The History of the Morgan Horse in California, by Laura Stillwell Algranti

  THE HISTORY OF THE MORGAN HORSE IN CALIFORNIA by Laura Stillwell Algranti California, the golden state of opportunity where fads and trends often begin. A state of ocean, rich agricultural land, mountains, deserts – and Morgan horses. California has more Morgans and Morgan owners than any other state. How did the Morgan come to […]

The Sentola Influence, by Ina M Ish

Author’s Note:  My original intention was to write this article on Sentola, but sadly due to a lack of available information or pictures of the mare I have had to expand the subject matter.  It is hoped this article will be useful and informative to the reader. SENTOLA 04555  Chestnut; flaxen mane and tail; foaled […]

Steve Costa, The Invisible Man

Old Growth Oak Morgans thanks Steve Costa for all his ‘behind the scenes’ support. Many who have come to visit me have heard me talk about Steve Costa and how it would not be possible for me to have the size of breeding program I do without him.  But for those who don’t know, let […]

A Chance Encounter Of A Lifetime

The Story of a little Morgan stallion and a big-hearted girl. A CHANCE ENCOUNTER OF A LIFETIME, by Wendy LeGate To say I was horse crazy, from the time I could point and say “horsey-horsey”, is an understatement. From my very earliest memories, I was completely bewitched by the equine animal. It didn’t matter to […]

OGO Tejon De Oro Hermoso – Tales of Happy Trails

Badger has been busy.   He recently participated in a  local cattle drive, where the cows are driven through some main roads.  He got the job done – like he had done it 100 times before.   Then there was the Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital Men’s Ride…oh yes, Badger was there too, steady as he goes. Branding, gathering, […]