A Symphony of Art – Bj. deCastro

April 25, 2008

A Symphony of Art…My introduction to an amazingly humble & talented artist, named Bj. de Castro.
by Wendy LeGate

Shopping for a present for a neighbor lead me to find a beautiful piece of art entitled, “Capriole, Vienna” by Bj. de Castro. I simply could not believe that this piece was done in watercolor. The lines of this work of art are so sharp that even with oil, or pencil, it would have been an almost impossible task-but, with the added difficulty of spreading it with watercolor, I thought it impossible to attain such lines of perfection…


I ordered a post card of the work, first, to get a better look at it-then, after receiving the post card, I knew that I needed to order the Gliclee print-and upon the receipt of the print, a phone call to the artist was made. Bj., an amazingly humble, outrageously talented, artist talked on the phone with me for over an hour. I ordered an A.P. of Capriole-along with, some Limited Edition, numbered pieces. The quality of everything she produces is out of this world. She actually described to me how she was able to get such a clean crisp line from watercolor and that it was to use a 1-hair paintbrush. Bj. is a slave to perfection and her artwork is the proof.{mospagebreak}

Another phone call was soon made to Bj. with the intention of commissioning a painting from her. I sent scores of pictures and tons of e-mails and many a phone call. I rambled on about my passion for Morgan horses.  Bj. listened, carefully, working in questions-here and there, careful to not impede the flow of natural conversation.  She harvested, and gleaned, important information-that she then converted, into brush strokes on canvas. 

Working with Bj was like talking to a long-known friend. She made me quite comfortable-and never a detail escaped her. Her copious notes and attention to my every nuance of want and desire produced Oak and Morgan Stance.  It took over a year for Bj. to create Oak and Morgan Stance.  Hundreds of hours of carefully laying color and texture paid off!  It was everything I had hoped for. Oak and Morgan Stance is not only a beautiful original painting that will hang in a place of honor in my home, but it has also become, Old Growth Oak Morgan’s logo-as well as, taking on a life of its own-world wide, as a Morgan Horse ambassador in the world of art.


Over time I got to know this artist, Bj de Castro, in more than just a business relationship. Her talents go far beyond the gift of placing on canvas…music to the eyes.

She is an amazing writer and editor. She has won numerous awards for her pioneering work in technology on the web and she is also a marketing and advertising extraordinaire!  Her passion to succeed never over rides her compassion to help and teach others.

My esteem for this woman ever grows and it was such a welcomed chance that I came to know her-as now, I hold her friendship near and dear to my heart. For in all her talent and gifts-the one that set her far above, is the one she takes most for granted…which is, that she is such a wonderful human being.

Bj., my friend, thank you for your vision and gifts.   But thank you most of all, for your willingness to put your heart and soul into everything you do.