RanchBoss Black Star – 1997 to 2008

August 27, 2008

June 15th 1997 to August 27th 2008

OGO Waers Gold Star born to RanchBoss Black Star, August 24th 2008.  *See pictures below

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With a pedigree full of good working ancestors, Black Star has proven her worth as a working ranch horse. Her paternal grand sire, Edelweiss Magic Man, consistently sired good using horses with good minds. Most of her pedigree is Western Working Family.

*Owned in partnership with Amy Don Schroeder


RanchBoss Black Star’s OGO foals include: 

OGO Waers Gold Star – 2008 Buckskin Filly
OGO Primavera Black Gold – 2006 Black Colt
OGO GoldSwept Sun – 2005 Buckskin Colt

RanchBoss Black Star Black Velvet Dark Knight Edelweiss Magic Man Suetors Lendon Wales Farm Lucky Boy Foxy Nighthawk
Ulinda Rose
Suetor Tutor
Ginger Cookie
Dark Debonette Sargeant Mac Colonel Dygert
Babes Star Dust Babes Delight
Sally Rogers
Rantresa Ecstasy Windswept Ramon Green Meads Richmond Gay Cavalier
Green Meads Belle
Shasta Daisy Antman
Daisy E
Dapper Dion Dapper Dan Trilson
Bess Gates
Impala Claudette California King
Miss Tayler
Teluras Black Gold Hedlites Micky Waer Waers Black Rascal Monte L Major R M
Gontola Flyhawk
De Ann
Hedlites Kitty Clover Hedlites Bob E A Hedlite
Piedmont Cresta
Piedmont Cresta Mountcrest Sellman
Clover Bud
Danni-Jo Linns Black Dan Linns Knox Dapper Dan
Brown Knox Lu
Sondawn Linden Sonfield
Fridays Rebel Lode Ranger Muscle Man
Roseta May
Our Girl Friday Trilson

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(Black Velvet Dark Knight x Teluras Black Gold)
1997 Black Mare

This lovely mare has a pedigree that is mostly Western Working Family. Her sire Black Velvet Dark Knight is by Edelweiss Magic Man, a typey correct sire who passed on his many good traits consistently. Sire of well over 100 get, his pedigree is mostly Government with some Brunk in the top portion, some Old Vermont scattered through the pedigree, and Old Midwest and Western Working Family in the bottom mare line.


The dam of Black Star’s sire Black Velvet Dark Knight is mostly Western Working Family. The sire line goes to Green Meads Richmond who has some Old Vermont through his sire and also a cross to Upwey Ben Don through his dam. However, the rest of Black Star’s paternal granddam’s pedigree is Western Working Family. There is Sid Spencer breeding behind Shasta Daisy who is by Sid’s beloved working ranch stallion Antman. There is Dapper Dan and an Impala mare—all of old California lines. Impala Claudette has two crosses to Redman through her dam and a sire line back to Clark Ringling’s breeding. When bred to Waseeka Peter Piper, she gave that stallion some of his very best get.


The dam of Black Star, Teluras Black Gold, is pure Western Working Family. She is by Hedlites Micky Waer, by Waers Black Rascal by Monte L by Major RM and out of Jumina. This is a sire line of Romanesque with Linsley and old Brunk. Black Rascal is out of Gontola by Flyhawk and out of a Jubilee King mare. The dam of Micky Waer, Hedlites Kitty Clover is all old California breeding and is the result of a Mountcrest Sellman daughter being bred to her son. Mountcrest Sellman was an excellent Baroque stallion who was very important in helping to establish the early ranch Morgans in California. Teluras Black Gold’s dam, Danni-Jo, is also pure old California Morgans. She has Dapper Dan and his brother Muscle Man behind her, both by Trilson, and a full sister to Muscle Man also. The mare lines are nearly all tracing back to the mares of Richard Sellman who came to California to establish the breed in this state. One mare line goes to Elmer Brown of Kansas, that other cornerstone of the Western Working Family.

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