Nova 1986 – 4/12/2005

Nova 1986 – 4/12/2005 by owner, Laura Last night we had to put Nova, my dog, down.  She has been my Miracle Dog-living way beyond, what a dog of her size should be able to do (she weighed about 80 lbs). She has survived 3 cancer surgeries.  She has graced my life and blessed me. […]

Geronimo – 1986 to 2005

GERONIMO – ‘Mitch’s Geronimo’ March 25, 1986 – April 13, 2005 by owner, Ildy ven De Putte Geronimo!  He bore a famous warrior’s name, and his beauty and mind to please were truly fit for a king. But to me, he was ‘Gerimo’…my big, affectionate, baby horse who refused to grow up into the harsh […]

South River Kohla – 1985 to 2005

Kohla is a raven black 15.2 hand Wyoming Flyhawk daughter. She is an imposing figure with exceptional bone as well as a substantial hindquarter. Her movement is the big flat fluid movement that her lines are famous for and she is appropriately performance proven in dressage. She is one of the quietest, sweetest mares. Her […]

Primavera Valdez – 1979 to 2005

1979-2005 Owned by Bob & Carol Simpson of Prima Kosta Rancho This handsome, correct, good-minded stallion is well known by many. His numerous get are made in his image and his strongly close bred pedigree helps to bring the old California working Morgan heritage to today. His sire is a double grandson of Ro Mac, […]