OGO Farceur’s Rose

2015 Dark Chestnut, High Percentage Foundation Filly (OGO Primavera Red Oak x Farceur’s Rose) Big bodied and very fancy in the show ring, steps out and loves to show off. Very gentle and well mannered has been trailered all over, clipped, bathed, extremely good on the lead. Ties, stands for vetting and trim. Loves people […]

OGO May RockWood Sparbeau

2015 Bay Morgan Filly (OGO Primavera Red Oak X OGO Higuera de LaBandida) This filly will be at least 15.2 hand when mature, she is a fancy mover with 3 solid gaits. Sold. Click here to view pedigree on All Breed Pedigree

OGO Sellman Hill and Co – 2009 Colt

(OGO Tejon de Oro Hermoso x Ursulas Higuera Bandita) Ursulas Higuera Bandita foaled a smokey black colt by OGO Tejon de Oro Hermoso.  He was named, OGO Sellman Hill and Co – or “CC” for short. “CC” has been registered and color tested.  He is, indeed, a smoky black, which is a black base with the dilute […]

OGO Luna Illuminati

Sold! This colt will likely mature between 15.2 – 16.0 hands tall with the height and movement of his sire, Caduceus Denver.   He will have the body, substance and type of his dam, STK Black Velvet. OGO Luna Illuminati Caduceus Denver X STK Black Velvet Black colt, Foaled May 25, 2006 Bred By Old […]

OGO Primavera Black Gold

Gelded. This stallion is significant – due to being a double, Teluras Black Gold.  On the sireline, he is a grandson of the late great Primavera Valdez.   OGO Primavera Black Gold RanchBoss Cortez Primavera Valdez Primavera Vaquero Vaquero Mac Ro Mac Oh-Cees Gift Panzarita Ro Ro Mac Gay Berta Tia Margarita Tio Lalo Mahan Field Palomesa […]