CanDon Battlehill Secord

CanDon BattleHill Secord, better known as Jazzy, has a pedigree that brings together some of the good blood from all the Morgan families—Western Working Family, Old Vermont, Brunk, Government, and old Midwest. Her sire is the beautiful palomino Shatona Karazan and she is out of a Michigan bred mare that brings much of the history […]

The Sentola Influence, by Ina M Ish

Author’s Note:  My original intention was to write this article on Sentola, but sadly due to a lack of available information or pictures of the mare I have had to expand the subject matter.  It is hoped this article will be useful and informative to the reader. SENTOLA 04555  Chestnut; flaxen mane and tail; foaled […]

OGO Grand Prix Salute – 2004

This Colt is SOLD! OGO Grand Prix Salute, a huge bay colt, was born to OGO Flower of the Prairie on December 2, 2004.  The sire of this colt is Moody Blues Jazz, a 16.2 hand Morgan Stallion. This fellow is destined to be a sports horse and wonderful friend & companion. His pedigree is […]