Oak and Morgan Stance, by Laura Behning

February 19, 2008


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Oak & Morgan Stance
by Laura Behning for the Rainbow Morgan Horse Association

Oak and Morgan Stance, oil painting of Morgan horse and oak tree by Bj. deCastroOne of my favorite pastimes is searching for Morgan related items on ebay. A few months back, I was really excited to come across a print at auction of a pretty palomino Morgan. The artist was Bj. de Castro. The listing on ebay said the art was created as a logo for Morgan breeder and Rainbow member, Wendy LeGate of Old Growth Oak Morgans in California. I was curious as to which horse had inspired the piece, and asked Wendy about it.

“I met Bj. de Castro a couple of years ago and began talking with her about a logo for my OGO Prefix (Old Growth Oak Morgans),” says Wendy. “Well as I am sure you can tell by the name, I sure love those old growth oak trees. I sent her tons and tons of pictures I took of all sort of Morgans, my own and others. She liked them all, but some of the pictures of Sandy Cleveland’s flaxen chestnut stallion,

Sequoia Red Zinfindel, caught her eye. When she painted my painting she used him for inspiration. It’s not Zinny but it is of his likeness. The painting is out of this world in detail. The prints were made by the highest quality printing company. The few prints that she is having made on canvas LOOK like oil paintings, feel like oil paintings, you cannot tell that they were not painted or are not originals.”

“Anyway before all this started I told BJ that whatever the result she had my permission to make limited reproductions and an open edition. I am hoping that some art lovers out there will appreciate that classic Morgan stance and beauty.”

This particular painting was a one year process. The artist, Bj. de Castro is self-taught; her paintings are in private and corporate collections throughout the world. She has also exhibited Internationally. Based in California, the artist is represented by Frames By You in Thousand Oaks, California, and several International online galleries. Her painting style and technique involves many transparent layers. Each layer must be allowed to completely dry before the next wash of color is applied. 

Laura Behning is a renowned author in the Morgan horse community and has written articles for The Morgan Horse magazine, Simply Morgan, Classic Morgan Admirers, the Rainbow Morgan Horse Association Newsletter, and many club publications over the years. One of her current interests is the ongoing Silver Dapple Morgans Project. She is heavily involved in the Rainbow Morgan Horse Association as the current president and editor of the club publications. She has always loved the classic, typy Morgan-the equine epitome. This curvy, pretty headed horse is reflected in her artwork and equine sculpture. She has a small breeding program that strives to preserve older Morgan bloodlines of all families. Visit her site at Brookridge Morgans.

Wendy LeGate is a distinguished Morgan Horse Breeder in California and owner of Old Growth Oak Morgans, where she breeds and cares for the purest lines of the original Justin Morgan horse.  Her pride & joy is Canyon of Quietude whose sire is a grandson of Jubilee King and his dam’s sire is a double grandson of Jubilee King. Canyon’s dam has three further crosses to Jubilee King through her dam. Behind Canyon are the three full siblings who resulted from breeding Jubilee King to the Old Vermont mare, Townshend Lass, she who had the highest percent of Justin Morgan’s blood in her era and even to today. She is also a loyal patron of the arts and hopes to combine the two passions to bring recognition and tribute to the bloodlines of Jubilee King.  Visit her site at OGOmorganhorses.com.