Circle H Merlita

May 10, 2007

With a pedigree of pure old Western Working Family, Merlita brings the old ones up to this century very quickly. She has much of the good old Brunk breeding helping to make the Western Working Family as well as some of the best of the Old Midwest lines too. She traces over and over again to those two cornerstones of the WWF, Elmer Brown and Richard Sellman, the latter coming often through Roland Hill’s breeding in this pedigree. She comes from many generations of working ranch breeding, from breeders selecting for soundness of mind and body.

Merlita… thank you for OGO Higuera Rio Bravo.  (Owned by Wendy LeGate and standing at stud for Terry Jensen of TK Land and Cattle Company.)  Rio is the replacement for his sire, Higuera Bandido.  And for… OGO Circle H Hunnewill (gelded and for sale); OGO Circle H Romanesque (Owned by Wendy LeGate and is a stallion prospect as a replacement for his sire, Vining Lamar – currently residing with Terry Jensen in Idaho.); and OGO Circle H RoseWood (owned by Wendy LeGate), which will be retained to take Merlita’s place.

*Re-homed and retired as a pasture mate.  


Circle H Merlita’s OGO foals include: 

OGO Circle H RoseWood, 2009 Bay Filly
OGO Circle H Romanesque, 2007 Chestnut Colt
OGO Circle H Hunewill, 2005 Bay Colt
OGO Higuera Rio Bravo, 2003 Chestnut Colt 

Circle H Merlita Rockquests Blackjack Sonora Spar Lee Spar Dude Spar Sparbeau
Sallie Ann
Iva Lee Field Sonfield
Rosalie Field Sonfield Mansfield
Deana A Querido
Rockquest Buddy Lee Funquest Buddy Lee Linsley Lee Felix Lee
Allans Fancy L Tehachapi Allan
Maggy Linsley
Rim Rocket Condo Congo
May Burger
Mon Heir Zoran Sun Dust
Circle H Pita Condo Congo Tarron Tiffany
African Maid
Black Dee Herodon
May Burger Squire Burger Juzan
African Maid Allen King
Frances Knox
Pepita Sonfield Mansfield Bennington
Quietude Troubadour of Willowmoor
Katleen McCavlin Barney Hudson Archy L
Turvey Hudson
Miga Winterset

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Circle H Merlita
AMHA #097811
(Rockquests Blackjack x Circle H Pita)
1984 Black Mare

Bred by the Hunnewill Ranch of Eastern California and Nevada, this mare has a solid old Western Working Family pedigree. With two close crosses to that large, solid stallion Condo who was pure old Brunk, she brings his blood forward in a very good way. Half of her pedigree is the old California breeding and the other half brings in Kansas, Utah and Washington.

Her sire was by Sonora Spar who was by Lee Spar; both were bred by the Hunnewill Ranch who used their horses for ranch work. They summered the cattle in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of eastern California and then moved them each fall to winter pasture in the lower elevations of western Nevada where the home ranch is located. Breeding Morgans was a multi-generation and entire family project for the Hunnewills. Lee Spar was out of the mare Iva Lee Field, bred by Roland Hill and typical of his breeding being by Sonfield and out of a Querido daughter with the second dam, also bred by Hill, being by the Brunk Pat Allen, and out of a Sellman bred mare who was a daughter of Headlight Morgan.

Lee Spar’s sire was Dude Spar out of another Hill bred mare who was sired by Querido and out of the prolific mare Sonna, dam of 15 registered produce. Sonna, bred by Sellman, was sired by Sooner who was by Headlight Morgan, and out of a daughter of The Admiral—typical Sellman breeding. Dude Spar, bred in Kansas by Elmer Brown, was sired by Sparbeau, son of Linsley. Sparbeau’s dam Sparbelle was the dam of many good breeding horses. Also bred by Brown, she was out of the old Vermont mare Donbelle, dam of many good breeding horses herself, and sired by a stallion with Brunk and Old Midwest lines.

Rosalie Field, dam of Sonora Spar, was also Roland Hill breeding. By Sonfield and out of a Querido daughter, her second dam, Redosy bred by Sellman, was by Red Oak and out of a daughter of The Admiral.

So Sonora Spar was all old California breeding going back to those two cornerstones of the Western Working Family, Richard Sellman of Texas and Elmer Brown of Kansas.

Rockquest’s Blackjack is out of Rockquest Buddy Lee, a daughter of Funquest Buddy Lee. This Funquest horse is from Stuart Hazard’s earlier breeding and has no Flyhawk. His sire, Linsley Lee, is by Allen Lee who is by a Jubilee King son and whose dam goes back to the speedy Charles Reade. Felix Lee was sire at Oklahoma’s Chilocco Indian School where he sired many good registered Morgans and likely an untold number of unregistered get. Linsley Lee’s dam, Linbar, was by Barberry, who also stood at the Chilocco School and was Brunk bred with his dam being more then a half sister to Jubilee King; and through his sire’s dam line, bringing in another cross to Charles Reade.

Rockquest Buddy Lee’s dam was Rim Rocket, by Condo, and out of Mon Heir Zoran. Rim Rocket, another of those prolific mares found in this pedigree, had fourteen produce. Zoran was by the handsome Sun Dust, a product of Montana breeding going back to Larrabee and Adams. Adams was doing some very close breeding and was breeding for using ranch horses. The Larrabee lines bring in some more Daniel Lambert. Zoran was out of a daughter of Agazizz, that very good Jubilee King son who sired some good using horses and breeding stock. Rozan’s dam was Rozel, bred by Brown of Kansas, and out of that good sire Romanesque, he of large and solid build. He was sired by Red Oak and out of a daughter of Headlight Morgan. Rozel was out of a daughter of the Government Remount Stallion Rockwood. The second dam was Brown bred by Linsley and out of a Headlight Morgan daughter.

Linbar was out of the Elmer Brown bred Elberty Linsley, another good breeding mare coming from a strong breeding family. Sired by Linsley, whose dam was by Headlight Morgan, and out of Dolly D who was out of Donbelle and whose sire was the old Midwest lines, Elberty Linsley brings more breeding strength to the pedigree.

Funquest Buddy Lee’s dam, Allan’s Fancy L, was by Tehachapi Allen, bred in California by Frickert who was the first to bring Sellman’s stock to California in the early 1920’s. He was by Querido and out of Tab, a Sellman bred mare who had nineteen produce and has the Headlight Morgan sire line. Allan’s Fancy L was out of Maggy Linsley, another Linsley daughter who was out of a Headlight Morgan daughter.

Circle H Merlita’s dam was Circle H Pita, sired by Condo, that good Brunk bred stallion who was prized by the Mosher Brothers of Utah for ranch work, siring good using horses, and for fun riding. Condo was sired by Congo, sire of 61 registered get many of whom were excellent breeding horses in their own right. Condo was out of May Burger, sired by the great Squire Burger and out of African Maid who is also behind Congo. This is all solid old Brunk of mostly Daniel Lambert and Knox Morgan descent.

Circle H Pita’s dam was Pepita, sired by Sonfield and out of Kathleen McCavlin, a maternal granddaughter of Winterset and whose entire pedigree is good Old Midwest blood. She was said to be one of the loveliest mares ever in the breed.

It can be seen that Circle H Merlita has an extremely valuable pedigree—for its purity and consistency. She brings forward to this century the excellent breeding of Roland Hill, Richard Sellman and Elmer Brown, as well as that of early Funquest and J C Brunk also, and does so in a manner that brings the old greats up quickly. This is blood to be treasured by today’s breeder of working and using Morgans.

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