OGO du Prix Provenance – 2005

February 26, 2005

Born – 2/26/2005

SOLD to North Wind Morgan Farm in Wasilla, Alaska.   Congratulations Mike & Paula Vrana on your newest member to your breeding program!  Mike and Paula plan to acquire, in the next few years, more well-bred and well-mannered Morgan mares to compliment their herd.  They are focusing on big-boned, old style Morgans.  We invite you to visit North Wind Morgan Farm.

A beautiful black filly, OGO du Prix Provenance, (meaning…’Provenance’ – Origin/proof of authenticity) was born to OGO Higuera Tinkerbelle at 5:00 am on Saturday Morning, February 26, 2005.  The sire of this filly is Caduceus Denver, a 16 hand black Morgan stallion.

OGO du Prix Provenance’s foals include:

* Young Filly

OGO du Prix Provenance Caduceus Denver Wyoming Flyhawk Domino Joe Stetson Flyhawk
Midnight Highview King
Lily Black Warhawk Flyhawk
GeeGee Glider
Topside Sable Kings-Haven Senator Senator Graham Senator Knox
Choquita Pride of King
Cinnamon Queen
Topside Sassafras Mickey Finn King Mick
Jubilee Joy
Mon Heir Hope Flamingo
Mon Heir Felicity
OGO Higuera Tinkerbelle Higuera Bandido Celebration Bonfire Senator Graham
Jubilee Joy Flyhawk
Countess of Copper Kings Ransome Dickies Pride
Gay Jipsey
Princess Sonfield Sonfield
Princess Sabab
Meadowvale Solo EFM Odin Orcland Ben Hur Casland Ben Don
Helen of Troy
Ginger Sonetta Dapper Dan
Eco Sonita
Woodside Elegance Orcland Ben Hur Casland Ben Don
Helen of Troy
Woodside April Glory Beckridge Sunfield
Woodside Rock Candy

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OGO du Prix Provenance
(Caduceus Denver x OGO Higuera Tinkerbelle)
2005 Black Filly