Ina’s Helpful Hints on Horsekeeping 6 – Now We Are Two!, by Ina M. Ish

You have survived raising the horse through birth to this point,   you walk all over creation, you have done your best to create a  mannered, calm, well behaved youngster- now what? Well, depending on your circumstances, or desires you can  actually begin to train that critter to DO SOMETHING!  Not saddle  work, but harness work.  […]

Ina’s Helpful Hints on Horsekeeping 5 – Yearlings!, by Ina M. Ish

Yearlings can fly!  Did you know that?  No kidding, I have had   yearlings both colts and fillies clear a four foot fence from just  about a total standstill.  And why is that?  It’s cause for their body weight , the muscles are far more than  capable of providing a great deal of ‘lift’ to the […]

Ina’s Helpful Hints on Horsekeeping 4 – The Long Wait!, by Ina M. Ish

Weaning is behind you, the new weanling has adjusted to being an   independent horse, mom is completely dried up – now what do you do  between this four or five month old  stage and at least the age of  two when you can begin to train for future career? Well, you do more of the […]

Ina’s Helpful Hints on Horsekeeping 3 – Now the Fun Part!, by Ina M. Ish

    WEANING! The very word can strike dread into the heart of a breeder. Very little is really told about weaning and all it’s attendant excitements. I suspect this may be the case cause until you have gone through it, nobody wants to scare you off!     Why should one be scared off, or tremble […]

Ina’s Helpful Hints on Horsekeeping 2 – Opps!, by Ina M. Ish

Oh my!  Isn’t the baby adorable when he/she shakes hands!  NO, it is not adorable, it is setting the stage for really dangerous adult behavior!  And those ‘hugs’ with the front legs on your shoulders!  FORGET IT!  What may be cute when you are dealing with a little foal – can be deadly when that […]

Ina’s Helpful Hints on Horsekeeping 1 – What Now?, by Ina M. Ish

What now indeed!  Beloved Susie has just foaled, you as the  average mare owner with a first foal have read the books, watched the  videos, talked to friends, joined the lists ,and survived the actual   foaling.  But you stand there looking at the baby and your mind is a   total blank- oh you are excited, […]

The Elusive Civil War Morgans, by Merideth M. Sears

“The Elusive Civil War Morgans” by Merideth M. Sears Written records of individual Morgan horses serving in the Civil War are scarce. Horses were rarely identified unless they were ridden by the principal Generals of the era, like Sheridan Rienzi. Civil War Morgans are noted in the first volume of the American Morgan Horse Registry. […]

Mac and Danny – Two Stars in 2WF History by Fran Feldstein

Mac & Danny:  Two Stars in 2WF History By Fran Feldstein January 30, 2004 San Francisco Late in winter 1996 during my lengthy Morgan search, my vet suggested an elderly gentleman with a well-trained Morgan for sale south of San Francisco near Half Moon Bay.  I immediately phoned for an appointment and headed down the […]

Jubilee King, by Ina Ish

  Red Vermont McAllister Justin Dart Squire Burger Jubilee King   JUBILEE KING 7570 (Penrod x Daisette) a chestnut foaled in 1927, bred by J.C. Brunk. How simple to write those words and how intimidating to try and begin this section of my series when so much has been written by so many folk more […]

Flyhawk, by Ina Ish

The Brown Falcon Chief Red Hawk Stetson Gallant King Go Hawk Flyhawk FLYHAWK Part 1–The Ancestors THE SIRE LINE Go Hawk 7457 bred by Henry Schlotfeldt of Dixon, Iowa was the sire of Flyhawk. Go Hawk was a very large, long-necked, up-headed black stallion foaled In 1923. The story goes that J.C. Brunk traded a […]