The Sellman Morgans – Part 2 and 3, by Laura Stillwell Algranti

February 20, 2008

The Sellman Morgans – Part 2 

(first published in Classic Morgan Admirers, 1992. revised by author, 2005)


   Headlight Morgan 4683, chestnut with stripe and right front foot white, was foaled in June of 1893, bred by the Morgan Horse Co. of Carpentersville, IL.  His sire was Ethan Allen 2nd 406, and his dam was Lady Stratton, a chestnut bred by Truman Stratton of Chelsea, VT. 

   The breeder of Ethan Allen 2nd was J. H. Peters of Vermont.  The Peters family Morgans are known to breeders of today primarily for their Lippitt descendants.  Ethan Allen 2nd is considered, by The Lippitt Club, to be the cornerstone stallion of the Lippitts.  Ethan Allen 2nd was by Peters’ Morgan 405, a son of Peters’ Vermont 403, by Wood Horse 402, by Hales Green Mountain Morgan 42, by Gifford Morgan 30, by Woodbury.  The dam of Hales 42 was by Woodbury Morgan also.  Peters’ Vermont 403 was out of a daughter of Hales 42.  The dam of  Peters’ Morgan 405 was by Morgan Hunter 2nd 342, a son of Morgan Hunter 341 by Gifford Morgan 30.  Morgan Hunter was out of a daughter of Gifford.  Morgan Hunter 2nd’s dam was a mare by Colby Horse 779, a Sherman descendant, and her dam was by Bulrush Morgan.  The second dam of Peters’ 405 was by General Hibbard 29, a son of Woodbury.  The third dam was a daughter of Bulrush. 

   Wood Horse was considered to be one of Hale’s more successful breeding sons.  The Peters family’s mares were uniformly well-bred, high percent.   Ethan Allen 2nd was the third generation of Peters’ breeding.   He was 15 hands and 1000 pounds, a dark chestnut with strip.  His dam was the Dow Mare by Ethan Allen 50, the famous son of Black Hawk 20 by Sherman.  The dam of the Dow Mare was Jennie by Hales 42 and out of Phoebe whose background is not known with any certainty. 

   Headlight Morgan’s dam, Lady Stratton, was by Lewis’ Vermont Morgan, also called Fred or Tally Ho Prince.  He was a stylish, big horse with a wonderfully fast walk and a kind, amiable disposition.  He was by R. Hopkins’ General Grant, a chestnut with a silvery light mane and tail.  General Grant was by Hales 42.  He had the high head and prominent crest that marked that family.  The dam of General Grant was said to have been of the Sherman Morgan family, perhaps by one of his sons.  The dam of Lewis’ Vermont was said to have been by Cox Horse, a son of Randall’s Blazing Star and out of a mare by Morgan Tally Ho, a 16 hand son of Woodbury who sired excellent movers with speed at both the trot and gallop.  A son of Justin Morgan is thought to be the sire of Randal’s Blazing Star.

   Lady Stratton was out of a Hale’s 42 daughter, thus giving her two close crosses to him.  In the mid-1800’s, Hales was considered to be the epitome of type for the breed.  Many of the crosses to Justin Morgan, in Lady Stratton’s pedigree, are within four generations, unusually close for a horse of that time period.  Headlight Morgan had five close crosses to Hales 42. 

   Headlight Morgan had an exceptional pedigree, as strong as many of the Lippitt Foundation horses and unusual for a horse bred outside of Vermont. (author’s note—it has since been found that HM was bred in Vermont & then traveled to the Midwest in utero and was foaled there.) 

           But pedigree is not all, the attributes of the horse must be considered.  George Baier of Oklahoma, in a letter written in 1943, describes him.  “I know him like a book that I’ve read twice, and I still have some Morgans tracing to him.  He was a straight up-headed, clean-legged horse and if he ever stopped growing it was when he was past 25; weighted around 1,250 at that time.  But he was not located at Halstead–he was at Meade where Uncle Dick (Richard) Skinner had him.   Headlight Morgan was not appreciated as he should have been in Meade County until he was an old horse and his sons and granddaughters came on.  He had a good horseman and a gentleman for an owner, or I believe he would have fallen by the way instead of leaving a good family.  At the time Headlight was at Meade there were two other real good stallions within 15 miles of him.  …  Headlight Morgan did not get very many good mares until Mr. Sellman got him at Roselle [sic] Texas, and that is a reason why in 1922 when Meads put on one of the biggest county fairs in the state with Morgan classes, an outside horse, Diamond Hawk 5298 was champion Morgan stallion and an outside mare was champion mare.  Here is what Headlight Morgan did when he was at Meade.  He was champion stallion at the State Fair I believe three different times.  …  In summing up Headlight Morgan as a breeder his faults were this.  Sometimes when you least expected it he would throw a colt very coarse from the knee and hock down, or a crooked hind leg with very heavy fetlocks or low back.  His good traits were these–all the Headlight tribe has got good cow sense, and no matter what they are made like there is no road too rough or too long for them, and a Headlight will not balk or kick you, but they are bad scrappers among other horses. All of them are easy keepers.  Have seen some of them get some awful rides and drives, and just turned loose and in just a few days you could not tell it on them.  One more thing–I have yet to see a ringbone curb or sprain on a Headlight.  But I did have the complaint that too many of the get of Headlight had fistula of the withers.  On investigation I found that all these were hard used roping horses, not at rodeos, but on the range day after day, roping and holding horses, mules and cattle as big and bigger than your saddle horse.”


   Mable Owen, in 1958, describes him.   “Headlight Morgan had that typically Morgan conformation that has made his line renowned.  He was a medium dark chestnut, without dapples or unevenness of coat color.   His mane and tail were only slightly darker.   His only white markings were his right front coronet and a fairly wide strip down his face.  Physically he gave the impression of power and weight…  His head was medium in size but very clean and neat with sharply defined face bones, wide flaring nostrils and an exceptionally clean jawline and throat latch.  His eyes were big and kind and his ears of medium size and carried alertly.  Those who faulted his head at all did so from the point of view of its length above the eyes but his many admirers, almost all of whom used his get for working stock, countered with the fact that  that extra height was full of good sense and won the argument handily.  His chest was very wide and deep and whereas his heart girth was very large for a horse of his size, his withers were somewhat flat, a characteristic which marked his get…  His legs and feet were excellent, being absolutely straight and with the best of clean, flat bone and deep, dense hoofs.  Another of the reasons he and his innumerable get proved so popular in Kansas, Texas and the west in general was the power and strength of his quarters.  His tail was set on a bit low and the angulation and muscling of his hind legs was that most commonly associated with the bull dog type of Quarter Horse today.  He always carried his hocks well under him and the extraordinary muscling along his quarters and gaskins was like that of Justin Morgan himself.   With all his weight and compactness and appearance of great strength, Headlight Morgan was by no means drafty or coarse.  A powerful horse and an energetic one, he was naturally extremely high-headed and he always showed the quality of head, eyes, coat and manner of his very good breeding.”

   As a young horse he was sold to Kansas and went to Richard Skinner.  He had some Morgan mares there, a few of which have descendants to today.  The most important of these was Sunflower Maid 02401, out of a daughter of Julian Morgan 4448.  Bred by J. M. Wood of Meade, she was sold to the U. S. Government Farm and was the dam of Linsley and Quenelda.  Various other Headlight Morgan daughters and sons can be found in today’s pedigrees. 

   When he was twenty one, he was sold to Richard Sellman.  His first foal crop was small but impressive and he had large foal crops for several years until old age forced a slow down and then a finish.  His last foals arrived when he was twenty eight. 

   Following is a list of Headlight Morgan’s daughters that themselves had registered progeny for Sellman.  If the progeny had no registered progeny, they are not named but are indicated by a dashed line. 

ANITA K 02720 (out of Anita Donn–The Admiral)  1915 sorrel  dam of:
   —– (x Red Oak) 1921
   —– (x Alibaba) 1923

BELLE K 02761 (out of Belle M–Gold Medal) 1915 Brown  dam of:
   —– (x Red Oak) 1919, 1920, 1925
   —– (x Alamo) 1923

BESSIE K 02786 (out of Bessie Antoine) 1915 bay  dam of:
   —– (x Red Oak) 1919, 1921
   —– (x Raven Chief) 1920

BETTIE K 02796 (out of Birdie–Maj. Ant.) 1915 brown  dam of:
   —– (x Acbar) 1922

BIRDIE K 02808 (out of Baby Girl–The Admiral) 1915 sorrel  dam of:
   Acadia (x Acacia) 1922
   Alibirdie ( x Alibaba) 1923
   —– (x Red Oak) 1919, 1921

BLOSSOM K 03920 (out of Nanie L–The Admiral) 1917 brown  dam of:
   —– (x Rondeau) 1921
   —– (x Red Oak) 1925

BONNIE K 02848 (out of Bonnie B–The Admiral) 1915 brown  dam of:
   Alamo (x Red Oak) 1919
   —– (x Red Oak) 1920, 1925
   —– (x Alibaba) 1923


BOSSIE K 02850 (out of Bossie A–Maj. Ant.) 1915 Brown  dam of:
   Alibaba (x Red Oak) 1919
   —– (x Alamo) 1923

CARLOTA K 03889 (out of Coalie B–The Admiral) 1917 sorrel  dam of:
   —– (x Alibaba) 1923

CASSETTE K 03913 (out of Baby Girl–The Admiral) 1916 sorrel  dam of:
   —– (x Moleskin) 1922
   —– (x Red Oak) 1921
   —– (x Acbar) 1925

CLEPTOMANIA 04101 (out of Baby Girl–The Admiral) 1918 chestnut  dam of:
   —– (x Red Oak) 1925

CONANT K 03925 (out of Birdie–Maj. Ant.) no date sorrel  dam of:
   Rocono (x Red Oak) 1920
   —– (x Moleskin) 1921

DAISY K 02918 (out of Daisy A–Maj. Ant.) 1915 bay  dam of:
   Aldania (x Alamo) 1923
   Euterpe (x Red Oak) 1919
   Molasses (x Moleskin) 1922
   —– (x Dot) 1921

DOLLY MORGAN 02959 (out of Bessie Morgan–Flying Morrill) 1908 bay  [not bred by Sellman]  dam of:
   Acbar (x Headlight Morgan) 1917

   Rondollie (x Rondeau) 1922
   —– (x Red Oak) 1919
   Lasca (x Headlight Morgan) 1918

DOLORES K 03930 (out of Lulu Antoine) 1916 sorrel  dam of:
   —– (x Paloduro) 1920

ECHO K 04090 (out of Lulu Antoine) 1918 bay  dam of:
   —– (x Alibaba) 1923
   —– (x Red Oak) 1925

EDESSA 04095 (out of Bonnie B–The Admiral) 1918 brown  dam of:
   —– (x Alibaba) 1923

FANNY K 03064 (out of Bonnie A–Maj. Ant.) 1915 bay  dam of:
   Rofanny (x Red Oak) 1921
   —– (x Acacia) 1922
   —– (x Paloduro) 1920

FANTINA K 03914 (out of Florie A–Maj. Ant.) 1916 sorrel  dam of:
   Red Oak Lu (x Red Oak) 1921
   —– (x Moleskin) 1922
   —– (x Alibaba) 1923
   —– (x Rojeneiro) 1925

FIDELLIA K 03916 (out of Kitty D–The Admiral) 1917 sorrel  dam of:
   —– (x Red Oak) 1925


GEORGETTE K 03932 (out of Goldie Gordon–Golden) 1916 bay  dam of:
   —– (x Red Oak) 1920
   —– (x Moleskin) 1922
   —– (x Alamo) 1923

GUINEA K 04102 (out of Bossie A–Maj. Ant.) 1918 brown  dam of:
   —– (x Alibaba) 1923

HERFORD K 03927 (out of Dot M–Gold Medal) 1916 brown  dam of:

   —– (x Acbar) 1925

JENAVIVE K 03921 (out of Nellie Antoine) 1916 bay  dam of:

   Rojeneriro (x Red Oak) 1921
   —– (x Red Oak) 1920

JOANNA K 03918 (out of Sweet Marie–The Admiral) 1917 sorrel  dam of:
   —– (x Moleskin) 1922

LASCA 04103 (out of Dolly Morgan–Headlight Morgan) 1918 chestnut  dam of:
   —– (x Alibaba) 1923

LILLY K 03369 (out of Lillian Lee–The Admiral) 1915 sorrel  dam of:
   —– (x Dot) 1921, 1922

   —– (x Red Oak) 1919

MARIAH K 03887 (out of Sweet Marie–The Admiral) 1916 sorrel  dam of:
   Romanesque (x Red Oak) 1921

MARIPOSA K 03926 (out of Polly B–The Admiral) 1916 bay  dam of:
   —– (x Paloduro) 1920
   —– (x Raven Chief) 1921
   —– (x Alibaba) 1923

MARY K 03449 (out of Mary Gibbons) 1915 sorrel  dam of:
   —– (x Red Oak) 1919, 1920, 1921

MATTY K 03891 (out of Maude Morgan) 1917 bay
   —– (x Red Oak) 1925

MINNIE K 03493 (out of Minnie Atkinson–The Admiral) 1915 sorrel  dam of:
   Redolent (x Red Oak) 1920
   —– (x Red Oak) 1921
   —– (x Alamo) 1923
   —– (x Alibaba) 1924

MOLLY K 03523 (out of Mollie A-Maj. Ant.) 1915 bay  dam of:
   —– (x Red Oak) 1919
   —– (x Rondeau) 1920, 1922
   —– (x Dot) 1921
   —– (x Alamo) 1923

NEDDA K 03933 (out of Maude Morgan–Julian Morgan) 1916 sorrel  dam of:
   —– (x Paloduro) 1920
   —– (x Rondeau) 1921
   —– (x Moleskin) 1922
   —– (x Alamo) 1923


NOKOMIS K 03926 (out of Nita B–The Admiral) 1917 sorrel  dam of:
   —– (x Red Oak) 1925

OCTAVIA K 03924  (out of Sallie Antoine) 1916 brown  dam of:
   —– (x Red Oak) 1921
   —– (x Alamo) 1923

PEGGY K 03617 (out of Peggy A–Maj. Ant.) 1915 bay  dam of:
   —– (x Red Oak) 1919, 1921
   —– (x Alamo) 1923

PHILLIS K 03888 (out of Bossie A.–Maj. Ant.) 1917 brown  dam of:
   Ravillis (x Raven Chief) 1921
   —– (x Moleskin) 1922
   —– (x Alamo) 1923

POLLY K 03637 (out of Pauline A–Maj. Ant.) 1915 brown  dam of:
   —– (x Red Oak) 1919
   —– (x Dot) 1921
   —– (x Alamo) 1923

SALLIE K 03726 (out of Sallie Antoine) 1915 bay  dam of:
   —– (x Alamo) 1924

TRAVIS K 03928 (out of Baby Lu) 1917 bay  dam of:
   —– (x Joe Bailey) 1922
   —– (x Alibaba) 1923
   —– (x Red Oak) 1925

UNA K 03923 (out of Sweetheart–Gold Medal) 1916 brown  dam of:
   —– (x Alibaba) 1923

   Headlight Morgan also sired some colts that were used by Sellman.  They are:
   ACBAR 7213 (out of Dolly Morgan) 1917 bay  sire of 16 progeny.
   ALKADAZA 6606 (out of Lulu Antoine) 1915 brown  sire of five progeny.
   BALD EAGLE 6250 (out of Puss–Gold Medal) 1915 sorrel  sire of 1 progeny.
   BALDIE’S BOY 7117 (out of Baldie Antoine) 1917 bay  sire of 5 progeny.
   BOBBIE BURNS 6180 (out of Jessie A.–Maj. Ant.) 1915 bay  sire of 7 progeny.
   BROWN KID 7102 (out of Gipsy A.–Maj. Ant.) 1917 brown  sire of 10 progeny.
   DAN 7095 (out of Kate B.–The Admiral) 1916 sorrel  sire of 7 progeny.
   DIXIE DAN 7096 (out of Mollie A.–Maj. Ant.) 1916 brown  sire of 2 progeny.
   FEARLESS 6265 (out of Bessie Hart–The Admiral) 1915 brown  sire of 3 progeny.
   JOE BAILEY 7119 (out of Polly B.–The Admiral) 1917 brown  sire of 23 progeny.
   PALODURO 7114 (out of Bonnie B.–The Admiral) 1917 sorrel  sire of 4 progeny.
   PERSHING 6285 (out of Florie A.–Maj. Ant.) 1915 sorrel  sire of 1 progeny.
   SEALSKIN 6500 (out of Baby Lu–The Admiral) 1915 brown  sire of 5 progeny, including Moleskin out of Lulu D.
   SOONER 7059 (out of Nannie L.–The Admiral) 1916 sorrel  sire of 4 progeny.
   TOP NOTCH 7060 (out of Bonnie B.–The Admiral) 1916 brown  sire of 1 progeny.
  WOODROW WILSON 6290 (out of Dot M.–Gold Medal) 1915 brown  sire of 7 progeny.
   REDWOOD MORGAN 7217 (out of Bonnie A.–Maj. Ant.) 1918 brown  sire of 10 progeny.
   RONDEAU 7214 (out of Lulu Antoine) 1917 chestnut  sire of 11 progeny.
  OSCURA 6473 (out of Lulu B.–The Admiral) 1915 brown  sire of 1 progeny.
   TEXAS TOMIE 6897 (out of Dolly M.–Maj. Gor.) 1915 brown [there is some confusion here for there is another listing for Texas Tomie, dam Gipsy A.]  sire of 8 progeny.


   There were also progeny of Headlight Morgan, bred by Sellman, that had no registered progeny.
(x Daisy A) 1916
(x Fraso) 1917
(x Jessie A.) 1917
(x Nannie L.) 1915
(x Bessie Hart) 1917
(x Bonnie A.) 1917, 1919
(x Nancy) 1915, 1916, 1918
(x Lulu Girl) 1917
(x Bessie C.) 1917, 1918
(x Nell Gordon) 1917
(x Polly M.) 1917, 1920
(x Jewess) 1915
(x Minnie Atkinson) 1916
(x Mollie B.) 1917
(x Coalie Antoine) 1915
(x Polly B.) 1915, 1918
(x Nancy G.) 1918
(x Birdie B.) 1917
(x Nancy A.) 1915
(x Pauline A.) 1916
(x Black Star) 1916
(x Coalie B.) 1916
(x Miss  Antoine) 1915
(x Annita A.) 1916
(x Goldie Gordon) 1917
(x Kitty B.) 1916
(x Gipsy A.) 1915, 1918
(x Norine) 1915
(x Lady B.) 1919
(x Camille) 1921
(x Kitty B.) 1918
(s Daisy A.) 1918
(x Sunset Morgan) 1918
(x Consuela) 1921
(x Red Daisy) 1919
(x Bossie A.) 1919
(x Trilby B.) 1919

   At first look, it might appear that Sellman did not keep many of Headlight Morgan’s progeny in his own program, for there are many progeny that did not have registered progeny.  However, Sellman’s last crop, in 1925, arrived after his death, and the herd was dispersed.  Many of Headlight Morgan’s progeny and grand-progeny never had a chance to be in Sellman’s program.  Their importance lies more in what they did for other breeders, for Headlight Morgan’s progeny traveled widely.  The early 1920’s was also the time when many of Sellman’s horses were sold to breeders in California, laying the foundation for the California branch of the Western Working Family.  The sons, daughters and grand-get of Headlight Morgan had very few years to be in Sellman’s program.  This is even more true of Sellman’s last major stallion, Red Oak.


   Foaled in 1906, this bay, 15 3/4 hand, 1075 pound stallion was sired by General Gates and out of Marguerite 01635; he was bred by Joseph Battell.  The Registry Volume notes “Exhibited at County Fair, Middlebury, in 1907 in competition with 20 of same age, and awarded 1st premium.  Purchased soon after by United States Government and kept at their farm at Weybridge, VT. until 1911, when sent to the State Agricultural College at Amherst, MA. for stock purposes.  A very handsome and excellent horse.”

            General Gates 666 was a 15 hand, 1045 pound black, foaled in 1894 and bred by Joseph Battell.  His sire was Denning Allen 74, a son of Honest Allen 73 by Ethan Allen 50.  The dam of Honest Allen was a chestnut mare by Brooks Horse, son of Sherman Morgan; the second dam was sired by Cock of the Rock, a double grandson of Justin Morgan.


     The dam of Denning Allen was Rena, by Ward’s Flying Cloud 194, by Black Hawk.  The dam of General Gates was Fanny Scott, a Thoroughbred by the Thoroughbred Revenue Jr. by Revenue by Imp. Trustee.  Fanny Scott was out of a bay mare by Copperbottom Horse.  General Gates has often been criticized for his lack of Morgan blood.  While this is true, his non-Morgan blood was similar to that which the original Justin Morgan came from.  General Gates himself was typey and threw many typey offspring, but it is to be noted that the type is not consistent in this line.  What is more consistent is the good using conformation.

   Red Oak’s dam, Marguerite, was 15.2 hands, chestnut with a small star and one white hind foot.  She came from a line of big horses; her sire, White River 482 was a bit under 16 hands and 1100 pounds.  His sire Neshobe 461 was 15.2 and his sire Rutland Morgan 479 was also 15.2.  Rutland Morgan’s sire was Hale’s Green Mountain 42.  Rutland Morgan’s dam was by Black Hawk 20.  Following the Black Hawk tradition, Rutland Morgan was a good roadster and a popular sire in Vermont and New York, respected for his ability to get stylish, speedy road horses.  Neshobe, considered to be his best son, was also well-bred, being out of a mare by Morgan Hunter 2nd 342.   Also in his pedigree were Hubbard Horse and Gifford Morgan.  Morgan Hunter 2nd was very fast with tremendous action and almost limitless stamina.  His sire Morgan Hunter, was in-bred to Gifford and considered to be one of the very best stallions when D. C. Linsley wrote his book.

   The dam of White River Morgan was Dolly Nichols, by Churchill Horse 1081, a good-sized brown by Black Hawk 20 and out of a good going roadster mare said to have been a daughter of Gifford.

   Marguerite’s dam was by Crocker Horse 1377 and out of a harness mare by the Churchill Horse.  Crocker was by Plato, also by Black Hawk.

   Strong in Gifford blood, yet with close crosses to Black Hawk, Marguerite was often criticized for lack of type by adherents of the true, old type Morgans.  At one point, a committee recommended that she and all descendants be culled from the Government breeding program if that program really wished to produce the true Morgan.   But Marguerite was a big, doing mare from a background of big, doing horses.  Since the Government program was more interested in producing a calvary horse, which needed to be doing horses, she was kept in the program.

   Red Oak was a clear, mahogany bay with dapples.  He was truly a big horse–15.3 hands and 1100 pounds.  High-headed, alert, he had a broad chest, good withers and deep heartgirth with long, full croup.  His leg bone was good, and his knees and hocks were well let-down, and his feet were solid.  His fault was that he could have been shorter and stronger across the loin but even as an old horse, never showed any weakness there.

   As a yearling, he was purchased from Battell for the Government Farm, and started at stud at Middlebury.  He was used sparingly for the next three years and his success as a breeding horse was debatable since all his progeny were small.  For the 1911 and 1912 seasons, he went to Massachusetts Agricultural College and was bred mostly to grade mares.  In 1913, he returned to Middlebury and went to the Army Horse Remount program.   Two years later, he went back to the Government program and given more mares, where he still had only a qualified success, if that.  Most of his colts were gelded and sold, being considered to have too light bone and to be too small.   His daughters were also sold for the same reasons.  Probably the fault was not entirely his.  The mares bred to him did no better with other stallions and there is almost no line of descent to today’s Morgans from any of his Government bred progeny.

   In 1918, fate and Red Oak finally met when Richard Sellman came looking for a stallion to breed to his band of mares.   Most of the mares in his band were now daughters of Headlight Morgan, out of daughters of The Admiral.  Red Oak was exchanged for the stallion, Sealskin.  Red Oak’s first Texas foal crop arrived in 1919 and continued each year until the dispersal of the Sellman Morgans, caused by Sellman’s death, in 1925.

   Following is a list of Red Oak daughters which were used by Sellman.  None had a chance to be used for long before being dispersed to other breeders.

   ELVIRA 04062 (out of Birdie K) 1919 black  dam of:
   —– (x Red Oak) 1925

   PHILISTIN 04060 (out of Belle K) 1919 bay  dam of:
   —– (x Acbar) 1924
   —– (x Ropeg) 1925

   PHOENIX 04059 (out of Mary K) 1919 ch.     dam of:
   —– (x Ropeg) 1925

   REDLIE 04086 (out of Molly K) 1919 bay      dam of:
   —– (x Acbar) 1925


   ROBA  04153 (out of Bossie A.) 1921 bay    dam of:
   —– (x Pluto) 1925

   ROCONO 04182 (out of Conant K) 1920 bay   dam of:
   —– (x Acbar) 1925

   ROGERITE 04190 (out of Jenavive K) 1920 bay      dam of:
   —– (x Pluto) 1925

   ROGETTE 04181  (out of Georgette K) 1920 bay dam of:
   —– (x Ropeg) 1925

   ROGGA 04169 (out of Goldie Gordon) 1921 bay dam of:
   —– (x Pluto) 1925

   Red Oak had a few sons used by Sellman.
ALAMO 7246 (x Bonnie K.) 1919 ch.  sire of 15 registered progeny, most of which had no registered progeny.
ALIBABA 7245 (x Bossie K.) 1919 ch.  sire of 13 progeny, one of which has a line of descent to today.
ROJENEIRO 7308 (x Jenavive K.) 1921 ch.  sire of 6, one of whom (not bred by Sellman) has a strong line of descent to today.
ROPEG 7319 (x Peggy K.) 1921 bay sire of 5.

   Red Oak had many more progeny which never were used in Sellman’s program.  These are:
   ACACIA 7247 (x Emma B.) 1919 black  sire of 2 registered progeny, one of which has a strong line of descent to today.
   ALIZAN 7478 (x Bonnie B.) 1925 ch.  sire of 1.
   AMBRO 7500 (x Elvira) 1925 bay sire of 1.
   REDOLENT 7295 (x Minnie K.) 1920 bay sire of 3.
   ROMAIC 7298 (x Mary K.) 1921 ch. sire of 1.
   ROMANESQUE 7297 (x Mariah K.) 1921 ch.  sire of 70 progeny, many of which come to today.
   ROSIN 7307 (x Sunset Morgan) 1920 black  sire of 7.
   ECHOSITA 04403 (x Echo K.) 1925 bay  dam of 2.
   EUTERPE 04094 )x Daisy k.) 1919 bay  dam of 1.
   EVESHAM 04064 (x Dolly Morgan) 1919 ch. dam of 1.
   MARIETTA 04317 (x Nell Gordon) 1920 bay  dam of 14.
   NORETTE 04429 (x Anita B.) 1925 ch. dam of 1.
   OAKRAL 04080 (x Lady Admiral) 1919 brown  dam of 3.
   RED OAK LU 04316 (x Fantina K.) 1921 ch. dam of 17 with strong lines of descent to today.
   REDOASY 04213 (x Red Daisy) 1920 ch.  dam of 9 with line of descent to today.
   ROBELLE 04183 (x Belle K.) 1920 bay dam of.
   ROBIRD 04178 (x Birdie B.) 1920 black dam of 1.
   ROBONA 04191 (x Bonnie B.) 1920 ch.  dam of 5.
   ROBOS 04179 (x Bossie A.) 1920 bay dam of 14.
   ROBSART 04180 (x Bessie Hart) 1920 black  dam of 4.
   RODA 04154 (x Daisy A.) 1921 ch. dam of 5.
   RODOTA 04185 (x Dot N.) 1920 ch. dam of 3 with line of descent to today.
   ROFANNY 04200 ( x Fanny k.) 1921 bay  dam of 5.
   ROGATA 04189 (x Puss) 1921 ch. dam of 3.
   ROKIT 04177 (x Kitty D.) 1920 ch. dam of 3 with line of descent to today.
   ROLUDA 04161 (x Lulu D.) 1920 ch. dam of 1.
   RONIE 04198 (x Bonnie K) 1920 brown dam of 1.
   ROTA 04159 (x Trilby A.) 1920 black dam of 1.
   TRAVAQUEEN 04406 (x Travis K.) 1925 ch. dam of 1.


   Of course there were Red Oak progeny that had no registered progeny.  These were:
(x Bessie K.) 1919
(x Gipsey A.) 1919, 1920
(x Birdie B.) 1919
(x Belle K.) 1925
(x Bonnie K.) 1925
(x Nokomis K.) 1925
(x Fidelia K.) 1925
(x Polly M.) 1921
(x Nita B.) 1920
(x Anita K) 1921
(x Birdie K) 1921
(x Bonnie B.) 1921
(x Bessie C.) 1920
(x Black Star) 1921
(x Polly B.) 1920
(x Lulu Antoine ) 1920
(x Minnie K.) 1921
(x Mollie A.) 1921
(x Cassette K.) 1921
(x Lulu B.) 1921
(x Lulu D.) 1921
(x Blossom K.) 1925
(x Lilly K.) 1919
(x Lulu C.) 1919
(x Peggy K.) 1919
(x Polly K.) 1919
(x Bessie K.) 1921
(x Cleptomania) 1925
(x Anita B.) 1919, 1921
(x Octavia K.) 1921
(x Baby Lu) 1921
(x Mary K.) 1920
(x Mollie A.) 1920
(x Molly K.) 1920
(x Peggy A.) 1921
(x Polly B.) 1921

    By this point, Sellman was registering many more of his colts than he did in the early years.  Many of the Red Oak sons went into other Morgan breeding programs and so come down to us today.

    During these years, Sellman also had some mares by stallions other than Gold Medal, Major Antoine, The Admiral, Headlight Morgan and Red Oak.

   ANGELINA 04100 (Texas Allen x Mollie B.) 1918 brown  dam of:
Angel (x Moleskin) 1922

   BELLE B 02760 (Motilla x Black by Maj. Gordon) 1915 black  dam of:
—– (x Dot) 1921

   BERTA 03890 (Motilla x Birdie) 1912 bay   dam of:
—– (x Joe Bailey) 1921

   CONSUELA 04085 (Pershing x Fraso) 1916 ch.  dam of:
—– (x Headlight Morgan) 1921

   KENELM 03930 (Red Bird x Sunset Morgan) 1916 bay  dam of:
—– (x Brown Kid) 1922
—– (x Joe Bailey) 1923

   LOLA 04092 (Alkadaza x Rocky Ann) “about 1917” black  dam of:
—– (x Rastus) 1923

   LUCCA 04072 (Bald Eagle x Bonnie B.) 1919 ch  dam of:
—– (x Joe Bailey) 1923

   LUCIA 04073 (Woodrow Wilson x Lulu Girl) 1919 black  dam of:
Katrina (x Joe Bailey) 1923

   MELISSA 03892 (Morgan Chief x Black Star Gordon) 1917 black  dam of:
—– (x Joe Bailey) 1921


   MILDREDA (Motilla x Florie A.) 1917 sorrel  dam of:
—– (x Raven Chief) 1921
—– (x Rondeau) 1922
—– (x Brown Kid) 1923

   MOLLISCA 04303 (Moleskin x Phillis K) 1922 ch  dam of:
—– (x Acbar) 1925

   MILA C 03587 (Motilla x Bay by Maj. Gordon) 1915 bay  dam of:
—– (x Dot) 1921

   SUNSET MORGAN 03784 (Chief Morgan x Dolly by Headlight Morgan) bred by J. F. Parks, Kan.  dam of:
Kenelm (x Red Bird) 1916
—– (x Headlight Morgan) 1918
—– (x Red Oak) 1920
—– (x Acbar) 1925

   TEXANITA 04201 (Texas Allen x Anita B) 1918 black  dam of:
—– (x Joe Bailey) 1923

   WOODOT 04076 (Woodrow Wilson x Dot N.) 1919 ch  dam of:
Forgetmenot (x Joe Bailey) 1923

   During the later years of Sellman’s program, Headlight Morgan and Red Oak were the two main stallions, although Sellman did use some others.  It is interesting to note the gap in the program during the years 1922, 1923, and 1924 when he did not use Red Oak at all; he used Red Oak again in 1925.  The year 1924 saw only three registered foals.  It is not known what happened during these years.  Did Sellman really cut his breeding back that much, or did he continue to breed but did not register the foals?  The answer is now lost to time.

   Sunny South was used only in 1915.   By The Admiral, and out of Jewess, he had 6 registered foals.  His daughter, Kitty C., has a line of descent to today.

   Red Bird was used in 1916 and 1917 for a total of 4 foals.  By The Admiral, out of Fancy, he has no line of descent to today.

   Morgan Chief had four foals for Sellman in 1917.  Bred by J. F. Parks, of Kansas, he was by Julian Morgan 4448 and out of Maude Morgan by Julian Morgan.   His son Raven Chief, used by Sellman in the years 1920 and 1921, was sold to California where he established a family that comes to today.

   Alkadaza was sparsely used for three years, 1917 to 1919, for a total of five foals.  One of his sons, Rastus, had one foal for Sellman in 1923.  His daughter, Alkali, has a line of descent to today, as does his daughter, Camille. 

   Texas Allen had nine foals in 1918.   Also bred by J. F. Parks of Kansas, this son of Easter Allen Morgan, by Headlight Morgan, and out of Bessie Morgan by Flying Morrill, established a strong line of descent that comes to  today in multiple places.

   Sealskin had only two foals for Sellman, one of which was Moleskin who had 9 foals in 1921 and 1922.  Moleskin’s daughter, Angel, was a broodmare in California.

   Woodrow Wilson, by Headlight Morgan and out of Dot M., had four foals in 1919 and has a strong line of descent to today.

   Fearless had 3 foals in 1919.  This son of Headlight Morgan, out of Bessie Hart, has no line to today.

   Paloduro had four foals in 1920 but nothing that comes to today.  He was by Headlight Morgan.  Sooner also had four foals in 1920, but does have descendants today.  He was also by Headlight Morgan.

   Rondeau was used for three years, 1920 to 1922, with a total of 11 foals, not one of which carried on to today.  He was also sired by Headlight Morgan.

   The Headlight Morgan son, Acbar, was used in 1921, 1922, 1924, and 1925 with 15 total foals, none of which come down to today.   By Morgan Chief, Dot also was used in 1921 and 1922 with 8 foals born those years; there is no line of descent.

   Acacia, by Red Oak, had two fillies in 1922, one of which went to Nebraska and became an important broodmare. 

   The Headlight Morgan son, Joe Bailey, had 21 foals for Sellman in the years 1921 to 1923.  He has important lines of descent to today.

   Brown Kid, by Headlight Morgan, had 10 foals for Sellman in 1923 with no line of descent.

   Alamo, by Red Oak, had 12 foals in 1923 and 1924 with no line of descent.   Alibaba, also by Red Oak, had 13 foals in 1923 and 1924 with a line of descent to today.   Rojeneiro, by Red Oak, had two foals for Sellman in 1925 before going to Nebraska to sire the stallion that comes to today.

   The U. S. Government bred Pluto, by Troubdour of Willowmoor, had only one year for Sellman before Sellman’s death forced dispersal.  His three foals of 1925 have no line of descent.


1915–35 progeny                         1919–18 progeny
1916–22 progeny                         1920–24 progeny
1917–25 progeny                         1921–29 progeny
1918–17 progeny                         1922–0 progeny
1919–4 progeny                           1923–0 progeny
1920–2 progeny                           1924–0 progeny
1921–1 progeny                           1925–12 progeny

1915                                             1916
SUNNY SOUTH–6                     RED BIRD–3
MOTILLA–4                               MOTILLA–2

1917                                             1918
MORGAN CHIEF–4                  TEXAS ALLEN–9
MOTILLA–2                               SEALSKIN–2
RED BIRD–1                               ALKADAZA–1

1919                                             1920
RED OAK–18                            RED OAK–24
FEARLESS–3                            HEADLIGHT M.–2
ALKADAZA–3                          RAVEN CHIEF–1

1921                                          1922
RED OAK–29                          MOLESKIN–8
JOE BAILEY–8                         JOE BAILEY–7
DOT–7                                      RONDEAU–7
RONDEAU–3                           ACBAR–6
ACBAR–3                                 ACACIA–2
RAVEN CHIEF–3                     DOT–1

1923                                           1924
ALIBABA–12                          ALIBABA–1
ALAMO–11                            ALAMO–1
BROWN KID–10                    ACBAR–1



   In 1925, the Sellman herd was dispersed, thus ending decades of work and dedication.  But this dedication went on to form the basis of the Western Working Family of Morgans and also to contribute to the fledging breed of Quarter Horses.  It is interesting to look at the first registry volume of the Quarter Horses and to see the numerous mention of Morgans, usually on the bottom dam line.  Many a Quarter Horse had a dam, grandam, or great-grandam that was Morgan or said to be of Morgan blood.  When these mares came from Texas, one can be certain that many of them were the Sellman mares.  It is no surprise that many of the old Quarter Horses had a strong resemblance to Morgans, and that, today, some Quarter Horses still can look like a Morgan.

   Sellman’s first priority was to breed a using ranch horse, and that he most certainly did.  His Morgans went on to found breeding programs throughout the west.  The western ranchers bred a tough, using horse of substance with good leg bone, enough leg bone that eastern breeders often said it was coarseness, although there is a difference between coarseness and a lot of leg bone.  Some years later, the heirs of those eastern breeders turned to the western Morgans to bring leg bone and substance back into their breeding programs.   Today, the Western Working Family is much appreciated by Sports Horse breeders who have too often found that the using ability and athleticism has been lost in certain other families bred for the show ring only.

   Would there have been a Western Working Family without Sellman?  Perhaps not, for there are no Western Working Family Morgans of today that do not have some Sellman.   At a time when Morgan breeding was very low in numbers, Sellman registered more Morgans than anybody else by far.  Roland Hill, who registered Morgans second only to Sellman, got his foundation mares from Sellman.  Elmer Brown of Kansas, who could be said to be co-founder of the Western Working Family, used the Sellman bred stallion, Romanesque.  And so it went, breeders throughout the west, if not using Sellman-bred Morgans, using their descendants.

   There seem to be almost no photos of those Sellman bred Morgans and only a few of their immediate progeny.  It is known that they were tough, using horses, for that is what they were bred for and that was the heritage of their pedigrees.  Exactly what they looked like is in part conjecture but some idea can be gained from their progeny and descendants.  Colors were all shades of bay, brown, black, sorrel, and chestnut; there was a strong flaxen factor in some.  Height was probably around 15 hands in most cases for their ancestors averaged out to that and too much above or below that height would have been culled out as not the best for a working ranch horse.  With somewhat better feed and care, and larger humans, the day of the cowpony was coming to an end, but the working cowboy did not want to be getting on and off a 16 hand giant.  Conformation would be mostly correct, for an improperly constructed horse would not have held up to the hard work.  Proper leg conformation was top priority, for no cowboy would happily walk home leading a lame horse.  Good withers were necessary for comfort of both horse and rider; a slipping saddle just did not work.   Smooth gaits were appreciated and if the occasional horse had an amble or single-foot, it was not discriminated against although those gaits were more appreciated by the northern cowboys of Montana and Wyoming.  Beauty was always “frosting on the cake”, but not bred for necessarily. Morgan type would sometimes be there and sometimes not, considering the bloodlines.  Overall, the Sellman Morgans were recognizably Morgans, if not that of the old Vermont Mountain Morgans.   Temperament was very important.  Those horses had to be honest, hard workers, willing to face danger and difficulties, although the cowboys accepted and sometimes enjoyed a “starchy” horse that could test their bronco abilities.  These were not “Pet” horses.  With the amount of Bulrush in their pedigrees, no doubt there were some rather difficult Morgans to come from the Sellman program.  However, those difficult horses often turn out to be the toughest, most enduring working horses of all.

   And so the Sellman legacy was a tough, using horse.  How these Morgans became infused into the entire breed will be discussed in future installments of this series.


The Sellman Morgans – Part 3


Compiled by Laura Algranti, first published in Classic Morgan Admirers, 1992.

(note by author, 2005—These were some of the first Morgans to enter California in the modern era. Some of them have lines of descent to today. Many of them were important in their time but their lines were allowed to die out or nearly so.)

BALDIE’S BOY (Headlight Morgan x Baldie Antoine) 1917 bay  sire of:
   1)Bala (x Lulu C.) 1923 sorrel, bred by Parsons,  no progeny
  2)Baldot (x Dot N.) 1923 ch., bred by Parsons,  no progeny
   3)Balkitty (x Kitty E.) 1923 ch., bred by Parsons,   dam of:
      -Copco Joe (x King Shenandoah) 1943 bay, bred by Joseph Silva, CA. no progeny
      -Copco Silva (x North Fork) 1944 ch., bred by Silva, no progeny
   4)Mountcrest Nan (x Berta) 1923 sorrel, bred by Parsons, dam of:
      -Kedron Nicholas (x McAllister) 1942 ch., bred by Ina Richter, CA., no progeny
   5)Siskiyou Senorita (x Lady B.) 1922 brown, bred by Parsons, no progeny

AREADNE  (Texas Allen x Alsie B.) 1918 brown no progeny

BELLE B (Motilla x black by Major Gordon) 1915 black  dam of:
   1)Mountcrest Belle (x Dot) 1921 bay, bred by Sellman, no progeny

BERTA (Motilla x Birdie) 1917 bay, dam of:
   1)Moutcrest Bailey (x Joe Bailey) 1921 ch. bred by Sellman, no progeny
   2)Mountcrest Wonder (x Mountcrest Sellman) 1926 ch. bred by Parsons, no progeny
   3)Mountcrest Nan (x Baldie’s Boy) see above

BESSIE C. (The Admiral x Miss Antoine) 1913, sorrel, dam of:
   no foals in Calif.

ELECTROLIER (Headlight Morgan x Polly M.) 1920, bay, no progeny

FRISKY A. (The Admiral x Frisky) 1913, bay, dam of:
   1)Mountcrest Frisky (x Joe Bailey) 1921, bay, bred by Sellman. No progeny.
   2)Georgette (x Mountcrest Sellman) 1926, bay, bred by Mountcrest Ranch, Hilt, CA.  dam of:
      -Siskiyou (x North Fork) 1945, bay, bred by Charles Schultz, Julius Kuck & Robert Schultz,  Yreka, CA.  No Progeny.
      -B. Marie (x North Fork) 1944, Brown, bred by Schultz, etc.  3 foals with no progeny.
      -Shasta Girl (x North Fork) 1943, Ch., bred by Mildred Fiock, Montague,Ca.   dam of 2 foals. **
      -Siskiyou Stan (x North Fork) 1947, ch., bred by Schultz, etc. sire. **
      -Siskiyou Finale (x North Fork) 1949, bay, bred by Schultz, etc.  no progeny

KITTY B. (The Admiral x Kitty A.) 1911, black, dam of:
   1)Mountcrest Joe (x Joe Bailey) 1921, bay, bred by Sellman, no progeny.

LULU C. (The Admiral x Lulu Antoine) 1913, black, dam of:
   1)Bala (x Baldie’s Boy) 1923, sorrel, bred by Parsons,  no progeny
   2)Mountcrest Lulu (x Dot) 1921, brown, bred by Sellman, no progeny.

MOLLIE B.  (The Admiral x Mollie A.) 1912, black, dam of:
   1)Mountcrest Mollie (Joe Bailey) 1921 bay, bred by Sellman, no progeny.


KITTY E. (The Admiral x Puss) 1914 sorrel, dam of:
   1)Balkitty (x Baldie’s Boy)  see above
   2)Mountcrest Sellman (x Joe Bailey) 1921, ch., bred by Sellman, sire of
(author’s note, 2005—still a very important ancestors of today’s Morgans):
   -Allancrest (x Princess Allan) 1935, ch., bred by Hearst Sunical Land & Packing, CA., no progeny
      -Cloverman (x Clover Bud) 1937, dk. ch., bred by Hearst, sire. **
      -Kenelm Morgan (x Sunbeam Maid) 1936, ch., bred by Hearst, sire. **
      -Montblanc (x Whitefoot Lu) 1936, ch., bred by Hearst, no progeny.
      -Mountcrest Wonder (x Berta) 1926, ch., bred by Parsons, no progeny.
      -Pico-Squirrel (x Katrina) 1937, dk. ch., bred by Hearst, one progeny. **
      -Piedmont Butterman (x Buttercup) 1933, ch., bred by W. R. Hearst, no progeny.
      -Piedmont Caleb (x Kitty Pongee) 1934, black, bred by Piedmont Land & Catttle Co., CA., no progeny.
      Piedmont Jingles (x Jinglebells) 1933, ch., bred by Hearst, no progeny.
      -Piedmont Noche (x Kitty Pongee) 1933, black, bred by Hearst, no progeny.
      -Piedmont Rocrest (x Reba Ro) 1933, ch., bred by Hearst, no progeny.
      -Piedmont Sellman (x Butterfly) 1933, ch., bred by Hearst, no progeny.
      -Redcrest (x Red Tawn)1936, ch., bred by Hearst, no progeny.
      -Redman (x Red Dot) 1936, ch., bred by Hearst, sire. **
(one of early day’s most important stallions)
      -Belcresta (x Jinglebells) 1935, bay, bred by Hearst, dam.
      -Bucilla (x Buttercup) 1936, ch., bred by Hearst, dam of 3 progeny who had no progeny.
      -Lulu Bell (x Luetta) 1935, ch., bred by Hearst, dam. **
      -Piedmont Arabella (x Pondette) 1934, ch., bred by Piedmont Land & Catle, dam. **
      -Piedmont Cresta (x Clover Bud) 1933, black, bred by Hearst, dam. **
      -Piedmont Eudora (x Blossom Q.) 1934, black, bred by Piedmont, dam.
      -Piedmont Evelina (x Katrina Q.) 1934, black, bred by Piedmont, no progeny.
      -Piedmont Florie (x Luetta) 1933, ch., bred by Hearst, no progeny.
      -Piedmont Melcrest (x Carmel) 1933, ch., bred by Hearst, dam.
      -Piedmont Ponell (x Pongata) 1933, ch., bred by Hearst, no progeny.
      -Piedmont Amelia (x Pongata) 1934, ch., bred by Piedmont, no progeny.
      -Piedmont Rosemarie (x Rose Bud Rose) 1932, black, bred by Hearst, dam. **
      -Piedmont Salome (x Sunbeam Maid) 1934, ch., bred by Piedmont, dam. **
      -Piedmont Sunshine (x Sunshine Maid) 1933, ch., bred by Hearst, dam. **
      -Querita (x Blossom Q.) 1935, ch., bred by Hearst, dam.
      -Resita (x Reba Ro) 1936, ch., bred by Hearst, dam of 2 progeny who had no progeny.
      -Rosella (x Rose Bud Rose) 1936, bay, bred by Hearst, dam.  **
      -Serenata (x Serenade Ann) 1936, bay, bred by Hearst, dam. **
      -Antman (x Pontez) 1936, ch., bred by Hearst, sire. **
(important sire for Sid Spencer)
      -Blackmont (x Kitty Kat) 1942, black, bred by August Schmidt, CA., no progeny.
      -Clovis (x Clover Bud) 1936, black, bred by Hearst, no progeny.
      -Montabell (x Jinglebells) 1936, ch., bred  by Hearst, sire. **
      -Victory Dawn (x Sunup) 1943, dk. ch., bred by Betty Lou Merril, CA., no progeny.
      -Georgette (x Frisky A.) 1926, bay, bred by Mountcrest Ranch, dam [see under Frisky A.]
      -Ponselle (x Pondette) 1937, ch., bred by Hearst, no progeny.
      -Sally-K. (x Kitty-Kat) 1939, black, bred by Schmidt, no progeny.


 ** Descendants of FRISKY A., con’t. **

Shasta Girl (North Fork x Georgette) dam of:
   1)Siskiyou Dust (x Ryder) 1949, ch., bred by Schultz, etc., no progeny.
   2)Siskiyou Thor (x Ryder) 1948, ch., bred by Schultz, etc., sire of:
      -Norsisk (x Norretia) 1954, ch., bred by Claude Arnold, CA., sire of:
        =Don’s Danny Boy (x Deanne) 1958, ch., bred by Don Breazeale, CA., sire for Jack Linn & Kelly’s Morgans.
         =Baby Doll (x Linn’s Lu) 1958, Ch., bred by M/M W.L. Linn, CA., dam for Char-El Morgans, OR.
         =Bert’s Norchief (x Maqueen) 1960, ch., bred by Kellstrom (Kelly’s Morgans), sire for Bercinda & other Nor. Calif. farms.
         =Kelly’s Norfala (x Falene) 1960, ch., bred by Kelstrom, dam for Kellstrom.
         =Risquee (x Quada Gold D.) 1960, ch., bred by Kellstrom, dam for Dianna Foit, CA.
      -Re-Wind of Sundown (x El Blazie) 1956, ch., bred by W.T. Carter, CA., dam of:
         =Sunita Ro (x Ro Mac) 1966, ch., bred by Richard & Phyllis Nelsen, CA., dam.
        =others bred by Nelsens.
      -Cavleen Siski (x Cavleen Gold D.) 1956, ch., bred by W. T. Carter, dam of:
         =many progeny in North Calif.

Siskiyou Stan (North Fork x Georgette) sire of:
   1)Siskiyou Ladd (x Redmanetta) 1958, ch., bred by Carl F. Mort, CA., sire.
   2)Rockland Ventura (x Shasta Rose) 1962, ch., bred by Earl Herring, CA., dam for Belspring Morgans, VT.
   3)Siskiyou Lass (x Siskiyouette) 1960, ch., bred by Schultz, etc., producer in OR.
   4)Willow Glen Tonette (x Tono Vermont) 1962, ch., bred by Earl Herring, CA., producer of Rolyn prefix.

**Descendants of KITTY E., con’t. **

Cloverman (Mountcrest Sellman x Clover Bud) sire of
   1)Clovernette (x Fawnette) 1941, ch., bred by Anna K. Zeitler, CA., dam of:
      -California King (x Duke) 1952, ch., bred by Calvin Womack, CA., sire of:
         =Beking (x Bevi) 1958, ch., bred by Jimmy Smith, CA., sire in CO.
         =California Jipsey (x Lady Gay) 1957, ch., bred by Jimmy Smith, dam of: Koko Bob, Bob’s Image, others.
         =California Lady (x Lady Gay) 1956, ch., bred by Jimmy Smith, dam of: Sir Duke, others.
         =Impala Claudeen (x Lois Morgan) 1959, black, bred by W. A. Lorenzen & Son, CA., dam of: Impala prefix.
         =Impala Claudette (x Miss Tayler) 1959, black bred by Lorenzen, dam of: Dapper Duke, Amber Lady, Mantic Woodbury, Mantic Bulrush, others.
         =Miss California (x Lady Gay) 1955, ch., bred by Jimmy Smith, dam of: Bob’s Pride, California Miss Gay, others.


=California Gayman (x Lady Gay) 1960, black bred by Jimmy Smith, sire of: Calif. Miss Gay,High Pass prefix, others.
=California Prince (x Lady Gay) 1959, ch., bred by Jimmy Smith, sire of: Beau-Linn Adam Miss Morning Star, West’s prefix.
=Impala Champion (x Lois Morgan) 1962, black, bred by Lorenzen, sire of: Impala prefix, others.
=Impala Nobleman (x Miss Tayler) 1961,black bred by Lorenzen, sire of: Impala prefix.
=Lynden King (x Slower Nell) 1960 black, bred by H. Ronald Reintiz, CA., sire of: many in North. Calif.
=Mr. America (x Bea Nickerson) 1960, black, bred by M/M Elroy Coats, Jr., sire of: R-J prefix, Kelly’s prefix, Linn’s prefix, West’s prefix, many others.
=Apache Squaw (x Linell) 1962, bay, bred by Loyd Davenport, CA., dam of: Bar-Bee prefix, others.
=Impala Blossom (x Bay Blossom) 1960, bay, bred by Lorenzen, dam of: many in Nor. Calif.
=Impala Claudia (x Miss Tayler) 1960, black bred by Lorenzen, dam of: Impala prefix.
=Impala Poppy (x Iris Wardlaw) 1959, ch., bred by Lorenzen, dam of: many in Nor. CA
=Impala Starlet (x Rose Eastman) 1962, ch. bred by Lorenzen, dam of: many in Nor. CA
=Nell’s Lady (x Slower Nell) 1961, ch. bred by H. Ronald Reinitz, dam of: Lady Amber,  Bar-Bee prefix, others.
=California Bay King (x Lady Gay) 1965, bay bred by Jimmy Smith, sire in Nor. Calif.
=many, many others.
-Bevi (x Duke) 1953, ch. bred by Calvin Womack dam of: Beking (see above), Condevi,  others.
2)Clover Tinkerbell (x Fawnette) 1944, ch., bred by Anna K. Zeitler, dam of:
-Fairland’s Trixie (x Red Vermont) 1953, ch. bred by M/M A. L. Leib, CA., dam of:
  =Beckridge Tridon (x Orcland Royal Don) 1965 ch., bred by Linda Beckley, WA. sire

Kenelm Morgan (Mountcrest Sellman x Sunbeam Maid)  sire of:
   1)Roelm Morgan (x Roboss) 1942, ch., bred by Adolph Eddlemont, CA.  dam of:
      -General Revere (x Ringling’s Revere) 1950, lt. bay, bred by Millard Ulch, CA. , sire of:
        =General Pat (x Ritzi) 1954, bay, bred by M/M    Merrill, CA   sire in CA.
      -Kandy King (x Tillie) 1954, dk. ch., bred by Merrill  sire of:
        =Flaxon King (x Reverie) 1958, lt. ch., bred by Ulch,  sire.
        =King P (x Pearl E.) 1958, dk. ch., bred by Ulch, sire in CA.
        =Pearl-K (x Pearl E.) 1957, ch., bred by Ulch,  dam.
        =Roelm’s Maid (x Roelm Morgan) 1959, ch., bred by Ulch, dam.


   -Anneka Roelm (x Ringling’s Revere) 1954, bay, bred by Ulch, dam of:
     =Anneka Scott (x Shawalla Scott) 1962, ch., bred by Ulch, dam.
     =Ann Roelm (x Shawalla Scott) 1964, dk. bay, bred by Ulch, dam.
   -Roe (x Ringling’s Revere) 1955, bay, bred by Ulch, dam.
   -Roelm’s Maid (x Kandy King)  see above
   2)General Ken (x Lulu Mae) 1947, ch., bred by Charles McGonegal, CA., sire.
   3)Sharen Vermont (x Roboss) 1944, ch., bred by McGonegal, dam of:
   -Nancy Gates (x David Rice Calvert) 1954, ch., bred by Ulch, dam in WA.
   -Selena Sellman Revere (x Ringling’s Revere) 1953, bay, bred by Ulch, dam.
   -Shawalla Jane (x Silver Rockfield) 1956, ch., bred by C.E. Shaw, WA, dam.

Pico-Squirrel (Mountcrest Sellman x Katrina Q.) sire of:
   1)Nugget-G (x Mazara K.) 1941, ch., bred by Matthew Gaetz, ND, dam of:
      -Rita-G. (x Dakota Hoksina) 1951, ch., bred by Gaetz, dam of:
         =Minnesota Star (x Hillaway Jarmen) 1959 ch., bred by Thomas Dunne, MN.  dam.
         =Wilmot’s Dutchess (x Wilmot Prince) 1963 ch., bred by Bridges, OH.   dam.
         =Bridges Sunday Girl (x Wilmot Prince) 1965 ch., bred by Bridges,   dam.
      -Milstan’s Estrellita (x Milaca Query) 1955, ch., bred by Stanley Sahlstrom, MN.   dam.

Redman (Mountcrest Sellman x Red Dot)  sire of:
   1)Blackman (x Gojea) 1942, black, bred by R. L.Wellborn, CA.  Prolific sire in CA. with far too many progeny to list.
   2)Red Gates (x Bettina Allen) 1944, dk. ch., brec by E. W. Roberts, CA.  sire.
   3)Redman’s Bay Boy (x Alma Field) 1946, dk. bay, bred by Warren Halliday, CA.  sire
   4)Etna (x Tarna) 1945, dk. ch., bred by Halliday, sire.
   5)Gayler K. (x Antellah) 1945, lt. ch., bred by Roberts,  sire.
   6)Myrlana (x Dorothey Abbey) 1945, ch., bred by Roberts,  dam.
   7)Red Bess (x Bessie Sonfield) 1945, dk. ch., bred by Halliday,  dam .
   8)Redlass (x Easter Lass) 1946, dk. ch., bred by Halliday, dam.
   9)Kedron Cutty Hunk (x Kedron Betsey Ross) 1953, dk. ch., bred by Dr. Ina Richter, CA. dam.
   10)Kedron Cutty Sark (x Golden Dawn) 1953, ch., bred by Richter, dam.
   11)Billy Rebel (x Beautiful Belle) 1957, ch., bred by Mrs. H. F. Spencer, CA.  sire in Oregon.
   12)Ida Red (x Princess Elizabeth) 1959, lt. chl, bred by A. L. Sherman, CA.  dam.
   13)Wenonah (x Morman’s Red Lady) 1957, ch., bred by Spencer,  dam.
   14)many others

Lulu Bell (Mountcrest Sellman x Luetta)  dam of:
   1)Lulu Mae (x Millbrae) 1940, dk. ch., bred by McGonegal,  dam of:
      -General Ken [see above]
      -Barby Allen (x Ringling’s Revere) 1954, ch., bred by Ulch, dam of Shawalla prefix Morgans.
    2)Pearl E. (x Millbrae) 1939, dk. ch., bred by McGonegal, dam of:


      -Fiery Opal (x Ringling’s Revere) 1949, bay, bred by Ulch, dam of:
        =Fiery Cola (x Calabasas Gift) 1958, bay, bred by Ulch, dam.
        =Opal’s Jewel (x David Rice Calvert) 1955, bay, bred by Ulch, dam.
        =Sugar Opal (x Sugar Boy) 1957, dk. ch., bred by Ulch, dam.
      -King P (x Kandy King) 1958, dk. ch., bred by Ulch, sire.
      -many others.
   3)Bailey’s Boots (x Chief Major) 1946, ch., bred by George Jewett, CA., dam.

Rosella (Mountcrest Sellman x Rose Byd Rose) dam of:
   1)Rosella A. (x Sonfield) 1947, bay, bred by Roland Hill, CA., dam of:
      -Shawalla Beau (x Silver Rockwood) 1961, chl, bred by Shaw, WA., sire in WA.
      -Shawalla Bay Lady (x Rockfield) 1960, bay, bred by Shaw, dam.
      -Shawalla Rosella (x Rockfield) 1963, ch., bred by Shaw, dam.
      -many other Shawalla Morgans

Serenata (Mountcrest Sellman x Serenade Ann) dam of:
   1)Calabasas Gift (x Montabell) 1940, bay, bred by O.C. Foster, CA., sire of:
      -Lad (x Opal’s Jewel) 1958, bay, bred by Forrest Jones, CA., sire.
      -Caballa (x Easter Bunny) 1958, black, bred by Jones, dam.
      -Ebony (x Opal’s Jewel) 1959, black, bred by Jones, dam.
      -Fiery Cola (x Fiery Opal) 1958, bay, bred by Ulch, dam.
      -Neckyol (x Opal’s Jewel) 1960, bay, bred by Jones, sire.
   2)Anita Belle Gift (x Montabell) 1941, ch., bred by Foster, dam of:
      -Poco’s Star Duster (x Lippitt Morman) 1956, ch., bred by Merle Little, sire in Oregon.
   3)Bellita Gift (x Montabell) 1947, bay, bred by Foster, dam of, dam in Utah.
   4)Senator Gift (x Montabell) 1958, bay, bred by Foster, dam of, sire.

Antman (Mountcrest Sellman x Pontez) sire of:
   1)Hel’s prefix Morgans
   2)Red Lady (x Red Tawn) 1946, ch., bred by Sid Forsyth, CA., dam of:
      -Morman’s Red Lady (x Lippitt Morman) 1951, lt. ch., bred by Spencer, dam of:
         =Wenonah (x Redman) 1927, ch., bred by Spencer, dam.
   3)Little Sweetheart (x Hel’s Chinquapina) 1951, ch., bred by Spencer, dam of:
      -Windswept prefix Morgans
   4)Shasta Daisy (x Daisy E.) 1951, dk. ch., bred by Spencer, dam of:
      -Windswept prefix Morgans.

Montabell (Mountcrest Sellman x Jinglebells) sire of far too many to list here.

Georgette ( Mountcrest Sellman x Frisky A)
         See Above


Piedmont Arabella (Mountcrest Sellman x Pondette)  dam of:
   1)Enowee (x Uhlan) 1940, dk. ch., bred by R G Stewart, CA., sire  in CA.
   2)Shron Vermont (x Red Vermont) 1944, ch., bred by Jack Davis, CA., dam of:
      -Shasta Rose (x Golden Sands) 1952, ch., bred    by Ella Dawson, CA., dam.
      -Tono Vermont (x Allen Vermont) 1954, ch., bred by Earl Herring, CA., dam.
      -Willow Glen Rocket (x Rocky Bon) 1963, ch., bred by Charles & Jean Sutfin, CA., sire.

Piedmont Cresta (Mountcrest Sellman x Clover Bud) dam of:
   1)Hedlite’s Bob E.A. (x Hedlite) 1945, black, bred by Mary Smith, CA., sire of:
      -Hedlite’s Kitty Clover (x Piedmont Cresta) 1950, black, bred by Smith, dam of:
         =Hedlite’s Micky Waer (x Waer’s Black Rascal) 1955, black, bred by Smith, sire of many.
   2)Cresta’s Kitty Clover (x Hedlite) 1943, black, bred by Smith, dam.
   3)Cresta’s Lady Helen (x Hedlite) 1944, black, bred by Smith, dam.
   4)Hedlite’s Kitty Clover (x Hedlite’s Bob E.A.)  see above.

Piedmont Rosemarie (Mountcrest Sellman x Rose Bud Rose) dam of:
   1)Hedlite’s Rudy T. (x Hedlite) 1946, black, bred by Mary Smith, sire of:
      -Ramona Black Hawk (x Daisy Sonfield) 1960, black, bred by R. B. Mears,CA., sire.
      -Ramona Dawn (x Jean Mary) 1959, brown, bred by Mears, dam.
      -Ramona Stardust (x Daisy Sonfield) 1959, ch., bred by Mears, dam.
   2)Hedlite’s Sonny Boy (x Hedlite_ 1939, black, bred by Smith, sire of:
      -Easter Morn (x Black Night) 1944, black, bred by Lowe & Totten, CA., dam of:
         =Easter Brownie (x Ringling’s Revere) 1948, dk. bay, bred by Ulch, dam.
   3)Dolly S. (x Hedlite) 1941, black, bred by Smith, dam of:
      -Ramona Redwing (x Monte L.) 1948, ch., bred by Marellen Roden, CA., dam of Ramona pre-fix Morgans.
      -Ramona Tomahawk (x Ramona Warrior) 1960, black, bred by Mears, sire of Delmaytion prefix Morgans in New York.
      -Ramona Moonglow (x Waer’s Lucky Hawk) 1959, black, bred by Mears, dam.

Piedmont Sunshine (Mountcrest Sellman x Sunshine Maid) dam of:
   1)Hacienda Sunshine (x Hacienda Chief) 1945, bay, bred by Sunical Land & Livestock Dept., Hearst, dam of:
      -Sellman (xGold Dollar) 1956, ch., bred by W T Carter, sire.
      -Marksman K. R. (x Kings River Morgan) 1959, ch., bred by Carter, sire.
   2)Brica (x Bricktop) 1952, ch., bred by Cecil Evans, CA., dam of:
      -Bunny of Sundown (x Rusty) 1960, bay, bred by Gary Evans, CA., dam.