Funquest Swallow – 1982 to 2006

June 3, 2006

Funquest Swallow is one of the last pure Funquest horses. Her marvelous heritage is of the Kansas plains working Morgans. Behind Funquest Swallow are excellent Brunk bred horses who went to the ranchers of the west. Funquest Swallows heritage are Morgans from Kansas and Oklahoma ranchers and Morgans going back to Elmer Brown and Richard Sellman, the cornerstones of the Working Western Family. All the horses in the third line of her pedigree were foaled in 1926 through 1948; this brings that solid old blood up to today very quickly, along with the heritage of those times for Morgans of working ability, sense, and good temperament.

Foal OGO Flower of Amor SOLD to Libby Flower of Flower Farm Sport Horses to be her Junior Stallion.

Funquest Swallow’s OGO foals include:

OGO Flower of Amor, 2004 Black Brown Colt

Funquest Swallow Funquest Prophet The Brown Falcon Flyhawk Go Hawk Sunny Hawk
Florette Allen King
Florence Chandler
Allans Fancy L Tehachapi Allan Querido
Maggy Linsley Linsley
May Hudson
Linbar Barberry Night Tide Tiffany
Betty Barr Penrod
Daisy Knox
Elberty Linsley Linsley General Gates
Sunflower Maid
Dolly D Dude Hudson
Funquest Anny The Brown Falcon Flyhawk Go Hawk Sunny Hawk
Florette Allen King
Florence Chandler
Allans Fancy L Tehachapi Allan Querido
Maggy Linsley Linsley
May Hudson
Dot S Bell Ann Leon Silver Loren Belle Tehachapi Allan
Mary R M Romanesque
Maggy Linsley
Dot S Dolly Powerful Chocolate
Gold Pilot
Bar S Mary Tehachapi Allan
Mary R M




Funquest Swallow Morgan horse breeding mare.





Funquest Swallow
(Funquest Prophet x Funquest Anny)
AMHA #087266
1982 Brown Mare

A product of the Funquest breeding program, Swallow came near the end of the Funquest endeavor. Her parents are half siblings, both being sired by The Brown Falcon, that well known sire who also did well when shown. He brought together the proven cross of Brunk and Western Working Family. His sire, Flyhawk, was Brunk, His dam, Allan’s Fancy L, was Western Working Family, being by Tehachapi Allen, bred in California, sired by Querido and out of the Sellman bred Tab. The Elmer Brown bred Maggy Linsley was dam of Fancy L. She was sired by the great Linsley and out of a Brown bred mare going to Headlight Morgan and Old Midwest family. Remember also that Linsley was out of a Headlight Morgan mare. All the horses behind Brown Falcon’s dam were proven Morgans who left many good offspring.

Swallow’s sire, Funquest Prophet, was out of a mare who again brought Brunk and Western Working Family together. She was the good producing mare Linbar, sired by Barberry and out of Elberty Linsley. Elberty Linsley, bred by Elmer Brown of Kansas, was by Linsley and out of a mare bred by Elmer Brown, going to Old Midwest lines and Old Vermont. Barberry was sired by Night Tide (Tiffany x Glenalla) and out of Betty Barr (Penrod x Daisy Knox). Except for Night Tide’s sire, these are the same lines behind Jubilee King and other Brunk bred greats. Barberry sired many good ones, mostly for the Chillocco Indian School of Oklahoma.

Swallow’s dam, Funquest Anny, was out of a Kansas bred mare, Dot S Bell Ann. The Dot S bred Morgans to sell and to use on their ranch. The mares were not pampered but lived on the Kansas range the entire year, dealing with the weather on their own. They had to be tough but at the same time be tractable and easy to work with. Bell Ann was sired by Leon Silver who goes back to Tehachapi Allen, Linsley (twice), and Romanesque. It is solid Elmer Brown and Richard Sellman breeding behind him, horses bred for working ranch conditions. Bell Ann’s dam was Dot S Dolly, also with the good Kansas and Texas ranch heritage. She too has Linsley (twice), Romanesque, and Tehachapi Allen. She also brings in a rare line back to Golddust thru her sire Powerful’s dam.

Swallow has much close breeding to proven working Morgans who also were proven sires and dams of using horses. She helps to bring to this century the heritage of those Kansas and Texas ranchers who needed a good using horse.

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