TK Maullie Brown

This 15 hand, solid mare comes from pure Western Working Family stock. Her sire line goes back to the large and stout Romanesque. Her pedigree carries some of the best of the Old California, Kansas and Sellman breeding with some good Brunk horses behind it all.  Maullie Brown has a very valuable pedigree of some […]

Quietude Holly

Quietude Holly is a rich source of Jubilee King for today’s breeders. Jubilee King is in her pedigree four times in the fourth generation and once more in the sixth generation. His daughter Paragraph, that great producing mare, is in Holly’s pedigree twice in the third generation and once in the sixth, giving her the […]

OGO Flower of the Prairie

Deceased This pretty mare is pure Western Working Family with a sire line back to Linsley through Sparfield and Sparbeau. On her dam’s side, she has two crosses to Red Correll and two crosses to Domino Joe, one of those through Wyoming Flyhawk. Her bottom mare line goes back to some excellent Jubilee King lines. […]

Eclypse PromDance

Eclypse PromDance brings together some good old blood with more modern lines. Her sire is the well known buckskin BlackSaddle Starbuck and her dam is from the Charlestown breeding program which produced some stylish show Morgans. “Latte” brings a nice heritage of the old California Morgans along with some of the fancier Government based show […]

CanDon Battlehill Secord

CanDon BattleHill Secord, better known as Jazzy, has a pedigree that brings together some of the good blood from all the Morgan families—Western Working Family, Old Vermont, Brunk, Government, and old Midwest. Her sire is the beautiful palomino Shatona Karazan and she is out of a Michigan bred mare that brings much of the history […]

CFF Texas Tea

CFF Texas Tea is a 2003 Smokey Black Morgan Mare that has just joined Old Growth Oak Morgans breeding program.  She is 14.2 hands with a glossy black coat.  Her sire is MEMC Tequila Cuervo and her dam is Kellys Blackfire. Sold to EastWest Morgans CFF Texas Tea’s OGO foals include:  OGO EastWest Coast, 2009 Smokey Cream […]

Ursulas Higuera Bandita

Ursulas Higuera Bandita (Higuera Bandido x WoodRose Katrina) from Jo Johnson of JaF Morgan Stock Horses has joined Old Growth Oak Morgans! Sold!   I will be breeding Ursula to Badger to double up on WoodRose Katrina‘s bloodlines with the contributing strength of the sirelines of Higuera Bandido and Primavera Valdez.  I believe the cross […]

OGO Higuera Castle

This charming black mare has a wonderful pedigree of Brunk and Western Working Family. She is correct, typey, good minded and very pretty. Breeding to her has been retained. Sold to Patti Train of California.   OGO Higuera Castle’s OGO foals include:  *Planned breedings  OGO Higuera Castle Higuera Bandido Celebration Bonfire Senator Graham Senator Knox Fanita […]

OGO Castle El Spar Carmel – 2007

OGO Castle El Spar Carmel is by Vining Lamar out of Castle Monterey.  Carmel is a chestnut filly born on May 25th, 2007.  She has tons of flaxen in her tail. Carmel now lives at Beautifully Balanced Morgans with Val Cabaniss as a Foundation Morgan mare.   OGO Castle El Spar Carmel’s OGO foals include:  […]

Kellys Black Fire

Blackfire is half sister to WoodRose Katrina.   Kelly’s Blackfire OGO foals include:  Foals list coming soon!  Kellys Blackfire Windswept Imperial Dapper Dan Trilson Katrilan Prince Katrilan Princess Allan Roseta May Sonfield Roseta Mala Bess Gates Gay Mac Mansfield Dewdrop Bessie Ro Querido Roboss Little Sweetheart Antman Mountcrest Sellman Joe Bailey Kitty E Pontez Antez Podette […]