OGO Circle H RoseWood – 2009 Filly

Circle H Merlita foaled a bay filly by OGO Tejon de Oro Hermoso. She was named OGO Circle H RoseWood. SOLD! OGO Circle H Rose Wood (OGO Tejon de Oro Hermoso x Circle H Merlita) 2009 Bay Filly OGO Circle H RoseWood OGO Tejon de Oro Hermoso Primavera Valdez Primavera Vaquero Vaquero Mac Ro Mac Oh-Cees […]

RiverOak RiverDance – 2001 to 2009

This beautiful mare passed away in January of 2009. RiverOak RiverDance bred by Jane York.  She is the full sister to Eclypse PromDance who had the Higuera Bandido Son, OGO Higuera Tecate. RiverOak RiverDance’s OGO foals include: OGO Caduceus Creole, 2006 Buckskin Colt OGO Caduceus Caprice, 2008 Chestnut Filly RiverOak RiverDance Blacksaddle Starbuck Blacksaddle Gold Lin Kim […]

Castle Monterey – 1982 to 2008

Castle has passed away on December 8th and we will miss her.  Castle Monterey brings to this century the blood of California’s first ranch Morgans, brought here from Texas in the early 1920’s. Over and over again her pedigree traces back to Sellman’s stock. She is pure Western Working Family and pure Old California. Her […]

RanchBoss Black Star – 1997 to 2008

June 15th 1997 to August 27th 2008 OGO Waers Gold Star born to RanchBoss Black Star, August 24th 2008.  *See pictures below Read articles Diane and Missy’s Journey – Part 1 a journal of Gold Star’s foster mare and owner. With a pedigree full of good working ancestors, Black Star has proven her worth as a working […]

OGO Waers Gold Star – 2008 Filly

OGO Waers Gold Star, buckskin filly. (OGO Tejon De Oro Hermoso x RanchBoss Black Star) Gold Star was born on 8-24-08.  She was brought back to Indian Springs from the vet, after her Dam BlackStar died the day before. Ursulas Higuera Bandita (Higuera Bandido x WoodRose Katrina) was introduced and promptly adopted GoldStar the very same day […]

Higuera Tinkerbelle

Tinkerbelle is sired by the wonderful Higuera Bandido and her dam’s pedigree nicely complements his pedigree. Tinkerbelle is mostly Western Working Family with some very good old Brunk and her dam brings in some of the Old Vermont blood and some of the older Government. A beautiful black filly, OGO du Prix Provenance, was born […]

Belle of Amherst

Chestnut Breeding Mare NEW!!  Belle of Amherst has joined OGO!  This beautiful mare (Crawford x Bell’s Janee) was born in 1988.   Her bloodline includes Jubilee King through multiple lines including, Paragraph, Highview King, Juvina, Agazizz, two crosses to Jubilees Courage and one cross to Jubilee Kings full sister Sentola. Belle also has a strong […]

Carmida Charming ‘Charmie’

Leased from Lennie Randell *Pictured with Charmie. Shawalla Independnce x Shawalla Darling Carmida Charming’s OGO foals include: Carmida Charming Shawalla Independnce Shawalla Buck Memphis Beau Brummell Sparbeau Linsley Sparbelle Memphis Belle Blackman Belle McClure Bettina Allen Tehachapi Allan Querido Tab Delight L Linsley Spry Shawalla Nellie Rockfield Silver Rockwood Agazizz May Rockwood Katrina Field Sonfield […]

Two C Sissy Herod

  Two C Sissy Herod (Mac’s LittleBritches x T Tyme Sundays Delight) Palomino Mare I am currently leasing this mare from Sharlene Shields of Acorn Morgans, and she is checked in foal to OGO Primavera Red Oak for a 2015 foal. Two C Sissy Herod’s OGO foals include: OGO Coraz’on del Toro 2006 Buckskin Colt […]

T Tyme Sundays Delight

This mare’s pedigree is rich in the old Western Working Family and also has a strong dose of old Brunk and some of the Old Midwest family. The old blood is up very close in the pedigree with her great grandparents being foaled in 1937, 1938, 1948, 1949, 1950, 1952, 1961 and 1963. Even the […]