Amy Don-Schroeder – A Friend Indeed

April 25, 2008

A Friend in need is a Friend Indeed.
by Wendy LeGate

Our Morgan escapades began, when Amy happened to look over my shoulder one day, as I was shuffling through my Morgan horse photographs. Her response…was to snatch them up, and say, “Oh, I have always wanted to have a horse!   What kind are these?  They are so pretty!” This question started the process of finding Amy a horse of her own. After Amy had decided that she wanted a young, black, Morgan, mare…I promptly, found her an old, grey, Quarter Horse, gelding named, ‘Rebel’.

She has never regretted that purchase. Rebel was what most would call, “worth his weight in gold”, as a first horse. Amy’s second purchase was a young, black, Morgan, mare, named, RanchBoss Black Star, who ended up as-quite a project, and learning experience. RanchBoss Black Star took a lot of consideration, thought and planning. After much discussion on how best to help this young mare with deep, engrained trust issues ..Amy staked a carefully planned path. She chose a highly recommended man known to be quite knowledgeable, and quiet, with young horses named, Pat Abercrombie.

Pat is a much sought after trainer, but Amy somehow sweet talked him into-not only taking Black Star on, but taking her for over a years time.  Normally, Pat only takes a horse on for 2 to 4 months. Pat ended up liking this horse-so much, that he used her-exclusively, as his workhorse. Pat’s faith in this Morgan mare was so apparent that he asked Amy, if he could take her on a hunting trip in Wyoming. Pat shot off this mare-and when all of his other buddies took two horses, Pat only took Black Star.   Black Star proceeded to out last all of them and did not  even loose an ounce of weight. 

Amy’s dedication to getting BlackStar everything she needed to be a solid, dependable, trail partner/performance horse really paid off.  When Pat was finished, her BlackStar could out-work, out-turn, out-cow, and out-last any Quarter Horse she had ever seen!  BlackStar had-the added plus, of being gentle enough to put young children on.

Amy’s third purchase, (Yes…I did say THIRD!) was OGO Bellota Del Oro.  She was Amy’s dream horse…a daughter by the renowned, Primavera Valdez, and out of Old Growth Oaks own, WoodRose Katrina.   Autumn is a beautiful buckskin filly and destined to carry on her famous Working Western Bloodlines.  If that wasn’t enough, Amy then went on…to breed her RanchBoss Black Star to OGO WindSwept Soleil for a foal-due March, of this year.


Amy has helped me with many pivotal decisions-regarding, OGO. Her un-wavering support, and encouragement, has been a god-send.  Her shrewd business-manner has helped out, as well. Our friendship is destined to be interwoven with more Morgan horse escapades-and, can be seen far into the future with continued, exciting visions, and plans, involving the next generations of Old Growth Oak Morgans.