OGO Tejon De Oro Hermoso – 2005

May 10, 2005

There is a brand new addition to Old Growth Oak Morgans!  Introducing…OGO Tejon De Oro Hermoso (translation…OGO Beautiful Golden Badger).  Nicknamed, ‘Badger’.
WoodRose Katrina had her foal by Primavera Valdez on Friday, March 04, 2005 at 6:30 a.m.  Wendy even assisted the foal coming into the World!  She had a big healthy buckskin colt.

2005 Buckskin Colt
Primavera Valdez x WoodRose Katrina

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OGO Tejon De Oro Hermoso’s foals include:

*Young Colt

OGO Tejon De Oro Hermoso Primavera Valdez Primavera Vaquero Vaquero Mac Ro Mac Gay Mac
Bessie Ro
Oh-Cees Gift Montabell
Jane Abbey
Panzarita Ro Ro Mac Gay Mac
Bessie Ro
Gay Berta Gay Mac
Roberta Ro
Tia Margarita Tio Lalo Mahan Field Sonfield
Helen Mala
Palomesa Midnite Sun
Baby O
Gay Berta Gay Mac Mansfield
Roberta Ro Querido
WoodRose Katrina Windswept Imperial Dapper Dan Trilson Katrilan Prince
Roseta May
Bess Gates Gay Mac
Bessie Ro
Little Sweetheart Antman Mountcrest Sellman
Hels Chinquapina Sun Down Morgan
Tacinca Rusty Eprus Escort
Pongata Pongee Morgan
Wenonah Redman Mountcrest Sellman
Red Dot
Mormans Red Lady Lippitt Morman
Red Lady


Badger – June 27, 2006


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OGO Tejon De Oro Hermoso
Primavera Valdez X Woodrose Katrina
2005 Buckskin Colt
Bred by: Wendy Legate
OGO Morgans,Hollister, CA

Primavera Valdez was bred by Richard and Phylis Nelson , Mohican Farms, Polk, Ohio, and till his death was owned by Bob and Carol Simpson, Yuba City, CA. He was a 15.1 hand buckskin stallion foaled in 1979. He left 58 registered Morgan progeny. Valdez was sired by Primavera Vaquero and out of Tia Margarita by Tio Lalo out of Gay Berta. Margarita was also bred by the Nelsons. Primavera Vaquero was by Vaquero Mac out of Panzarita Ro by Ro Mac.

Vaquero Mac, himself sired only 15 Registered Morgan horses, some of whom went on to be breeding horses, but for the most part his line has died out. Vaquero Mac was also bred by the Nelsens. He was a very handsome chestnut horse . Vaquero Mac was a solid, well balanced individual, with powerful hindquarters, and the same overall smoothness his son inherited. Vaquero Mac’s sire was the chestnut Ro Mac, bred by Dr. CC Reed of California. Ro Mac was 14.3 hands and Vaquero Mac was very obviously his son- the bodies of Vaquero Mac and Ro Mac are almost interchangeable. Ro Mac was by the well known Gay Mac . Gay Mac in turn was by the US Government Morgan Horse Farm premier stallion Mansfield. Mansfield was by Bennington by General Gates out of Mrs. Culvers. It is almost impossible to find a Morgan Horse today without Mansfield on the papers. So wide an influence has Mansfield had. Mrs. Culvers the dam of Bennington was brought into the Government Farm breeding program from KY, in an effort to increase size in the herd. She was a great granddaughter of Gist’s Black Hawk Morgan by Blood’s Vermont Black Hawk, by Black Hawk , son of Sherman Morgan one of the three most famous breeding sons of Justin Morgan. General Gates was by Denning Allen out of Fanny Scott, a mare of primarily Thoroughbred breeding. Denning Allen, however was all Morgan, with multiple crosses to Sherman Morgan through Black Hawk. Denning Allen also carries a cross to Woodbury Morgan, and one , more rare to Red Robin, another son of Justin Morgan, though a lessor known son.

Artemsia was the dam of Mansfield, and through her is a link to what is considered as Ancient Morgan lineage breeding. She was by Ethan Allen 3rd out of the Harrison Orcutt Mare. Ethan Allen 3rd ( Borden’s ) was by Ethan Allen 2nd (Peter’s) son of Peter’s Vermont by Green Mountain Morgan and going back to Gifford Morgan by Woodbury Morgan, another of the three most famous breeding sons of Justin Morgan. The cross of Bennington and Artemsia has long been considered a “golden cross” and it is one which has produced the backbone of not only the WWF, but of all of today’s Morgans who can be considered of Government breeding. This then is the top sire line of Primavera Valdez, pure old US Government Farm breeding. On Artemsia’s pedigree one finds the names that rank among the most famous in the early years of the breed – Cushings Green Mountain, Billy Root, Hale’s Green Mountain, Black Morgan, The Batchelder Horse, The Levi Wilder mare, and yet another of Justin Morgan’s lessor known sons-The Hawkins Horse. Dewdrop the dam of Gay Mac was by General Gates out of Ellen. Ellen was a Vermont bred mare, standing 15.2 hands with nine crosses to Justin Morgan, through all three famous sons, Sherman, Woodbury, and Bulrush. She was owned and registered by Joseph Battell and kept as a broodmare at the Government Farm. She produced 14 foals, 13 of whom were filly foals. She was a big, smooth, upheaded mare and beautifully bred. She was one of the best of the Government broodmares. Ellen carried her line to Bulrush through Morrill, by The Jennison Colt a grandson of Bulrush. Gifford Morgan by Woodbury is on her pedigree as well as Motion by Daniel Lambert going back to Sherman Morgan. Bessie Ro was the dam of Ro Mac. She was by Querido ( full brother to Mansfield) and out of Roboss by Red Oak. Bessie Ro was bred by Roland G. Hill of California, and again is considered pure WWF. Roland G. Hill bought many of his mares from Richard Sellman of Rochelle, TX. The Sellman name is revered by breeders of the Working Western Family, and horses of his breeding’s lines are highly sought to this day. After the death of Richard Sellman, his horses were dispersed, and as in the case of Roland G. Hill, some of the mares went to California breeders, becoming in turn the basis for the Morgans we now call old California bred. Others went to Quarter Horse breeders in Texas, lost to the Morgan breed, but a goodly part of the Foundation Quarter Horse as we know it today.{mospagebreak}

Roboss was a 1920 mare who is among the most highly sought. She was out of Bossie A , also bred by Richard Sellman. Bossie A represents the very heart of Sellman’s breeding program- she by Major Antoine out of daughter of Major Gordon. Major Antoine was by Meteor Jr. by Meteor by Young Rix who was a son of Chieftain, who was a son of Black Hawk by Sherman Morgan. For the most part these were 16 hand horses either black or brown in color, and from Vermont. From Major Antione on this is considered solid mid-western breeding which is the basis of Sellman’s breeding. Most go back to Sherman Morgan, some through Black Hawk. Some go to Woodbury and Bulrush such as Octoroon who is behind Bossie Gordon, the dam of Bossie A. Major Gordon who has the blood of Octoroon also has a line to The Hawkins Horse by Justin Morgan through Joe Brown by Davy Crockett by The Hawkins Horse. Major Gorden also had a line to Woodbury through Comet who was by The Chittendon County Morgan by Putnam Morgan by Woodbury. Comet has this exact breeding on both the top and bottom of his pedigree. In his day Comet was undefeated as a show horse and after he left his home state of Vermont, and went to Kentucky – was considered one of the very best sires in that state. Again, a strong blend of the three famous sons, with lines to lessor known sons , which was characteristic of the Sellman breeding program as the horses were known to be and bred to be sound, hard using stock. Red Oak the sire of Roboss, was by General Gates out of Marguerite, who was by White River Morgan who traces to Woodbury Morgan on both top and bottom of this pedigree. Red Oak was bred by Joseph Battell, and some say he was the best son of General Gates. Certainly the the Ancient Vermont blood of his dam Marguerite was a contributing factor in that. For in addition to Woodbury Marguerite also has the blood of an unnamed daughter of Justin Morgan behind her.This then is the very top line of Primavera Valdez’s pedigree through Vaquero Mac.

It is from the dam of Vaquero Mac that a divergence from the very top line begins. While still heavily Sellman breeding in nature, one begins to see more Sherman Morgan and Bulrush Morgan blood added. Oh Cee’s Gift ( bred by R.N. Nelson , foaled in 1956) was the dam of Vaquero Mac, and while her sire line Montabell, by Montecrest Sellman by Joe Bailey by Headlight Morgan is pure Sellman breeding her paternal dam line goes back to the famous cross of Bennington and Artemsia, through Querido. This line – that of Jinglebells dam of Montabell brings in more Bulrush Morgan through Morrill and doubles up on Headlight Morgan through his son Easter Allen Morgan.

In addition there is a line to Black Hawk by Sherman here through Easter Allen Morgan’s dam-Bessie Morgan. These were all robust horses, some like Bessie Morgan as large as 15.2 hands, others of the 14.3 hand range with weights of 1100 lbs.

It is through Oh-Cee’s Gift’s dam Jane Abbey , bred by J.C. Brunk, that we see far more of the Sherman Morgan blood. It is here in abundance through Jane Abbey’s sire Raragraph by Jubilee King and out of Nella by Allen King. Allen King and Penrod, the sire of Jubilee King were full brothers by Allen Franklin out of Black Bess. Allen Franklin was by Jasper Franklin by Ben Franklin by Daniel Lambert. Jasper Franklin’s dam was Twilight by Daniel Lambert. In the fourth generation sire lines of Jasper Franklin, Black Hawk by Sherman Morgan appears four times. Heavy Sherman blood concentration indeed. Daisy, the dam of Allen Franklin has no less concentrated Sherman blood, but hers comes through the famous ‘Billy’s’- Billy Bodette, and Billy Root- she also carried a line to Royal Morgan by Sherman and one to The Atkins Mare by Sherman. This much blood of Sherman through Daniel Lambert especially was the hallmark of the earlier JC Brunk breeding program- which is indeed another equally important contribution to the foundation of the modern Working Western Family. Black Bess, the dam of Penrod and Allen Franklin, was by Jubilee De Jarnette, the only son of the very famous and undefeated show mare Lady De Jarnette. She was so famous that after a little while nobody would show against her, and she did exhibitions only. She was a five gaited mare. She was a great granddaughter of Black Hawk. Jubilee Lambert was the sire of Black Bess, he was by Daniel Lambert himself, out of a Black Hawk granddaughter. The bottom side of Jane Abbey’s pedigree is a virtual repeat of the top side of her pedigree with the addition of Knox Morgan by Mountaineer Morgan who goes back to Sherman , close up on both sides of his pedigree. Knox Morgan was the maternal grandfather of Jane Abbey’s dam- Betty Barr. Betty Barr was by Penrod out of Daisy Knox, who was also the dam of the famous Jubilee King son- Red Vermont. Daisy Knox was out of Daisy De Jarnette by Jubilee De Jarnette X Ben’s Daisy by Ben Franklin. The dam of Ben’s Daisy was the same Daisy as mentioned above as the dam of Allen Franklin.{mospagebreak}

This is the heart of the JC Brunk breeding program. Knox Morgan crossed onto the Daniel Lambert blood brought to that line more elegance and more compactness of form. This is the top sire line of OGO Tejon De Oro Hermoso’s pedigree- a blend of US Government Farm, the best of Sellman, Ancient Vermont blood, and the best of Brunk breeding. Tia Margarita, dam of Primavera Valdez, was by Tio Lalo out of Gay Berta. Again, all Nelson Bred horses. Tio Lalo was by Mahan Field out of Palomesa. Mahan Field was by Sonfield out of Helen Mala by Querido- again, US Government Farm breeding. Sonfield by Mansfield out of Quietude by Troubadour of Willowmoor- Sherman breeding here.

Helen Mala’s dam was Hemala, by Headlight Morgan out of Baby Lu- Sellman breeding here, since Baby Lu was by his well used and known stallion -The Admiral. Palomesa was by Midnight Sun out of Baby O.

Midnight Sun was by Sun Down Morgan out of Dawnglo by Night Tide. Midnight Sun was double registered Morgan and Palomino . Sun Down Morgan was bred by Fredrick Flicket of Tehachapi, CA, he was a Parade horse, a Stock horse and a Trail horse and the sire of 29 foals. In all but his breeder’s name he was a Sellman bred horse, since both his sire and dam were bred by Richard Sellman. He was sired by Raven Chief and out of Texsky. He went back to Bulrush Morgan through Winnebago Chief, back to Sherman through The Admiral via Jubilee De Jarnette, back to Woodbury via Headlight Morgan. He carried the blood of Flying Morrill, Morrill Queen, Julian Morgan,and Octoroon- all part of Sellman’s superb breeding program.

Dawnglo, dam of Midnight Sun was bred by the LU Sheep Company of Dickie, Wyoming. She was by Night Tide out of Ishawooa. Night Tide was by Tiffany out of Glenalla bred by JC Brunk . Tiffany was by Mansfield out of Klyona-both of whom were US Government Farm bred, making them carriers of Sherman Blood and through Klyona both Bulrush and Woodbury blood. Glenalla on the other hand, was bred by JC Brunk and is almost pure Sherman breeding. She was by Allen King out of Ruby Reade by Charles Reade. Ben Franklin, Daniel Lambert, Chetco, Black Hawk, Jubilee Lambert, Jubilee De Jarnette all are behind Glenalla. Ishawooa was by Linspar out of Coalie by Flyhawk. Linspar was by Linsley out of Sparbelle. Linsley by General Gates out of the Headlight Morgan daughter Sunflower Maid. Sparbelle was by Dart out of Donbelle. Dart goes back to Sherman through King Herod on his sire side and back again to Sherman on his dam’s side through Ben Franklin, Daniel Lambert, Billy Root and Billy Folsum, for Dart’s dam was Bess Franklin. Donbelle of Ancient Vermont breeding goes back more strongly to Woodbury, though she does carry Sherman through Billy Root strongly, being in effect half Woodbury and half Sherman breeding.{mospagebreak}

Coalie by Flyhawk was out of an LU Sheep Co. mare who was a daughter of Morgan Patch. Flyhawk by Go Hawk out of Florette was another JC Brunk bred stallion. He carried both Sherman and Bulrush bloodlines. And really needs no introduction here.

Baby O was the dam of Palomesa, she was sired by Will Rogers (who was the sire of Red Correll) , and out of Hilda by Pat Allen by Allen King. Will Rogers was by Herod Panic and out of Cardinal.

Herod Panic was by Herod Golddusty who was by Winterset out of Potena. Winterset was by Captain Jack- this line goes back to King Herod- who goes back to Black Hawk Morgan by Sherman Morgan, on both sides of Winterset’s pedigree.

Potena, who was the dam of Herod Golddusty also goes back to Sherman very heavily, carrying such names as Pathfinder Jr., Little Crow, Star of the West, Fred Hudson and Herod. The dam of Herod Panic was Miga by Winterset out of Cola who was a full sister to Potena. Extremely concentrated Sherman breeding indeed. So far in OGO Tejon De Oro Hermoso ( Badger by nickname), we have the breeding programs of Brunk, Sellman, and TP Royce ( Winterset’s breeder)- Old Midwestern breeding that went into the backbone of current Working Western Breeding, and Old California breeding. Not forgetting Gay Berta, the dam of Tia Margarita. Gay Berta was by Gay Mac, out of Roberta Ro. Roberta Ro was a full sister to Bessie Ro who was the dam of Ro Mac the sire of Vaquero Mac. Gay Berta had six progeny, and won her class of Mare and Foal at age 17- she was a very pretty mare, very smooth, and very correct, with a lovely expression and eye. She was owned by The Nelsens, and was very much a prized broodmare. Four of her produce were Gay Vaquero ( Foundation stallion for Polly Smith’s Little Brook Farm) , Panzarita Ro by Ro Mac, Seranita Ro by Senator Gift, and Tia Margarita by Tio Lalo. All of whom were very well known, and highly regarded. This is what is considered as California breeding despite it being based on the old US Government Farm in Vermont at Middlebury. Woodrose Katrina , a bay 1982 mare, was sired by Windswept Imperial out of Tacinca by Rusty out of Winona. Woodrose Katrina was a mare of solid Old California breeding combined with Old Working Western breeding. Her sire Windswept Imperial , a black 1965 stallion was shown Western Pleasure and In- Hand by John Gorman of Garnersville, NV.. Windswept Imperial was sired by California bred, and well known Dapper Dan out of the Antman daughter Little Sweetheart. Dapper Dan , sire of 108 Morgan foals, was a bay stallion , 14.1 hands, and many time show winner. He was sired by Trilson and out of Bess Gates. Bess Gates was by Gay Mac out of Bessie Ro by Querido. Trilson was sired by Katrilan Prince who was bred by the Hearst Sunical Land and Packing Co. of California. Katrilan Prince’s dam was Princess Allan by Querido X Tab. Trilson’s dam was Roseta May by Sonfield out of Roseta Mala. Already we see a pattern emergingthat of the blending of Old California blood with that of Querido of US Government Farm breeding. Katrilan Prince was by Katrilan out of Princess Allan by Querido. Katrilan was by Uhlan by Bennington . Katrilan was bred by WR Hearst of California. His dam was Katrina C by Querido out of the Sellman bred Red Oak daughter-Rokit. Uhlan’s dam was Poinsetta. Poinsetta was by Troubadour of Willowmoor out of Babe by Bob Morgan. Uhlan was US Government Farm bred. Babe by Bob Morgan, on his side of the pedigree goes back to both Sherman and Woodbury. On Babe’s dam’s side – Babe’s dam was the Coe Mare- she goes back to Sherman through Daniel Lambert and via Cobden ( sire of the Coe Mare) she has Red Robin by Justin Morgan as well. Babe also has two lines to Ethan Allen by BlackHawk. This makes Poinsetta , dam of Uhlan especially rich in Sherman blood through Ethan Allen on both sides,as well as Daniel Lambert, and his line to Jubilee De Jarnette – on Troubadour of Willowmoor’s pedigree. Uhlan being by Bennington by General Gates was a tail male Sherman bred horse. Going from the past to the more present, the dam of Katrilan Prince- Princess Allan was by Querido and her dam was the Sellman bred mare Tab . Tab was by Texas Allen out of Birdie by Major Antoine. Texas Allen was by Easter Allen Morgan, a son of Headlight Morgan. Easter Allen’s dam was Bessie Morgan by Flying Morrill. The Morrills went back to Bulrush Morgan. Bessie Morgan’s dam was Sunrise who went back to both Woodbury and to Sherman. Tab’s dam Birdie by Major Antoine was out of Dolly Bonner by Old Jordan who was said to be Morgan. Major Antoine was by Meteor Jr by Meteor. Major Antoine’s dam was Molly Lee by General Lee. On both sides of Major Antoine’s pedigree he goes back over and over to Sherman Morgan through BlackHawk. He did have a couple of lines to Woodbury via Gifford, and one to Brutus by Justin Morgan through his dam Molly Lee. Roseta May was the dam of Trilson. Roseta May was by Sonfield out of Roseta Mala. Roseta May was bred by Roland G. Hill, her dam Roseta Mala was also bred by Hill. Sonfield was sired by Mansfield out of Quietude by Troubadour of Willowmoor. Sonfield was bred by the US Government Farm, and purchased by Roland G. Hill after a purchase by another party fell through. Sonfield was the sire of an astonishing two hundred thirty six registered Morgan foals. Quietude’s dam was Ruth a mare of primarily Sherman blood carrying Billy Root, Billy Bodette, Billy Folsum and Billy Roberts as well as Royal Morgan, The Streeter Horse and Ethan Allen II. She did have lines to Woodbury as well, through Gifford via Hale’s Green Mountain Morgan to Gifford by Woodbury. Roseta May was the dam of thirteen Morgan foals. Her dam, Roseta Mala produced five Morgan foals. Roseta Mala was by Joaquin Morgan. Joaquin Morgan was bred by Elmer Brown of Halstead, Kansas, and sold to Roland G. Hill . He sired thirty three Morgan foals. Joaquin Morgan was by the Sellman bred Romanesque out of Margett L. Romanesque was by Red Oak out of Mariah K. Mariah K was by Headlight Morgan out of Sweet Marie by The Admiral. The Admiral was by Jubilee De Jarnette out of Morrill Queen who carried the Bulrush blood Sellman so often used. The Admiral and his daughters represents ‘core’ Sellman breeding- combining all three major Justin Morgan sons. Margett L was bred by Elmer Brown. Margett L was sired by Linsley out of Donbelle. Linsley was by General Gates out of Sunflower Maid by Headlight Morgan out of Fanny P. Headlight Morgan went back to Woodbury primarily, with Black Hawk present on a line, and Fanny P by Julian Morgan by Winnebago Chief out of a daughter of Flying Morrill- went back primarily to Bulrush Morgan with fewer lines to Woodbury Morgan and a line to Sherman. Donbelle on the other hand, was of what we call Ancient Vermont breeding and she was about a half and half mix of Woodbury and Sherman Morgan. Donbelle was by Donald out of Belle C Graves. Donald was by Ethan Allen II out of Fanny by Ethan Allen III. Belle C. Graves was by Billy Roberts – who went back to Billy Root by Sherman- out of the Hudson Mare who went back to Sherman top and bottom.{mospagebreak}

The dam of Roseta Mala was Hemala, who was the dam of seventeen Morgan foals.. Hemala was a Sellman bred mare by Headlight Morgan out of Baby Lu. Baby Lu was pure Sellman being by The Admiral by Jubilee De Jarnette out of Emma Antoine by Major Antoine out of Topsy by Major Gordon. Major Gordon was by Octoroon Jr by Octoroon, by Comet by Chittendon County Morgan by Putnam Morgan by Woodbury Morgan. There is a line to Bulrush Morgan through the Chittendon County Morgan and a line to Chanticleer by Justin Morgan through the Putnam Morgan as well. Topsy was out of an Octoroon daughter. Bess Gates was the dam of Dapper Dan, sire of Windswept Imperial. Bess Gates was by Gay Mac out of Bessie Ro. Bessie Ro was bred by Roland G. Hill. Gay Mac was US Government Farm bred by Mansfield out of Dewdrop. Dewdrop was by General Gates out of Ellen. Ellen was by Rocky Mountain out of the Lamb Mare by Young Benedict Morrill. Young Benedict Morrill was by Benedict Morrill going back to Bulrush through Morrill , by the Jennison Colt by Randolph Morgan by Bulrush, on the dam’s side of the top line of the Lamb Mare’s pedigree there is a daughter of Gifford, so she also had a Woodbury cross. Rocky Mountain, sire of Ellen was by Motion by Daniel Lambert.

Rocky Mountain’s dam was Alice who went back to Sherman through a lesser known son called Fox, who was the sire of Hoagland’s Gray Messenger, grandsire of Alice, and sire of her sire- Young America. Bessie Ro, dam of Bess Gates, was by Querido out of Roboss. Roboss was Sellman bred. Roboss was by Red Oak out of Bossie A.

Red Oak was by General Gates out of Marguerite. Marguerite was by White River Morgan out of the John P. Marsh mare who was by the Crocker Horse who was Sherman bred top and bottom of his pedigree. White River Morgan was by Neshobe who was a Woodbury, through Gifford, Sherman bred stallion. Bossie A , was another pure Sellman mare, being by Major Antoine out of a Major Gordon daughter. This is the sire side of the pedigree of Windswept Imperial- unusually heavy in Sellman blood which is hard to find today in this concentration.

Little Sweetheart was Windswept Imperial’s dam. Little Sweetheart was sired by Antman and out of Hels Chinquapina. Antman was by Mountcrest Sellman out of Pontez. Pontez was a Morab mare by Antez out of the Morgan mare Pondette. Antez, her sire went back to Deyr, one of the original Arabian imports into this country, a Davenport import, and a very famous , highly regarded stallion. Pontez was bred by WR Hearst of California. Pondette was bred by Roland G. Hill and was sired by Pongee Morgan out of Sellman bred Roda by Red Oak out of Daisy A. Daisy A. was by Major Antoine out of Nellie Gordon by Major Gordon. Pongee Morgan was by Brunk bred Allen King , who was a full brother to Penrod, sire of Jubilee King. Allen King by Allan Franklin out of Black Bess. Allan Franklin by Jasper Franklin by Ben Franklin by Daniel Lambert. Jasper Franklin was out of Twilight, a Daniel Lambert daughter. Strong concentration indeed of Daniel Lambert blood. Black Bess was Jubilee De Jarnette- more Daniel Lambert blood here, and out of the John Hoover mare who was by Tom Corwin and had the blood of Sherman, Woodbury, and Bulrush through Black Hawk, Gifford Morgan and Morrill. Galva was the dam of Pongee Morgan, she was by Billy Herod out of Chista the Ben Franklin granddaughter who also carried more Sherman through Billy Bodette.

Mountcrest Sellman, sire of Antman, was a very prominent Sellman bred stallion. He was by Joe Bailey out of Kitty E by The Admiral X Puss by Gold Medal out of Mollie Gordon by Major Gordon. Gold Medal was by Meteor Jr out of a mare by General Lee. Gold Medal and Major Antoine were half brothers and more actually since both their dams were by General Lee. Joe Bailey was by Headlight Morgan out of Polly B by The Admiral out of Polly Antoine by Major Antoine. Once again here is Sellman’s classic blending of all three major Justin Morgan sons- Bulrush, Sherman, and Woodbury.

Hels Chinquapina brings in more Bulrush and more Sherman blood being by Sun Down Morgan out of Bubbles by Juzan. The Hels prefix stands for Hugh E. Logan of Glendale, California. Sun Down Morgan was one of the last tail male Bulrush stallion’s in modern times. He was by Raven Chief and out of Texsky. Sun Down Morgan gained prominence in California as a Parade horse, a Stock horse and a Trail horse, owned and ridden by Merle Little , he was widely known and admired. His sire Raven Chief was by Morgan Chief out of the Sellman mare Baby Girl by the Admiral out of Lulu A by Major Antoine- more Bulrush blood indeed as well as more Jubilee De Jarnette. Morgan Chief was by Chief Morgan out of Mr. Parks Mare who was by Flying Morrill- more Bulrush blood. Julian Morgan was the sire of Chief Morgan and his sire Winnebago Chief, like Flying Morrill was a Morrill grandson. Morrill being by The Jennison Colt by Randolph Morgan by Bulrush Morgan. Lady Gipsy was the dam of Julian Morgan , she being by Colby’s Young Green Mountain who was a Woodbury horse on his sire side, but a Bulrush horse on his dam’s side carrying the blood of Morrill. Morgan Chief , who was the sire of Raven Chief, had as his dam Maude Morgan. Maude was also by Julian Morgan out of Bessie Morgan who was by Flying Morrill.

Texsky, dam of Sun Down Morgan, was another Sellman bred mare, she was sired by Texas Allen out of Frisky. Texas Allen was by Easter Allen Morgan by Headlight Morgan out of Bessie Morgan who was the dam of Maude Morgan and also the dam of Texas Allen. In other words Bessie Morgan was the dam of Texas Allen, Easter Allen Morgan and Maude Morgan. Frisky was by Meteor Jr. out of Frisky Jane by Major Gordon. Rather tight breeding here for sure, but that is what made the Sellman program what it was.{mospagebreak}

Bubbles by Juzan was out of Aleada. Both Juzan and Aleada were by Jubilee King. Juzan being out of Liza Jane by Knox Morgan and Aleada being out of Ruby De Jarnette by Allen King. Again, close breeding, this time going back to Sherman via Daniel Lambert. Ruby De Jarnette brings in the very fast blood of Charles Reade through her dam, Mrs. Lewis. Charles Reade was the superb triple Registered Morgan, and very highly regarded in his day.

Tacinca , dam of Woodrose Katrina was sired by Rusty out of Wenonah. Rusty was bred by Ray Wellbanks of Cayucos, CA. and was later owned by Mary Spenser. He sired twenty two Morgan foals. As his name implies Rusty was not a big time show horse, rather he was a solid working ranch stallion. His blood brings in familiar names however. He was sired by Eprus, bred by The Maxwell Lodge of Lakeside, WA. Rusty was out of Pongata, a Pongee Morgan daughter. Eprus was by Escort, a Vermont bred stallion who was the sire of eighteen foals. Though bred in Vermont by WS Tod ( who lived in NY), Escort went to Spokane, WA. Escort was sired by McMahon Morgan General who was bred by Joseph Battell , Escort’s dam was Viola by General Gates out of Marguerite. McMahon Morgan General was by Scotland out of Beauty. Both Scotland and Beauty were sired by General Gates. Scotland was out of Highland Mary, who was sired by Lambert Chief by Daniel Lambert. The dam of Highland Mary was Jessie Benson, a gray 15 hand mare by Darkey out of Betsey by Weston’s Gray Hawk , son of Rocky Mountain, out of Weston’s Mare by Bulrush Morgan. Darkey was a Black Hawk Morgan grandson out of L. Ray Mare by Andrus Hamiltonian. Lambert Chief’s dam was Milk Maid by Coburn’s American Star who was by Cock of the Rock by Sherman, and out of Judge Fe Sumner Gray Mare by Justin Morgan. Beauty who was the dam of McMahon Morgan General was out of the oddly named mare Coming Trotter who was by Motion by Daniel Lambert . Coming Trotter was out of Fanny Sleight by Ethan Allen by Black Hawk. Ethan Allen was out of Poll by Red Robin by Justin Morgan. Certainly this is intense Sherman /Justin Morgan breeding which has had a lasting influence. Viola, dam of Escort was out of Marguerite by White River Morgan. White River Morgan went back almost equally to Gifford and to Sherman Morgan on his sire’s side. He went back to Sherman through Black Hawk more heavily on his dam’s side still with a line to Gifford. Marguerite was owned by Joseph Battell and shown to 3rd Premium Aged mares at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair. Pomona was the dam of Eprus sire of Rusty. Pomona was US Government Farm bred by Troubadour of Willowmoor out of Helen Gates by General Gates out of Caroline by Daniel Lambert. Caroline carried in addition to the Sherman bloodlines, a line to Morrill who goes to Bulrush Morgan.

Rusty’s dam Pongata was by Pongee Morgan out of Red Oak by General Gates. Pongee Morgan was bred by JC Brunk , he was sired by Allen King, full brother to Penrod- sire of Jubilee King- and out of Galva. Galva was bred by Lloyd Z. Jones of Galva, Illinois, and owned by JC Brunk. She was by Billy Herod who went back to Sherman through Black Hawk at least five times. Galva’s dam was Chista by Chetco by Ben Franklin by Daniel Lambert- more Sherman blood here. Rogata was the dam of Pongata. Rogata was a Sellman bred mare by Red Oak who was by General Gates out of Marguerite . Rogata’s dam was Puss- a classic Sellman bred mare being by Gold Medal out of Mollie Gordon by Major Gordon by Octoroon Jr by Octoroon. Gold Medal by Meteor Jr. by Meteor by Young Rix by Chieften by Black Hawk Morgan. Gold Medal’s dam side went back to General Knox and to Gifford Morgan including a line to Brutus by Justin Morgan. Octoroon went back to Woodbury Morgan and to Bulrush Morgan as well as having a line to the Hawkins Horse by Justin Morgan.

Wenonah was the dam of Tacinca, dam of Woodrose Katrina. Wenonah was bred by Dr. H.F. Spencer of Arroyo Grande, California. She was a red chestnut foaled in 1957. She was the dam of eight Morgan foals. Wenonah was sired by the Mountcrest Sellman son- Redman and she was out of Morman’s Red Lady. Redman was bred by WR Hearst and his dam Red Dot was bred by Roland G. Hill, but despite that Redman was virtually a pure Sellman bred stallion, even though Pongee Morgan , bred by JC Brunk was the sire of Red Dot. A very illustrious combination of breeders, representing some of the best of the best of breeding indeed. Wenonah’s dam Morman’s Red Lady, brought in a variation of bloodlines from what we have seen thus far. Morman’s Red Lady was by Lippitt Morman, thus adding that Ancient Vermont blood to the mix. Lippitt Morman was by Mansfield out of the archetypal Lippitt mare- Lippitt Kate Moro. Lippitt Kate Moro was bred by RL Knight, she was by Moro out of Croyden Mary. This is foundation Lippitt breeding going back to Sherman via Billy Root, Royal Morgan, and Black Hawk, while going back to Bulrush through Morgan One Eye, and back to Woodbury through not only Gifford Morgan, but through General Hibbard. There is also a line to Justin Morgan thorugh Red Robin. Lippitt Kate Moro carried some of the very best breeding known to us as Lippitt breeding. Her son Lippitt Morgan all of 14.3 hands was the first Morgan horse to win the grueling Vermont 100 mile Trail ride in Western tack. And not the lightweight synthetic tack of today !{mospagebreak}

Red Lady was the dam of Morman’s Red Lady. She was sired by Antman, another son of Mountcrest Sellman, and was out of Red Tawn, bred by Roland G Hill out of one of the Sellman mares he bought at the Sellman Estate sale. That mare was Texanita by Texas Allen out of Anita B. Red Tawn was sired by Querido by Bennington out of Artemsia. Antman by Mountcrest Sellman was out of Pontez bred by WR Hearst. Pontez was half Arabian and out of the Pongee Morgan daughter Pondette. This is very similar to the breeding behind Princess Sabab behind Higuera Bandido. Texas Allen was Sellman bred , Pongee Morgan was JC Brunk bred. Both are here and both were superior animals who made a significant contribution to Woodrose Katrina being the mare she was.

With parents such as these, Badger comes by his athletic ability very honestly, both sire and dam were horses bred to work, and work well, and move with grace, speed and ability- no doubt Badger can do the same and will pass those qualities on to his get.

Pedigree Analysis By:
Ina M. Ish
Longstreet Consulting
October 23, 2008