About Old Growth Oak Morgan Horses

Wendy LeGate lives in Northern Nevada with her family, including her Foundation Morgan Horses.  OGO Morgan Horses, or Old Growth Oak Morgan Horses, has been Wendy’s passion since the late 1980s. After stumbling upon Foundation Morgan Horses in Arroyo Grande and Oceano California, she fell in love with them and they have been her passion ever since. 

Wendy LeGate currently owns 10 Foundation Morgan mares that are of breeding age, 2 Foundation Morgan breeding Stallion prospects, and 2 young fillies.  Wendy is constantly working on acquiring all of the traditional, or foundation, bloodlines that need to be preserved.  Although her passion is with California Working Western bloodlines, other Traditional Foundation Morgan Horse bloodlines have been used to continue to strengthen and keep the classic Morgan good looks and beauty that we all know and love. 

Wendy LeGate started with California Working Western Bloodlines, specifically the stallion Higuera Bandido and the mare WoodRose Katrina.  She then added in the Foundation Morgan Horses Circle H Merlita and Castle Monterey, then mid-west Working Western Bloodlines with a strong dose of Brunk with Two C Sissy Herod.  The other stallions besides Higuera Bandido that Wendy bred mares to early on were Can Don Joshua Danny, Primavera Valdez, Ranchboss Cortez, and Vining Lamar

Over time, Wendy looked for the prefix of RichWood Morgans for more California Working Western Bloodlines and, in her search, she found HotCreek Morgans.  Not only did Wendy find that HotCreek Morgans carried the RichWood Bloodlines, but also the beautiful California Working Bloodlines of the Waer prefix of Frank and Frieda Waer.  

Wendy not only runs her own breeding program but has helped others establish their breeding programs.  She has been a mentor and a resource for many other breeders, establishing a network of Foundation Morgan breeders that are dedicated to the cause of preserving the now critically endangered breed.  

The passion and dedication required of a Foundation Morgan Horse breeder is evident in the care and love that Wendy shares with others.  She is more than willing to share her knowledge with anyone that is interested and would gladly help someone get started with a breeding program.  Currently, Wendy is helping with efforts to push education and campaigns to save Foundation Morgan Horses from extinction.