Foundation Sires of the Working Western Families, WWF, by Ina Ish

Flyhawk Jubilee King Gallant King Golddust Gay Mac Blackwood Correll General Gates FOUNDATION SIRES OF WWF Foundation Sires of the Working Western Families of Morgans (W.W.F.) While researching a series of articles for The Morgan Horse Trotting Association on Famous Morgan Trotters and Pacers I began to notice how many, and which horses of the […]

Sherman Morgan, Lord North by Ina Ish

SHERMAN MORGAN ( LORD NORTH), foaled 1808 or 1809, thirteen and three quarters hands. Bright chestnut, 925 pounds, off hind stocking, small stripe, lean head – well shaped, ears small and fine, eyes inclined to be small, but full, prominent and lovely. Broad, flat, sinewy legs, broad chest, prominent breastbone, large well placed shoulders. Neck […]

The Feldendrais Method, by Laura Algranti

The Feldenkrais Method (R) of Movement Education can help with: more efficiency and grace in all daily activities; pain reduction; stress reduction; finding better balance; having more energy; any physical fitness activity or sport; better posture; improved flexibility; restoration of humor. The Feldenkrais Method can benefit all people in all activities. “I am especially interested […]

Cavendish, by Laura Stillwell Algranti

By Laura Stillwell Algranti [first written for Classic Morgan Admirers, 1996 . It has been updated and revised, Jan. 2005] Cavendish #10200 was foaled April 20, 1949 in Springfield, Vermont.  His breeder, Frances H. Bryant, was also the breeder of his sire Jubilee’s Courage. Jubilee’s Courage was by the great Jubilee King and out of  […]

What is Reiki? by Ina Ish

What is Reiki? It is an Energy Healing system, utilizing the Energy of The Source/Creation/Universe. I do this by a method called “Distance Healing”- in other words , no matter where the animal is- or it’s physical distance from me, I usually can make a contact with him or her , and can help affect […]

Foaling Mare’s Secret Code, by unknown author

For those of you with mares that are soon to foal – this will crack you up! Although it is funny, there is so much in it that rings true…so, here’s a little “Hoofer Humor” – Wendy LeGate, Old Growth Oak Morgans. “Foaling Mare’s Secret Code” The mare’s secret code of honor is as old […]

Western Working Sires of Utah, by Gail Perlee

WESTERN WORKING SIRES OF UTAH By Gail Perlee SideKick #3 “Morgan roots are deep in Utah soil. They go back to the arrival of the Mormons in 1847. Vermont was the birthplace of Joseph Smith the founder of the Mormon Church. He died during persecutions of the new sect in Illinois, and Brigham Young became […]

Sid Spencer, by Jeanne Thwaites

SID SPENCER By Jeanne Thwaites   From Sheila Varian I had heard a great deal about a close family friend, Mrs. Spencer, who raises both Hereford cattle and Morgan horses on a large ranch in Lopez Canyon, and I was longing to meet her. She had respect and admiration for Mrs. Spencer as both horsewoman […]

Oak and Morgan Stance, by Laura Behning

  -Rainbow- Promoting palomino, buckskin, gray, dun, grulla, roan, flaxen, cremello, perlino, sabino, silver dapple and any other colorful Morgan horses. Oak & Morgan Stance by Laura Behning for the Rainbow Morgan Horse Association One of my favorite pastimes is searching for Morgan related items on ebay. A few months back, I was really excited […]

When Passions Meet, by Artist Bj. deCastro

Simply Morgan Magazine THE JOURNAL OF THE TRADITIONAL MORGAN HORSE   When Passions Meet The inspiration behind Oak & Morgan Stance by Bj. de Castro       My mother always told me that I was riding horses, before I could walk.  I stood convinced of her exaggeration, until she sent me proof.  The truth […]