South River Kohla – 1985 to 2005

June 3, 2005

Kohla is a raven black 15.2 hand Wyoming Flyhawk daughter. She is an imposing figure with exceptional bone as well as a substantial hindquarter. Her movement is the big flat fluid movement that her lines are famous for and she is appropriately performance proven in dressage. She is one of the quietest, sweetest mares. Her dam’s lines feature Congo and Chingadero on the pedigree.

South River Kohla’s pedigree is mostly Brunk with a bit of Government, old Midwest family and some Old Vermont. On her sire side, the horses were bred by western ranchers and so some Western Working Family also appears.  The same Brunk horses appear over and over behind her, giving their closely bred strength to her pedigree and breeding ability.

South River Kohla’s OGO foals include:

OGO Higuera de laBandita, 2005 Bay Filly

South River Kohla Wyoming Flyhawk Domino Joe Stetson Flyhawk Go Hawk
Sentola Penrod
Midnight Highview King King De Jarnette
Lupine Plains King
Lily Black Warhawk Flyhawk Go Hawk
Sentola Penrod
Geegee Glider Jubilee King
June Imperial
Smike No 2
Coal Creek Jet Star Ebony Baron Aldebaron Mango Congo
Nellanine Juzan
Ebony C Congo Tarron
Black Dee
Cynthia Pride of King
Cinnamon Doll
Q Laurie Marie Hillview Captain Merry Chandler Townshend Manwallis
Illawanas Romance Fudge Royale
Illawana Peggy
Hija Chingadero Ketchum
Lolly Warhawk
Two Foot

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South River Kohla
(Wyoming Flyhawk x Coal Creek Jet Star)
AMHA #0120370
1985 blk mare

Sired by the big black Wyoming Flyhawk, Kohla’s pedigree is one of mostly Brunk and Western Working Family with much of the WWF having a large debt to the Brunk breeding behind it.

Wyoming Flyhawk is known for siring big, black sports Morgans. Although he was bred in the west by a rancher, his pedigree has much Brunk behind it. His sire, Domino Joe, was by Stetson, sire of 88 registered progeny and with pure Brunk pedigree, being by Flyhawk and out of Sentola who was Jubilee King’s full sister. Domino Joe’s dam, Midnite, was a product of the L U Sheep Co of Wyoming, and was sired by Highview King who was a grandson of Jubilee King and out of Sentola. This gives Domino Joe a pedigree that is ¾ Brunk, and has the typical Brunk close breeding. Midnite’s dam, Lupine, was another L U Sheep Co mare, and she brings in the blood of Elmer Brown of Kansas and Richard Sellman of Texas. Lupine’s sire was the stout, prolific sire, Plains King. He was sired by Romanesque, the Sellman bred stallion who went to Elmer Brown to be crossed to Brown’s Linsley based mares. Romanesque was a big horse, both in height and stoutness, and he passed those traits on to his numerous progeny. Plains King was out of the Linsley daughter, Ella Linsley, with her dam being by Sparhawk. Lupine’s dam, Mallow, was by Linspar, sired by Linsley and out of a Sparhawk daughter. Mallow’s dam was by Flyhawk.

Lily Black, dam of Wyoming Flyhawk, was from the Wyoming ranch of George Cross & Son, breeders of many good ranch Morgans. She was sired by the big, black working ranch stud, Warhawk, he by Flyhawk and out of Sentola. Bred in the Midwest by the Brunk family, he went west early to Wyoming where he left a grand legacy of sensible working Morgans. When the Cross Ranch had many of his daughters, he was sold back to the Midwest where he left more excellent Morgans, having 97 total registered get. The dam of Lily Black, Geegee, was typical Cross breeding, being by the Jubilee King son, Glider, and out of a daughter of Imperial. So Lily Black brings more Brunk to Wyoming Flyhawk.

South River Kohla’s dam is Coal Creek Jet Star. The Coal Creek prefix denotes breeder Gary Wallace who searched out Brunk based using Morgans for his program. He worked in near obscurity for many years but now that prefix is a sign of solid Morgans for today’s breeders. Her sire was the good Ebony Baron, bred by a member of the Brunk family. Ebony Baron’s sire, Aldebaron, has a good old Brunk pedigree and was a popular sire, having 45 get. His sire, Mango, was by Congo, that big black solid good tempered stallion who is noted today for giving a line of descent of Morgans with very good hind ends. Congo’s dam, Black Dee, was out of Sentola and had 18 registered foals, many of whom went on to be excellent using and breeding horses. Mango’s dam, Larna, was out of the Jubilee King daughter Aleada. Both Congo and Larna were sired by Tarron, who was by the Government bred Tiffany whom Brunk used in later years, and out of a mare with strong Lambert and Knox Morgan lines.

Aldebaron’s dam, Nellane, was typical Brunk close breeding. She was a double granddaughter of Liza Jane, one of Brunk’s important foundation mares. Her sire was a son of Jubilee King and her dam was by Allen Franklin, full brother to Jubilee King’s sire, Penrod. Nellane’s dam, Nella, was also an important mare, being dam of some very good breeding Morgans.

Ebony Baron’s dam, Ebony C, was also sired by Congo, bringing his breeding strength again to Ebony Baron. Ebony C’s dam, Cynthia, brings a little different blood, being by Price of King, who was by King Shenadoah, who was by the Government bred Shenadoah and out of Violet King, a mare of pure old Midwest family, and highly inbred. Pride of King was out of the good mare Rarette, by Jubilee King and out of Nella.

Cynthia’s dam was Cinnamon Doll, by Cinnamon Lad, who was by Plains King and out of Allana, by Allen Franklin. Cinnamon Doll was out of the unregistered Babe, she by King Shenadoah.

The dam of Coal Creek Jet Star was Q Laurie Marie, a daughter of Hillview Captain, who carried more Brunk breeding. He was out of Illawana’s Romance, a daughter of Fudge Royal, by Tarman (Tarron x DeAnn, [Juzan x Black Dee]).  Fudge Royal was out of Illawana Patsy Red. The Illawana horses were solid Brunk and were known for good temperaments, good working conformation, and good sense. Patsy Red was by Illawana’s foundation stallion, Captain Red. He was by Juban (Jubilee King) and out of  Gizea (Go Hawk x Liza Jane). Patsy Red was out of Gildia, a Go Hawk daughter out of a Knox Morgan daughter.

Illawana’s Romance was out of Illawana Peggy, by Captain Red and out of Illawana Ruby (Hiro x Nala), all of it old Brunk breeding. The dam side of Hillview Captain was very intense Brunk.

The sire of Hillview Captain, Merry Chandler, is a departure from the heavy Brunk of the entire pedigree, although he too has some Brunk, since his maternal Granddam Manzanita, that good producing mare, was out of the great mare Paragraph (Jubilee King x Nella), intensely bred Brunk. But Merry Chandler’s sire, Townshend Manwallis, was by Cornwallis. The dam of Sealect, sire of Cornwallis, was by Knox Morgan, so important in Brunk’s program. Cornwallis founded a large family of descendants and brought some good old New England blood to the mix. Merry Chandler’s dam, Conniedale, was by Lippitt Croydon Ethan, and out of  Annadale, by the Government Monterey, and out of Florette, the dam of Flyhawk. Conniedale and her full sister Belldale were excellent broodmares, producing many good breeding and using Morgans in the east.

Finally, the dam of Q Laurie Marie was Hija who takes us back to the Cross Ranch of Wyoming. She has Warhawk three times and Glider twice in her pedigree.

South River Kohla’s pedigree is around 75% Brunk, and mostly the old Brunk at that. The rest of the pedigree is composed of Wyoming ranch mares, Elmer Brown & Sellman,   some Government breeding, some old Midwest family, and a bit of Old Vermont. She brings to today the careful breeding of J C Brunk, with his close breeding and care in selection. From this mare should come Morgans of much using ability with good sense and good minds.

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