Telura’s Black Gold – passed away 1999

June 3, 1999

“The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit, and fire” – Sharon Ralls Lemon

  We lost Telura late 1999 to a sudden deadly veterinary mistake so now we’re left missing our best mare very much. Telura was a working western Morgan masterpiece, the result of careful breeding of the Waer, Sellman, Hearst, Hill and Brunk programs. Her breeding through the generations has now become some of the finest Western Morgan breeding of Morgan history both in the show ring and on ranches throughout the American West. Her principle lines were used by Richard Sellman himself which greatly contributed to the American Quarter Horse.



  The greatest testimony to Telura’s success lives on in the legacy of her foals. Spanning her 25 years of life, Telura produced more than a dozen foals who carry on her great qualities. These foals were improvements of not only herself but the sires she was bred to. We have talked to many folk from Arizona to Oregon who own one or more of Telura’s foals that are now foundation stock for their own breeding programs. Many have said they have been offered well above fair market value for Telura’s foals right out of the pasture but wouldn’t part with her Black Gold for any price.

We also miss Telura because she was one of the most intelligent horses we have ever had the privilege of caring for on this ranch – she was a wonderful old herd boss mare and a very loyal mother to her foals.

Thank you Telura, for many years of dedicated service to your human caregivers and your foals. You are missed and will not be forgotten.


TELURAS BLACK GOLD Hedlite’s Micky Waer Waer’s Black Rascal Monte L Major R M




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Piedmont Cresta Mountcrest Sellman


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