St. Pat
Broadwall Susie Q
Texas Lyn Silver Ranger
WoodRose Katrina Windswept Imperial Dapper Dan Trilson Katrilan Prince
Roseta May
Bess Gates Gay Mac
Bessie Ro
Little Sweetheart Antman Mountcrest Sellman
Hels Chinquapina Sun Down Morgan
Tacinca Rusty Eprus Escort
Pongata Pongee Morgan
Wenonah Redman Mountcrest Sellman
Red Dot
Mormans Red Lady Lippitt Morman
Red Lady



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2002 Palomino Stallion
CanDon Joshua Danny x Woodrose Katrina
Introductory Stud fee for 2006 $500.00
Live Cover, AI, Cooled Shipped services available.  STP #009004
Mare Care $10 per day
Mare with foal at side $12 per day

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OGO WindSwept Soleil
AMHA #161951
(CanDon Joshua Danny x WoodRose Katrina)
2002 Palomino Stallion

OGO WindSwept Soleil’s pedigree is mostly Western Working Family with some of that going back to old Brunk breeding and the non-WWF part being high percent Old Vermont lines. The WWF is mostly that of the Old California branch of the family and the rest comes from Wyoming and Kansas.

Soleil’s Sire—

Soleil’s sire, CanDon Joshua Danny, is a correct, handsome, sensible, well-tempered palomino that has proved himself as a working horse. While in Canada he was shown Western, English and Dressage, doing well in all endeavors. Now he is helping to start colts, ponying them, being the helping saddle horse for first rides, and general all around using horse for Jo Johnson, Tivy Valley, CA. He has passed on his good looks, correctness, and steady mind to Soleil.

Josh’s sire is Shatona Karzan, a paternal brother to the well-known sire Californio. Karzan was a sire of note and comes from pure WWF lines. His sire was the good Tio Lalo (Mahan Field x Palomesa). Mahan Field, bred by Roland Hill, was of classic Hill breeding, being sired by Sonfield and out of a Querido daughter who was out of a Richard Sellman bred mare by Headlight Morgan. Palomesa, bred in California, was by a sire bred in California and out of an old Midwest line mare going to Will Rodgers. Midnite Sun, Palomesa’s sire, was by Sun Down Morgan, that handsome Baroque stallion of Sellman breeding. Midnite Sun’s dam was from Wyoming’s L. U. Sheep Co. Ranch and goes back to the Brunk bred Night Tide and on the dam side a Flyhawk daughter bred to Linspar (Linsley x Sparbelle—Old Midwest and Old Vermont).

Twinkle Star, the dam of Shatona Karzan, was another from the L. U. Sheep Co. Her sire was by Senator Graham and out of Flyette, who was the result of breeding Flyhawk to his daughter Juliette whose dam was by Flyhawk’s sire, Go Hawk. Twinkle Star’s dam Belle Meade, was by Townshend Gaymeade, by the Government stallion Meade and out of Gayselba, sired by Gay Mac who later came to California to play a part in the WWF family. Gayselba was out of Ulyselba, by Ulendon who was the Bennington x Artemisia cross, found in Roland Hill’s Government stallions Querido and Sonfield. Ulyselba’s dam Melba has a rare line to Old Vermont Morgans through her parents. Belle Meade was out of a Senator Graham daughter who was out of a mare by Linspar and out of a Flyhawk daughter.

It can be seen that the pedigree of Shatona Karzan has very similar lines throughout. The breeding behind him will be repeated in other parts of Soleil’s pedigree, thus giving the entire pedigree a good theme of breeding.

Josh’s dam was by Danny Easter Vermont, that hauntingly handsome and Baroque stallion who was a double grandson of Easter Vermont; there was a third cross to Easter Vermont thru the sire side since Danny’s sire was the result of breeding Easter Vermont to his daughter Lou Lotty. Easter Vermont was sired by the great Brunk bred Red Vermont by Jubilee King. The mare lines behind Danny, Nona and Blossom F, were California bred ranch horses going to Richard Sellman’s breeding. Nona, the dam of Easter Vermont, was a double granddaughter of Raven Chief who came from Kansas and Sellman breeding. On the bottom mare line of Nona is Texsky, dam of Sun Down Morgan found behind Josh’s sire Shatona Karzan. Blossom F was by Sonfield and out of a Querido daughter, with the mare line going back to Sellman and Headlight Morgan.

The dam of Danny’s Dutchess was Broadwall Linda Lou, bred in Rhode Island but of mostly WWF. She was a result of the good Kansas mares that Cecil Ferguson bought and shipped to Rhode Island to breed to his stallion Parade who was by Cornwallis (Old Vermont lines) and out of Mansphyllis (Mansfield x Paragraph by Jubilee King). Parade bred to Lippitt Georgia gave Broadwall St. Pat. When Pat was bred to Broadwall Susie Q, the result was Broadwall Patrician, sire of Broadwall Linda Lou. Susie Q. was by the Government stallion Panfield but came from Panfield’s stay on the plains of Kansas to breed working ranch horses. The dam of Susie Q. is Danlyn who is also the dam of Texas Lyn, dam of Linda Lou. Danlyn is inbred to Headlight Morgan and the old Kansas mare, Nellie Skiner. The sire of Texas Lyn is Silver Ranger by Querido and out of another Sellman mare, Angelina.

Thus Danny’s Dutchess has multiple crosses back to the Sellman horses and these crosses come through different lines by way of California and Kansas. Danny’s Dutchess also carries an intense line to Red Vermont and Easter Vermont, blood that is difficult to get today in any sort of pure form.

Overall, the pedigree of Joshua is that of balance and theme. The same horses appear in the pedigree over and over as you get back into the generations. It is intense Western Working Family with a nice addition of Brunk and some Old Vermont and a splash of the Old Midwest family (which appears behind Palomesa and again in the Linspar mares from L U Sheep Co.) It is a family of using horses with good minds and true Morgan traits.

Soleil’s dam—

Woodrose Katrina is the dam of Soleil and her pedigree is wonderful Western Working Family of mostly old California lines. She is one of those grand old mares, tough but kind and generous with a sweet temper and pretty too. Her sire Windswept Imperial was by the well-known Dapper Dan and out of the Sid Spencer bred Little Sweetheart. Sweetheart was by Sid’s good working sire Antman, he by Mountcrest Sellman and out of Pontez (Pongee Morgan, Brunk, x Arab mare). Mountcrest Sellman was bred by Richard Sellman and came to California in utero when his dam came west. He was a sire of note of early California ranch Morgans. The dam of Little Sweetheart was by Sun Down Morgan, found also behind Soleil’s sire, and she was out of Bubbles, double Jubilee King granddaughter.

Dapper Dan is well known to students of the WWF. He had 108 registered progeny. His sire line goes through Trilson to Katrilan Prince to the Government bred Uhlan by Bennington. Katrilan Prince was out of a Roland Hill bred daughter of Querido and out of a Sellman mare. Trilson was out of another Hill mare, Roseta May, by Sonfield, but out of Joaquin Morgan put to a daughter of Headlight Morgan. Joaquin Morgan was by the Sellman bred Romanesque by Red Oak. Joaquin Morgan was out of a Linsley daughter out of Donbelle (Old Vermont lines). Dapper Dan’s dam was Bess Gates, a daughter of Gay Mac and Bessie Ro, daughter of Querido and another Sellman mare.

Going to Tacinca, the dam of Katrina, we find three more crosses to Pongee Morgan (old Brunk) and more Sellman horses. Mountcrest Sellman’s great son Redman is the maternal grandsire of Tacinca. Redman’s dam goes to Pongee Morgan and further Sellman breeding. The Lippitt Morman (Mansfield x Lippitt Kate Moro) daughter, Morman’s Red Lady was bred to Redman to give Tacinca’s dam. Lippitt Morman was a result of Robert Lippitt Knight taking one of his very best mares to the Government farm to breed to Mansfield. Morman was the first stallion to complete the Vermont 100 Mile Competitive Trail Ride, carrying a full western saddle and his rider. He then came to California where he was a popular sire. Red Lady was by Antman and out of another Sellman mare.

Tacinca’s sire Rusty was out of Pongata, by Pongee Morgan and out of yet another Sellman mare. Rusty’s sire Eprus takes us to somewhat different lines as he was by Escort and out of Pomona, both Government bred. Escort was by a double General Gates grandson and out of a General Gates daughter who was out of Marguerite, dam of Red Oaks who is behind so many of the Sellman mares. Pomona was by Troubadour of Willowmoor who was by Troubadour by Jubilee de Jarnette. Jubilee de Jarnette is also found behind the Sellman mares coming thru his son The Admiral. Pomona’s dam is by General Gates and out of a Daniel Lambert mare. Daniel Lambert is behind Jubilee King multiple times and behind Jubilee de Jarnette.

Again, the lines in Katrina’s pedigree are very carefully bred and go to the same horses over and over again. Her pedigree then compliments that of Soleil’s sire to give Soleil a very uniform pedigree and history—a history of good working and using true Morgans.

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