CanDon Battlehill Secord

July 10, 2008

CanDon BattleHill Secord, better known as Jazzy, has a pedigree that brings together some of the good blood from all the Morgan families—Western Working Family, Old Vermont, Brunk, Government, and old Midwest. Her sire is the beautiful palomino Shatona Karazan and she is out of a Michigan bred mare that brings much of the history of the old breeding of that state. She is a blend of the best of the old families who were bred for true Morgan type and using ability.

Bred to Caduceus Denver for a 2005 foal.
SOLD to Libby Flower
of Flower Farms.


Jazzy’s OGO foals include: 

OGO Higuera Rio Grande 2004 Chestnut Colt

CanDon BattleHill Secord Shatona Karzan Tio Lalo Mahan Field Sonfield Mansfield
Helen Mala Querido
Palomesa Midnite Sun Sun Down Morgan
Baby O Will Rogers
Twinkle Star Starstone Senator Graham Senator Knox
Flyette Flyhawk
Belle Meade Townshend Gaymeade Meade
Charmaine Senator Graham
B-Hive Bumblebee Vals Jus March VigilMarch Orcland Vigildon Ulendon
Vigilda Burkland
Mayphil Magellan
Royalton Jus Sue Ethan Eldon Vigilant
Lippitt Suzanne Lippitt Searchlight
Lippitt Samantha
B-Hive Farms Rodena Kanes Show Boy Devan Tip Captor
Tippy Tin
Miss Kay Danny De Jarnette
Kanes Wee Colleen King Captor Captor
Tippy Tin
Torchee Senator Graham

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CanDon BattleHill Secord
(Shatona Karzan x B-Hive Bumble Bee)
1996 Palomino Mare

BattleHill, (AKA Jazzy) shows the strength of out crossing the Morgan families to each other. Her sire is pure Western Working Family and her dam is a good blend of Old Vermont, Government and some Brunk with a bit of WWF.

Jazzy’s sire is Shatona Karzan, a paternal brother to the well-known sire Californio. Karzan was a sire of note and comes from pure WWF lines. His sire was the good Tio Lalo (Mahan Field x Palomesa). Mahan Field, bred by Roland Hill, was of classic Hill breeding, being sired by Sonfield and out of a Querido daughter who was out of a Richard Sellman bred mare by Headlight Morgan. Tio Lalo’s dam, Palomesa bred in California, was by a sire bred in California and out of an old Midwest line mare going to Will Rodgers. Midnite Sun, Palomesa’s sire, was by Sun Down Morgan, that handsome Baroque stallion of Sellman breeding. Midnite Sun’s dam was from Wyoming’s L. U. Sheep Co. Ranch and goes back to the Brunk bred Night Tide and on the dam side a Flyhawk daughter bred to Linspar (Linsley x Sparbelle—Old Midwest and Old Vermont).

Twinkle Star, the dam of Shatona Karzan, was another from the L. U. Sheep Co. Her sire was by Senator Graham and out of Flyette, who was the result of breeding Flyhawk to his daughter Juliette whose dam was by Flyhawk’s sire, Go Hawk. Twinkle Star’s dam Belle Meade was by Townshend Gaymeade, by the Government stallion Meade and out of Gayselba, sired by Gay Mac who later came to California to play a part in the WWF family. Gayselba was out of Ulyselba, by Ulendon who was the Bennington x Artemisia cross found in Roland Hill’s Government stallions Querido and Sonfield. Ulyselba’s dam Melba has a rare line to Old Vermont Morgans through her parents. Belle Meade was out of a Senator Graham daughter who was out of a mare by Linspar and out of a Flyhawk daughter.

Karzan goes back to the very foundations of the WWF and also has much of the Old Brunk behind him.

Jazzy’s dam, B-Hive Bumble Bee blends the Government Morgans with the Old Vermont Morgans and then has some Brunk and WWF through the dam side. Her sire is the handsome, upheaded Val’s Just March who was sired by Vigilmarch, that stallion with the well-known dramatic upheaded look that he passed on to his descendents. Val’s Jus March was out of the Lippitt mare, Royalton Jus-Sue who produced many good produce when bred outside her own family, although Vigilmarch was not all that far outside from her since his sire was nearly all the Old Vermont lines himself. It is interesting to note that Jus-Sue was bred by Dana Kelley who got his foundation stock from the Orcutts, the breeders of Orcland Vigildon, sire of Vigilmarch. Jus-Sue’s sire is Ethan Eldon who was Orcutt bred. Her dam, bred by Robert Lippitt Knight, goes to Knight’s foundation stock of the Old Vermont lines. The Government part of Val’s Jus March comes in with the dam of Vigilmarch, Mayphil, that excellent producing mare. The other Government in Jus March comes from Orcland Vigildon’s sire Ulendon, he by Ulysses who was by Bennington. The rest of Orcland Vigildon’s pedigree is the Old Vermont blood.

Much of the breeding behind Val’s Jus March was the result of breeders who wanted a dramatic showy horse but who also wanted to keep the true Morgan look.

B-Hive Bumble Bee’s dam is B-Hive Farm’s Rodena (Kane’s Show Boy x Kane’s Wee Colleen). The Kane prefix Morgans dominated much of Michigan’s Morgan scene for many years, being typey good-looking horses. Show Boy was sired by Devan Tip (Captor x Tippy Tin), a product of multiple generations of Devan breeding, which are all Government lines. Show Boy’s dam, Miss Kay, was pure Brunk breeding. Her sire, Danny de Jarnette, was by King Mick by McAllister, by Jubilee King—a fantastic line of mares & sires. Danny de Jarnette was out of Daisette, who also is the maternal granddam of Miss Kay’s dam, thus making Miss Kay inbred to that great producing mare. That upstanding, handsome sire, Cotton Hill’s Choice, sired the dam of Miss Kay, he sired by Juban and out of Junita, both of them sired by Jubilee King.

Kane’s Wee Colleen, dam of B-Hive Farm’s Rodena, was sired by another Devan bred Morgan, King Captor; he also by Captor and out of Tippy Tin as was Devan Tip. This makes Rodena being the product of two half siblings in blood with her grandsires being full brothers. Colleen’s dam came from the L U Sheep Co. Ranch of Wyoming and was by Senator Graham and out of a daughter of Plains King (Romanesque x Linsley daughter).

The attributes of B-Hive Bumble Bee meshed well with the attributes of Shatona Karazan to give Jazzy the best of all that is behind her.

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