Castle Monterey – 1982 to 2008

December 8, 2008

Castle has passed away on December 8th and we will miss her. 

Castle Monterey brings to this century the blood of California’s first ranch Morgans, brought here from Texas in the early 1920’s. Over and over again her pedigree traces back to Sellman’s stock. She is pure Western Working Family and pure Old California. Her pedigree is a Who’s Who of the great early California Morgans and their breeders. Behind her are many Baroque Morgans with working ability and many quality breeding horses.


Castle Monterey’s OGO foals include: 

OGO Castle El Spar Carmel 2007 Chestnut Filly
OGO Higuera Castle Finale 2005 Chestnut Colt
OGO Higuera Lucky Seven, 2004 Bay Colt
OGO Higuera Castle, 2003 Black Filly 

Castle Monterey Wests Bay King California King Duke Winnemucca Revere
Brown LeafR
Roseta Cortez El Cortez
Clovemette Cloveman Mountcrest
Clover Bud
Fawnette Red Wings
Fawn K
Lady Gay Blackman Redman Mountcrest Sellman
Red Dot
Gojea Go Hawk
Gay Jipsey Gay Mac Mansfield
Jipsey Allen Tehachapi Allen
Jipsy L
Castle Ann Oakley Romona Black Hawk Hedlites Rudy T Hedlite Blackhaux
Jacbo Brownie
Piedmont Rosemarie Mountcrest Sellman
Rose Bud Rose
Daisy Sonfield Sonfield Mansfield
Raisy D Querido
Toy Ann Muscle Man Trilson Katrilan Prince
Roseta May
Flika Gay Mac
Bessie Ro
Anita Blossom Sonfield Mansfield
Blossom E Querido

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Castle Monterey
AMHA #085016
(Wests Bay King x Castle Ann Oakely)
1982 Black Mare 

The wonderful heritage of this mare was nearly lost. According to the AMHA CD Rom 2nd Ed., she had no registered foal through 1999, being owned apparently by people not interested in breeding. This would have been quite a loss to the breed. Fortunately, she now is having foals to help bring her Western Working heritage to today and the future.

Her sire, West’s Bay King foaled in 1967, had sixty one registered get, most with the West’s prefix but for other breeders also. His sire was the fantastic California King and his dam a Blackman daughter. Foaled in 1952, California King had eighty four registered get, many with the Impala prefix but also for many other breeders. His sire Duke was by Winnemucca, bred by Clark Ringling of Nevada who bred many excellent working Morgans who were much in demand by ranchers. Winnemucca was sired by the Government Remount Stallion Revere and out of Revere’s daughter Brown Leaf R. who was out of Fanchon, by Dewey, and out of Falcon who was Dewey’s daughter. Falcon’s 3rd dam was Red Bessie who was of Old California Stock. It can be seen that breeding sire to daughter worried Ringling not at all. Duke’s dam, Roseta Cortez, is of Sellman and Elmer Brown breeding being by El Cortez (Romanesque x Viola Linsley) and out of a Headlight Morgan daughter.

California King’s dam Clovernette is all old California breeding. Her sire was by Mountcrest Sellman, that scion of early California Morgan ranch breeding. He had forty registered get in the 1920’s and 1930’s, an era with few Morgans in California and fewer breeders. Mountcrest Sellman’s sire was by Headlight Morgan and out of a daughter of The Admiral. Mountcrest Sellman’s dam was a daughter of The Admiral, who was by Jubilee de Jarnette. This is the excellent Richard Sellman breeding. Clovernette’s paternal granddam was bred by Roland Hill and was by Querido and out of a Sellman mare, by a son of Headlight Morgan and out of a daughter of The Admiral. Clovernette’s dam, Fawnette, was bred by Roland Hill and sired by another Roland Hill bred by Querido and out of Tab, that excellently producing Sellman mare who came early to California. Fawnette was out of Fawn K, a Hearst bred, sired by an Arab and out of Red Tawn who was also sired by Querido, and out of a Sellman mare who was a paternal half brother to Tab.

The dam of West’s Bay King was Lady Gay, dam of fourteen and a daughter of the grand stallion, Blackman. Blackman was sired by that California foundation stallion Redman, he by Mountcrest Sellman and out of another Sellman bred mare. Blackman was out of the Brunk bred Gojea, a daughter of Go Hawk (sire of Flyhawk) and out of Jeanne, a granddaughter of the beautiful Knox Morgan. Jeanne also had two close crosses to that sire of speed, Charles Reade. Jeanne was a grand matriarch, producing many good breeding horses. Mountcrest Sellman had forty registered get; his son Redman had sixty two registered get; the next son, Blackman, had 129 registered get. But despite the popularity of these stallions and their numerous get, it is not so easy today to find their blood, especially in any sort of pure form. Lady Gay’s dam, Gay Jipsey, was by Gay Mac, the Government bred stallion who came to California to leave his mark. Gay Jipsey was a daughter of Tehachapi Allen, sire of 87 registered get and by Querido and out of Tab. Gay Jipsey’s second dam was another Elmer Brown bred mare by Linsley with her dam going to Headlight Morgan.

The dam of Castle Monterey was by Ramona Black Hawk. He had 26 get and was sold apparently in 1969 to a person who preferred the eastern show breeding and had him gelded then sold him a year later. Now there was a loss. Daisy Sonfield was his dam and she was by Sonfield and out of a Querido daughter who was out of a Sellman mare. Ramona Black Hawk’s sire was Hedlite Rudy T. The Hedlite prefix Morgans were bred by Mary Smith in central coastal California. She was breeding for black color but also for quality. Rudy T was by Hedlite, by Blackhaux, and out of Piedmont Rosemarie. Blackhaux had only six registered foals, but another of those was the great Gold Dollar, owned by Carter of Fresno area and who sired many excellent Morgans. Owned by Duval Williams, Blackhaux no doubt sired many unregistered horses in the San Joaquin Valley as he was heavily promoted. Williams also had another stallion who he advertised that would be trucked to the mare’s location. He too left very few registered get but made Williams a good supplement to his income. Blackhaux was a result of the classic inbreeding being by a Headlight Morgan son and out of a Headlight Morgan granddaughter. Hedlite, sire of Hedlite Rudy T, was out of a mare sired by the Brunk Pat Allen and out of a Headlight Morgan granddaughter. She was also the dam of Williams other stallion. Piedmont Rosemarie, dam of Rudy T, was by Mountcrest Sellman and out of Rose Bud Rose, a Roland Hill bred by Querido and out of a Sellman mare.

Castle Monterey’s second dam was a daughter of Muscle Man and out of another Roland Hill mare sired by Sonfield, and out of a mare by Querido and out of another Sellman mare. Muscle Man, that handsome and popular stallion foaled in 1951, had 103 registered get. His dam was by Gay Mac and out of a Roland Hill mare by Querido and out of a Sellman mare. Muscle Man’s sire Trilson, was out of another Hill mare, by Sonfield, and out of another Hill mare, out of a Sellman mare, but sired by that handsome, Baroque stallion Joaquin Morgan. Joaquin Morgan, bred by Elmer Brown of Kansas, was by Romanesque, that sire of many tough using horses known for stoutness and bone. Joaquin Morgan was out of another Brown bred mare by Linsley and out of that good Old Vermont mare Donbelle. The sire of Trilson was Katrilan by Katrilan Prince, sired by the Government bred Uhlan and out of a Roland Hill bred mare by Querido and out of a Sellman mare. Katrilan Prince was out of Princess Allan, a full sister to Tehachapi, being by Querido and out of Tab.

Monterey’s pedigree traces over and over again to the Sellman breeding that first came to California. Her closer ancestors are a Who’s Who of early California working horse breeding. The breeders of her ancestors were astute horsemen who wanted quality, stylish using horses and knew how to get it. This is a wonderful pedigree to have today.

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