CanDon Joshua Danny

June 3, 2008

CanDon Joshua Danny, a handsome and correct palomino, brings a grand
heritage to today, that of working and using Morgans of Baroque looks and good minds. He
has shown English and Western and done well and also is a working horse in training colts,
ponying them and helping with their first rides. He is a very good trail horse with sense
and calmness. He has gone to clinics and done much to promote Morgans in his area. His
sire Shatona Karzan brings a ranch heritage from California and Wyoming. There are good
Sellman lines, Brunk lines and Old Midwest lines in his pedigree. Josh’s dam brings
more Sellman and Brunk as well as some Old Vermont. She has a concentrated source of Red
Vermont through Easter Vermont, that wonderfully correct and Baroque sire. Josh’s
overall pedigree is well balanced and themed with the same ancestors appearing multiple
times in many cases. This gives Josh a breeding strength to pass on the good using traits
that is the heritage of the Morgan.

*For more information on Josh’s pedigree,
see under his son,
OGO Windswept Soleil. 

CanDon Joshua Danny’s foals include:

OGO Windswept Soleil Palomino Colt


CanDon Joshua Danny Shatona Karzan Tio Lalo Mahan Field Sonfield Mansfield
Helen Mala Querido
Palomesa Midnite Sun Sun Down Morgan
Baby O Will Rogers
Twinkle Star Starstone Senator Graham Senator Knox
Flyette Flyhawk
Belle Meade Townshend Gaymeade Meade
Charmaine Senator Graham
Dannys Dutchess Danny Easter Vermont Louie Smith Easter Vermont Red Vermont
Lou Lotty Easter Vermont
Blossom F
Starlette B Easter Vermont Red Vermont
Blossom F Sonfield
Blossom E
Broadwall Linda Lou Broadwall Patrician Broadwall St Pat Parade
Lippitt Georgia
Broadwall Susie Q Panfield
Texas Lyn Silver Ranger Querido
Danlyn Dixie
Dans Bess
Joshua Danny
(Shatona Karzan x Dannys Dutchess)
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