History of Morgan Horse – The Western Horseman Nov 1950

The Western Horseman Magazine November 1950

This wonderful and rare find of The Western Horseman from November 1950 was just made available for purchase and of course I just had to get it!  (If you recognize that picture it is a rendition of the Justin Morgan horse by George Ford Morris and I will definitely be talking about this again soon.)  […]

OGO Luna Illuminati

Sold! This colt will likely mature between 15.2 – 16.0 hands tall with the height and movement of his sire, Caduceus Denver.   He will have the body, substance and type of his dam, STK Black Velvet. OGO Luna Illuminati Caduceus Denver X STK Black Velvet Black colt, Foaled May 25, 2006 Bred By Old […]

Cimarron of Quietude

This handsome typey fellow combines the willingness and sense of the Brunk family with the toughness and sense of the Nekomias. He has the desirable Jubilee King sire line while the rest of his pedigree is Old Vermont, thus bringing together these two grand families and continuing the tradition of J. C. Brunk’s work of […]

Sequoia Red Zinfandel

This truly Baroque style stallion is a double grandson of Sereno Firechief, one of Joanne Curtis’ breedings. This gives a rare source of her breeding which is highly valued by good breeders. Behind Zinnie are multiple crosses to Jubilee King, Linsley, Richard Sellman’s breeding, Red Vermont, and much of the grand old California ranch horses. […]

Clarion of Quietude

This grand old stallion has a pedigree that is rare due to the fact that every horse on the fourth generation was registered in Registry Volume 5 or earlier; that volume ends with the year 1937. This is getting back to the old blood very quickly. With his sire line being that of Jubilee King […]

CanDon Joshua Danny

CanDon Joshua Danny, a handsome and correct palomino, brings a grand heritage to today, that of working and using Morgans of Baroque looks and good minds. He has shown English and Western and done well and also is a working horse in training colts, ponying them and helping with their first rides. He is a […]

Caduceus Denver – 1983 to 2007

Denver, with his strong Brunk and Western Working Family pedigree, is a source of height, excellent movement, good looks and good minds. Behind him are the three branches of Brunk greatness—Jubilee King, Flyhawk and Senator Graham. Jubilee King comes through such good ones as Agazziz, Mickey Finn, Ken Carmen, and more. Plus there are crosses […]

Montezsierradon – 1980 to 2006

This aged stallion is one that breeders should not ignore as he brings down such valuable blood to today; blood that is rare and hard to come by. He brings two close crosses to the good Easter Vermont blood, being the product of a grandson being bred to a daughter of that horse. This is […]

OGO Primavera Black Gold

Gelded. This stallion is significant – due to being a double, Teluras Black Gold.  On the sireline, he is a grandson of the late great Primavera Valdez.   OGO Primavera Black Gold RanchBoss Cortez Primavera Valdez Primavera Vaquero Vaquero Mac Ro Mac Oh-Cees Gift Panzarita Ro Ro Mac Gay Berta Tia Margarita Tio Lalo Mahan Field Palomesa […]