Caduceus Denver – 1983 to 2007

June 3, 2007

Denver, with his strong Brunk and Western Working Family pedigree, is a source of height, excellent movement, good looks and good minds. Behind him are the three branches of Brunk greatness—Jubilee King, Flyhawk and Senator Graham. Jubilee King comes through such good ones as Agazziz, Mickey Finn, Ken Carmen, and more. Plus there are crosses to Jubilee King’s sister, Sentola. Flyhawk comes down through various good breeding stock too. There is also the Western Working Family from Romanesque and various Linsley descendants. The bottom mare line goes to early Montana breeding. Throughout this pedigree there was careful breeding for good working horses with good minds. Many of his ancestors were strong breeding horses, some founding their own families. This is a strong horse with a strong pedigree bringing the wonderful old Morgans to today.

Denver is a prepotent stallion. His babies are large with easy going nature and exceptional good looks. Black is the most common color, but he has thrown grey, bay and chestnut as well.  Denver’s stud fee is $950.00, live foal guarantee, $200.00 non-refundable booking fee included. Denver stands to selected mares live cover at Flower Farm Sport Horses. We also offer AI on the premises for mares not eligible for live cover. Mare care is $5.00 per day pasture, $7.50 per day stall or with foal. We ship fresh cooled semen overnight Monday-Thursday by Fed-Ex. Overnight on Friday by special arrangements. We need 24 hour notice for shipments to be guaranteed overnight. Collection fee is $125.00 for each shipment.

Denver’s foals include:

OGO Caduceus Caprice, Chestnut Filly
OGO Caduceus Creole, 2006 Buckskin Colt
OGO du Prix Provenance  2005 Black Filly
Gideon, Morab Colt
Romeo, TB/Morgan Cross Colt
Galen, Morab Gelding
Galaxy, Morab Filly-Full Sister To Galen

Caduceus DenverWyoming FlyhawkDomino JoeStetsonFlyhawkGo Hawk
MidnightHighview KingKing de Jarnette
LupinePlains King
Lily BlackWarhawkFlyhawkGo Hawk
GeegeeGliderJubilee King
Smike No 2
Topside SableKings-Haven SenatorSenator GrahamSenator KnoxKnox Morgan
ChoquitaPride of KingKing Shenandoah
Cinnamon QueenCinnamon Lad
Illawana Bess
Topside SassafrasMicky FinnKing MickMcAllister
Jubilee JoyFlyhawk
Mon Heir HopeFlamingoColonel Battell
Montana Sunshine
Mon Heir FelicityNemaha Herod

More Pictures:  View Denver’s Gallery

Caduceus Denver
AMHA #90415
(Wyoming Flyhawk x Topside Sable)
1983 Black StallionPedigree analysis and/or history for web sites, brochures,
and private use by Laura Stillwell Algranti.
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